Battery Powered Blender – Best USB Rechargeable Blenders Reviews

I love camping. If you have another exciting outdoor hobby that takes you away from home or even from civilization, you might love to go cordless on almost everything. And most people, like my girlfriend, would never go anywhere without a blender because of their healthy smoothies, purees, shakes, and so on. When I invited her to Arizona last winter, my girlfriend wouldn’t go with me if I don’t have a blender! “It’s a camp for Christ’s sake, how do you think we would use a blender out there in the remote area?” “Get a wireless blender,” she said, “since you have a wireless charger and battery lamp…” That was the reason why I started researching with my team at Gadgets to decide what the best battery powered blender sold there is. We got dozens (I never knew they were so much of these things) and we tested all of them.

We got most of these blenders from Amazon, some at a store, and there are others we borrowed. The thing about them is that regardless of their cost, some expensive blenders in this category do not even have what it takes to be called a blender! So it is possible to get a pricey junk that is disguised as a blender. In this post, we’ll look at the top 5 blenders that work on batteries (some rechargeable batteries, some removable batteries) and can work efficiently without direct electric power supply. We will also see the criteria, what to look for in a battery-powered blender.

What is the Best Battery Powered Blender?

Asking me to answer this is just like asking me to tell you what the best country in the world is. Fine, there are corrupt countries. So, I will tell you some of the good countries which I am sure of and want you to try out. So, after rigorous tests on these battery-powered blenders we got by many different people, we recommend:

#1 – A leaf USB Travel Blender

aleaf portable-juice-blender-with-usb

If you desire to have a blender that answers your questions concerning whether or not you can make juice, smoothies or purees while outside your home, you are looking for the Aleaf Blender. No matter what kind of ingredients you want to do without electricity, so far there is a full charge on the Aleaf Blender, you can blend up to 40 fruits on the go after a full charge with its reliable 4000 mAh battery.

Do you love this yet? Wait till I tell you that this versatile travel blender can also be carried as a 15oz bottle by merely removing the blender base and using the lip that comes in the pack.

As I mentioned, we tried on hard ingredients like carrots (although we had to cut them into small 1 inch cubes), we had a very smooth and consistent juice that is far from what we expect from blender in this category. Wait, did I mention that it’s effortless to use and delivers results fast. In 30 secs, our juices were ready to drink.

Another thing we love about this battery stand up blender is that the material is Tritan. Experts say that this is one of the best plastic materials that can be used to process food, even baby food. This material is also durable. The motor is excellent and rolls the six sharp blades very efficiently unlike some others that get stuck occasionally when ingredients get in between the blades.

I am excited to recommend that you get the Aleaf USB blender for your next outing because of its longer battery life. Many of the mixers we got to die out after 2 to 3 blendings. However, we blended up to 38 cups of juice on this Aleaf, and it was still active strong!

#2 – Za07 Mini Blender Juicer


Another blender that can stand like the Aleaf is the za07. Although new in the market, this fantastic blender (as I heard) is gradually becoming popular among smoothie and juice lovers.

With secure battery life, the za07 blender is also able to charge your smartphone via the USB port that it has. Imagine charging your smartphone with a blender. Well, you imagine dragons, so… LOL. But seriously though, the power bank feature on this beautiful pink blender is lovely. Oh yes, you read that part right. It only comes in pink color. If you are not a pinky lover, you may find this one not your thing.

The blender comes with three cups of varying sizes. It is effortless to use. The material is a beautiful BPA free plastic material that you can safely use. The main blender jar has a capacity of 0.5L, and the strong motor can crush ice… Take this with a grain of salt, breaking the ice doesn’t mean making the ice blend into a smooth liquid texture. It may have small particles of ice. However, when we cut the fruits for it, this blender gave us smooth fruit juices and smoothies.

So if you are a smoothie freak and a heavy phone user (or if you are going winter camping, as cold zaps phone battery) you should get this battery-powered blender. You should get the Za07 mini blender.

#3 – Cuisinart CSB-300


Okay, from the picture, you may have guessed right that this one looks weird or different from the first two. You are right. Best left to me, I wouldn’t have counted the Cuisinart CSB 300 among battery-powered blenders because I argued that it is not even a blender, but I was proven wrong!

The Cuisinart CSB 300 is more than just a blender. A blender that looks and works like this one is called an immersion blender. What makes an immersion blender excellent and pleasant is in the name. They are so flexible and can be used for any kitchen activity any blender can do only what you have to manually make the immersion blender to come in contact with the ingredients.

This CSB 300 model is a friendly and powerful blender that works well. It is designed so aesthetically it looks like a beautiful expensive gadget. However, even though I agreed with the team that it is a blender, the Cuisinart CSB 300 is not the kind of mixer I would love to use. Also though it is potent and can be used to make several recipes, including dough, can work through the ice and make smooth juice and smoothies, it is not easy to use. You have to press two buttons same time to start the machine.

And aside from that, the battery life is not impressive. It can only work for 20 minutes after a full charge. It has lights for showing the five-speed settings (perfect one there!) It also has a stainless steel electric knife. We carved bread with it, and it was terrific. It is also mighty, and we even made it blend flax seeds and garlic! (I tried to overkill it, but it is die-hard, I could not find any more faults)

If you want something that you can use anytime, inside any container, on any ingredients only for 20 minutes before another charging, buy the Cuisinart CSB 300. I swear, it is worth the price. I never regretted adding it to this list or our mysterious “To-Buy” list. You would not regret adding the Cuisinart CSB 300 to your kitchenware.

#4 – Chefavor Cordless Personal Blender


Among USB personal blenders, I love this particular model (no sentiments). THe Chefavor is a bottle (or a cup) with an attached mixer. The bottle is safe for use. The blender uses 7.4 volts of power.

It comes with a USB cable with a patent magnetic charger (we assume it is patented since we haven’t seen any like it).

It is straightforward to use. After charging for about thirty minutes (an amazing fast charging feature that makes it one of the best bets for any traveler), we just unscrewed the bottle and filled it with the ingredients then we screwed the machine back on. It was very nice to see it work its magic. I still loved this blender even though we had to cut the fruits into 1.5 cm to make it blend them well, they came out smoothly and sweet.

The blender comes with a rubber strap for ease of carriage. I would recommend the Chefavor cordless blender for anyone who loves to have smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juices, and all that blended right. You can unwind at the camp with this baby.

#5 – Rtiopo Mini USB Juicer


If you dream of having smoothies and juices on the go, your dream will come true when you buy the Rtiopo juicer. This portable silver body juicer is beautiful and practical. This one and the Aleaf are the blenders in this category we love for their significant battery power. I was awed by the strength of this Rtiopo Juicer.

With 2600 mAh, this juicer can make up to 20 cups of juices. It is also significant for up to 500 ml capacity. The material is made of food-grade, non-toxic, eco-friendly PC, PBA free plastic and steel, and it is safe for you to use and eat from.

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Because of the small size and lightweight, you can take this blender anywhere to make nutritious smoothies and juices for your enjoyment. You charge it once, and you are good to go.

The design of the Rtiopo Mini Juicer makes it very easy to clean. It also features a one-touch blend activation that makes it easy to use. It comes in 4 different colors, which are: Blue, Green, Pink, and Red.

If you want nothing more than smooth smoothies and consistent juices anytime anywhere you might be, it would be better for you to buy the Rtiopo USB juicer now.

There you have it. We hope you have got to choose the one that suits your needs as well as your kitchen. If you comment on the one you love most and have used, maybe I would tell you guys which one my girlfriend picked for our last winter camping trip together. We hope you enjoy anything you do with yours.

The Best Battery Powered Blender

Here are the best battery powered blenders and where you can buy them easily. Click on whichever you want and get them.

  1. Aleaf USB Travel Blender
  2. Za07 Mini Blender Juicer
  3. Cuisinart CSB-300
  4. Chefavor Cordless Personal Blender
  5. Rtiopo USB juicer