The Best 50cc Dirt Bike Are?

I remember Jack Rusty looked at me in the face after a long fantastic ride on our favorite dirt trail one day. He ran his hand through his grey hair and said, “Whenever I grab the handlebars of my dirt bike, I feel nothing but regret. I am so happy, I regret not starting dirt biking when I was a kid.” To be honest, I feel that too. Do you have kids with a flair for the freedom of rolling the wheels of a dirt bike? Hey, you have to keep them safe. Wise people find the best, safe and comfortable dirt bikes to get for their kids. Are you looking to get that cool kid a dirt bike as a gift? Recently, I bought a 50cc dirt bike for my youngest cousin and now he is always up in my face about the next time we gonna jam the dirt. If you want your kid to remain enthusiastic, passionate and safe with dirt biking, I will gladly share the results of my research on the best dirt bikes for kids with you in this post.

Every expert you talk to has probably told you that you must get a bike with 50cc for your kid. But that is like saying that you must get your kid into a school because a few folks on the block talk about it. All dirt bikes have their differences. So different strokes for different folks, what I found is that the dirt bike chooses the rider.

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Dirt bikes are not cheap, so it would be disappointing to buy just anyone and regret it later. Overall, the best dirt bike I recommend for kids is the KTM 50cc. However, there are other good bikes among the ones I tested out before finally buying. They are the AJP PR4, the Honda CRF50, and the Yamaha TTR50.

Yes. Size does matter. Cute little kids of 3 to 5 may find that dirt bikes of 49 to 50cc can help them gain confidence and stance required to level up their game. However, it’s totally fine if they use a 50cc dirt bike until they are 10 years old. Older kids would find that dirt bikes with higher power help a lot to get more fun out of the activity.

KTM 50cc Sx – #Best

From personal experience (by that, I mean what I saw from my cousin’s experience), the KTM 50cc SX is the best quality dirt bike any kid passionate about dirt biking could ever have. When I came across this bike, I was awestruck. It’s just marvelous how much quality and comfort it offers. And dang, this dirt bike can be really fast for its size!

Okay, let’s review some of the specs of this amazing dirt bike together, alright.

First thing is, my cousin, let all his friends, short and tall, take his new dirt bike (baby) for rides. I let him do that to his surprise. He didn’t know I was looking at something. So because of the height of the KTM 50 SX at 1.30m, any kid of the age 4 to 10 can ride it and sit comfortably.

Also, riding and learning to ride dirt bikes is super easy on the KTM 50 SX because it has only one gear, GO! And with its centrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch, it’s easy to ride really comfortable. The bike also has disc brakes on the front and back wheels, the handlebars are adjustable, a radiator liquid cooling system, inverted front forks, and some other amazing features that some bigger dirt bikes don’t even have to make this little bike big and small in a sense.
However, because it is a 2-stroke bike, the KTM SX needs its oil mixed at a 60:1 ratio. This is super cool as the exhaust works with it to give the bike a silent sneak.

AJP PR4 – #Greatest

If someone would not be able to buy the KMT SX, the alternative is this AJP PR4 dirt bike. This bike is compact and perfect for a slim and agile kid. It really is tailored for the kid rider.

AJP PR4 50cc is equipped with 4 strokes and a dual valve engine. The engine has a remote oil radiator for cooling off. Pretty good for teaching kids to ride.

AJP PR4 is a strong dirt bike with 23 Horsepower. The parts are made with quality materials. For instance, it uses Keihin Carburetor with a high-mounted filter. This mechanism, according to dirt bike mechanics is totally new. Both the front and back tires are Michelin  Starcross5. The front, however, is lower than the rear tire for ease of getting into a posture for the young rider. If you want to read the importance of the right posture on a dirt bike, Read This Post. Yes, the front tires are a Michelin Starcross 5 Medium 90/90 – 21″  while the rear tire is Michelin Starcross 5 Medium 100/100 – 18″.

The AJP PR4 is perfect for kids age 3 to 7. As the seat is not that high up at seat height of 35.7 inches (0.907 m) any little kid can mount. It is important to get a kid a lightweight bike. The Net weight of this AJP PR4 bike is 224 lbs when the fuel tank is empty. And it can run approximately 120 miles on a full fuel tank of 1.8 US gallons. The fuel tank capacity is 1.8 US gallons and fuel mileage is 120 miles approximate. With the AJP PR4, quality is not a doubt. If you’re bent on getting your little kid a dirt bike, consider the AJP PR4.

Honda CRF50

If you want your kid to have the experience of riding a professional dirt bike but with the power and speed that a kid can control, get the Honda CRF 50. It is perfect to introduce dirt biking to an enthusiastic hyperactive kid. This dirt bike is perfect for kids the age of 5 to 10 or even higher because of the build, the materials, and the design. It’s like a professional bike on small wheels and with smaller parts.

Some older people love the Kickstart part of their bikes so much. That is one thing that the Honda CRF 50 has over other kid dirt bikes. Although most kids found it difficult to kick, they can easily use the key to ignite the engine. However, an older person can help them kickstart the bike while they learn for when they get older too.

With the seat height at 21.8 inches, you wouldn’t worry about carrying your kid on the bike. And the average speed (dang! that kid was scared to run and the store owner wouldn’t take more than one test rides) was 25 mph or maybe a little bit higher.

The engine sports a four-stroke, 49cc motor which generates a steady powerband that is easy for even a feeble kid to control with three gears and no clutch interaction. In fact, once you pop the bike into one gear, you’re on!

Another smart feature that this Honda CRF 50 boasts of is the throttle limit. The twist throttle has a screw that you can use to control how much acceleration your kid rider can sport for safety. This means that your kid can control the dirt bike with less stress.

Yamaha TTR50

This list is not complete yet. The Yamaha TTR 50 is not the least on this list even though it’s last. If you took your kid to a dirt bike store, there is every possibility that they choose the Yamaha TTR 50 because it is tailored for kids and it comes in many cute colors.

The Yamaha TTR 50 is reliable and we’ll build. This is exactly what my neighbor Jim bought his 6-year-old Timmy last month and it’s been great. It’s cheap and it is made of quality materials. However, I’d still buy the KTM SX or the Honda if I was to buy another dirt bike. However, young kids who are curious about fast speed (30 mph highest) can go for it.

The Yamaha TTR-50 is different from the Honda CRF50F because instead of having a kick start which the kid might not be able to use, the Yamaha TTR 50 has an electric start button. Although a kickstart may help up a young rider to learn how to use professional dirt bikes in the future, I still feel that an electric start button is the best for young and little kid newbies.

Because of the height and low ground clearance, putting both feet on the ground while sitting confidently on the Yamaha TTR-50 is easy.

Like the Honda CRF, the Yamaha also has a throttle control so that adults can limit how much gas is delivered to the motor by way toggling the throttle limiter screw. So forget about the anxiety of whether your kid might run too fast and crash with this amazing dirt bike.

The Yamaha TTR 50 has a four-stroke engine with only three gears and no clutch. This is the best way to teach your kids essential dirt biking skills like throttle control, braking, and balance on the bike.

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Now you have seen the top best dirt bikes in the market that you can ever get your kids. See my post on how safe dirt biking can be to see medical research on the safety of the sport. Click here to read Is Dirt Biking A Safe Family Sport? But remember that as you look for a great kid’s dirt bike, you must also look for the essential dirt bike gear that your kid needs! We hope you and your kids enjoy it. We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.