Best Army Pants & Shorts For Women {Orange | Red}

Camouflage has gone beyond just military gear. Today, camo is everywhere. On the runway, in top-class boutiques, and on significant celebs. Camo says more than just a trend, and it means a lot to everyone who wants to stand out. The point? A pair of red or orange army pants is exactly what your wardrobe needs to be different this season, no matter what your style is. Our favorite ways to wear range from a crisp white button-down to a pair of calf hair heels, but really, it doesn’t matter how you rock them as long as they’re being rocked. We have spent some quids and gone round top stores to test and to round up the best women’s red and orange army pants and shorts on the market for you.

What is the best red or orange Army pants and shorts for women?

Red and orange army pants are unique and make a bold impression. So what is the best army pants and shorts for women?

#1 – Rothco Two-Tone Army BDU Pants

Rothco Two-Tone Camo BDU Pants

Whether you are going on a date with that handsome guy and you want to call attention to your sexy legs and sexy walk style, or you want to be the center of attraction on the runway, wear this bold and daring Rothco TwoTone Army Pants. And complete the brave appearance with some chic heels.

If you are a fan of camo patterns, you must have heard of Rothco. When it comes to quality Army clothing, Rothco is one of the top suppliers of the military, tactical, outdoor, survival clothing, and gear throughout the world. This TwoTone Camo Pants is a high ranking gear for gorgeous ladies in the line of Rothco because it creatively combines two different flashy red and orange pants into one pant. Yes, Each of the legs is a different shade of beauty.

Another reason why we chose the Rothco Two-Tone Army Pants is that they are made out of quality polyester and cotton material. Go big with these superb colorful, bold army pants.

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#2 – Richly Shop Women Punk Army Pants

Richly Shop Women Punk High

You are a tomboy, or you want to make a bold boyish impression with some prints, this Richy Shop Women Punk Army Pants is made just for you.

Perfect fit with sneakers or sleek lace-up converse boots, this lady camo pants fit right on any lady. Made out of quality cotton material, this is durable, and of the best quality, you can ever find at that price.

As long wide-leg pants, the base can be turned into straight-leg pants or ankle legs with a pull on the strings that are at the hem. With the loud prints, this one comes in 6 different colors aside pink. Pink army high waist pants might not do the job for tomboys. However, you can get the same good pants in many different colors.

Perfect for a relaxed and casual look that makes you stand out in the crowd wherever you are.

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#3 – GENX Army Pants 21524 (S, Orange Camo HDP21234)

GENx Womens Military Look Comfortable

The best way to call attention to your flat athletic tummy is to be chic. How else can you be chic without a smooth quality crop top and comfortable jogger pants? If you want to sport a luxurious yet casual look both in the gym and at work, buy a pair of GENX Orange Army Pants.

We love this particular GENX jogger pants because of the quality of the material used in making the fabric. Even as free as the legs are in it, it is super comfortable. The hem that is elastic is made out of cotton and polyester so that even when it is sticking so close to your skin, you would not feel any irritation or itch.

There are only four pockets on both sides of the pants. It is not made with back pockets. This is one of the reasons why these pants are perfect for a chic lady. You can wiggle in it and call attention to the color and the size. Plus this goes with heels as well as sneakers.

Get yourself comfortable army pants in a flashy casual color today.

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#4 – TwiinSisters Army Jogger Pants – Orange & Red

TwiinSisters Womens High Rise Slim Fit

If you are feeling like wearing a jacket to that occasion and you need a pair of camo pants that would rock that style, this is the exact one in the market.

When it comes to trending ladies’ fashion clothesline, I give it to Twiin Sisters. Are made out of cotton, spandex, and polyester. They are excellent quality, and the material is durable.

It is easy to machine wash. However, the downside to this material is that the colors can shed a little into the water. So make sure to wash with colors that are similar to it to avoid staining.

Whether you want to look sexy, chic, and sophisticated in your every movement, or you want to show off your sexy legs and walk, get a pair of the Twiin Sisters Army Jogger Pants.

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#5 – Army Universe BDU Red and Orange Camo shorts

Army Universe Mens Military Cargo

Initially designed for hunters and soldiers in the tactical division, this is a quick fit for any lady who likes to sport shorts in prints.

Made out of polyester and cotton material, these Army Universe BDU Camo Shorts are comfortable to wear and style for almost any occasion. As BDU shorts, they are reinforced in the rear. So that when you sit on any hard surface without you feeling any fatigue or pain.

Well, for some people, the fly would have been better if it was zip, but some love the three-button fly. There are two side pockets as regular pants as well as two back pockets, and two slash pockets in the front. The pockets are military-grade and spacious.

The materials are of top quality. This ensures the durability of the shorts. The materials or fabric is lightweight and breathable. These red and orange quality army shorts are comfortable to wear all day long. Another awesome thing about it is the quick drying of the fabric.  The material is also resistant to wind and cannot be tossed around your body if you’re not plus size. As a unisex gear, they are perfect for anyone.

If you need something short and eye-catchy on your legs, get to show off your sexy laps and thighs, buy these army shorts.

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How To Rock A Red And Orange Camo Look

When Angie got her pair of Twiin Sisters Camo Pants, she raved about how it was the talk of the town and how many people loved it. She even showed that many buy it. But from pictures I’ve seen on Instagram, so many ladies lose the style in these fashionable red and orange army pants. I know when people think of camouflage, they think of the army. But girl, this trend has gone viral. It is very versatile, and however you style it, you can rock a romantic, feminine, chic, sexy, to boyish camo pattern style.

Now, depending on your style, how would you rock a camo look?

First, let’s say you plan to wear a camo on your first date. Let’s say you are going on your first date with that handsome boyo you’ve been dying to get the chance to kiss since the first time you laid your eyes on him (winks). You certainly would want to look hot and adorable. You think of camo. Red and orange prints are flashy and bold. But you might not notice that you are overdoing the flash and bold statement and that would be a rash turn off.

The best thing that’s both sexy and fashionable, which would make any man gape at you is going straightforward. You can wear a short leather top and adding a pair of flashy army pants with heels to make push your sexiness to the edge. Of course, don’t forget a necklace that says gorgeous and smashing earrings to complete the look.

What if you’re at work, what style can you throw? At the office, you want to look professional yet not like a robot. You must also look ravishing and hot. Nothing spells professional than wearing a pair of camouflage slacks or wide legs like the Richy Shop Women Punk Army Pants. For the top, use a white button-down shirt, and sport a crisp color blazer. Kill the show on some pointy heels, a pearl necklace, and a professional voice. The dressing is the soul of business!

If you are a plus size madam, you might find that a chic combination that’s perfect for you is wearing skinny camo pants with a sweater and a sleek biker leather jacket. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect booties.

Slimmer ladies would look preen on baggy pants. They make a bold statement.

You might like a tomboyish style taking up masculine stuff. It’s pretty sexy. Rock a glam camo vest and sport some cowboy boots and if you’re feeling fly, add the hat to finish the look.

Rocking army pants pretty much depends on mood and lifestyle. Still, for those who don’t know which to go with which, you can click here to see my extensive post on How To Wear Camo Pants here