Best Blender for Juicer – Home Kitchen Companion

It seems you want to start living healthy, and like my friend’s mom, you want to do everything yourself so that you would make it 100% organic and healthy. But you don’t want to be like Matt’s mom who has spent a lot getting a separate blender, juicer, and a smoothie maker. This year, many more brands have made blenders that you can use for just anything. Get the best blender for juicer instead of buying all three.

There are many blenders in the market, and all of them say almost the same thing. So we have brought about 23 of the top blenders and tested them to find one that can really:
● Puree your ingredients into a smoothie, sauce, cocktail or soup.
● Extract the juice from your fruits & vegetables by grating it very quickly with high speed.
● Make your smoothies and blend your veggies and supplements.

So what’s the best blender to make juice?

Blender for Juicer are:

The following are the top picks after our rigorous testing of the many blenders. Please note: this list is not in any particular order. This is because all of them have high selling points and are all excellent. Check them out yourself.

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#1 – Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

Nutri Ninja is a big name, and that is not a surprise as it doesn’t only talk the talk. This particular blender is a beautiful machine, and it is very cheap. I mean that it is significantly less expensive than what it does. If you don’t wanna spend much and you want to enjoy a machine that is worth more, buy the Nutri Ninja Countertop Blender for all your smooth juices.

The Nutri Ninja Countertop Blender has Auto IQ technology. The excellent feature that we would get to in a mo. Let’s first talk about the selling points. You get three separate cups each with caps so that you can make any smoothies and drink on the go. With 1200 Watts (ensures fast speed) and reliable and sharp blades, this blender is just off the hooks. The only thing is that it is not made for heat. So you can’t use it to blend hot soups or microwave.

Now one thing we love about Nutri Ninja Countertop is that it has Auto IQ that allows you to set the automated blending programs so you can get the best results for juicing. You can put in your smoothie ingredients in this blender, lock it down, and just hit a button to set the timer and let it do its thing, mix, pulse and pause and when the time that you have pre-set comes. So pretty easy.

You have two blending options: Blend and Ultra Blend. The Blend option is for softer ingredients, and the Ultra Blend option is for hard, fibrous, and frozen ingredients. These features are world-class and unique. You should consider getting yourself this amazing Nutri Ninja Countertop.

#2 – Nutri Ninja Professional Blender

Nutri Ninja Professional Blender features the amazing Ninja Total Crushing Technology that crushes ice to the texture of snow in seconds with 1000 Watts of professional power. You want smooth juice and smoothies, eh? If you haven’t bought Ninja Pro Blender, how can you get that?

No matter how many you are in your family, the family-sized BPA-free XL 72-ounce professional blender jar is fantastic for making creamy frozen drinks and smoothies for the entire family. We tested this amazing blender making what Nutri Ninja (in the recipe booklet that comes with it) calls Fresh Fruit Batidos, and it was awesome. The lid snaps shut over the container, and it doesn’t leak. If the container is not tight, an error light will blink on the blender to let you know.

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This Nutri Ninja Pro is perfectly designed for juicing and smoothies as well as blending. It has three speeds as well as pulse. The blades can be removed when you want to clean. The large container is Dishwasher Safe. I’d say this is the best blender for juicer if you are into blenders.

#3 – Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend Juicer

With a powerful motor, intuitive High/Low control, and hardened, stainless-steel blade, the Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend 2- Speed works well as a food processor. The total package. It is fast enough to blend whole fruits and vegetables with consistency. This blender is for those that love to get their smoothies and juices, make any juice style from the Recipes for the TurboBlend Two Speed.

The only thing that we don’t like about this fantastic blender is that it doesn’t have different speeds like the Nutri Ninja blenders. It has a constant speed setting. It is a powerful blender and can be used to blend anything smoothly.

The 2-hp motor is stronger, even after running the blender for a considerably long time or after mixing some thick ingredients, we still found the Vitamix 1782 not to heat up. It is swift and gives very smooth results. The container is large and BPA free. It is good to make cocktail juices for large gatherings.

#4 – Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0 Juice Blender

Another high blender worthy of mention is the Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0. This magnificent blender also comes with a powerful motor and is not too large for your countertop. However, the jug is pretty sizable, and you can use it to whip up juice for family gatherings.

The Oster Versa company is so sure of this model that they put a seven-year warranty on it. The Oster Versa juicer is so durable, and it can be used to juice anything. We had a blend of fruits and vegetables and oh man, see how smooth it came out!

The jar is made of plastic, and I’m afraid it may cause problems if you have troublesome kids around because it looks fragile and the plastic may break if it falls.

Overall, the Oster Versa is a fantastic juicer, and it’s a good value for the money.

#5 – Vitamix S30 Blender

Vitamix is another big name in the industry of blenders. They are the makers of the biggest blenders and juicers. That’s the reason why we brought the Vitamix S30 along with some others whose performance isn’t up to par. This Vitamix S30 Blender is not significant. But if you’re looking for a rugged, premium blender, here is your choice.

The Vitamix S30 has three different cups, and the biggest makes the blender 16 inches tall. We love the ease of use. I mean, it was simple. I guess that is what they designed it for — really quick whip up of juices and smoothies. The Vitamix S30 Blender is durable and can crush ice. But it doesn’t have preset controls like the Nutri Ninjas.

If you want a small yet powerful juice maker, this is the blender for you.

#6 – Cleanblend 3HP 2001 Blender

Another simple, compact blender is the clean blend 3HP 2001 Blender. It is even powerful with a 3 HP motor, and it can crush ice and any fruit or vegetable in seconds. It is comparable to the Vitamix 5200 blender but lowers in price.

Even though I mentioned earlier that this list isn’t following any particular order, I placed this blender last for a reason. The Cleanblend 3HP 2001 is noisy. Someone said that it’s owing to motor power, but I hate noisy machines. Another downside is that the CleanBlend has no preset controls.

If you are on a budget and you want a premium and powerful industrial level blender for juicing in your kitchen, and you really don’t want to break the bank, then this is a fantastic option.

Juices have so much flavor, are easy to drink, and are suitable for your health. Whether you are just starting on a good healthy living or you’re just someone who has been juicing for ages, these are blenders that can add to your experience and make your juice taste even better. Indeed, drinking fresh juice is the best for you, and now it could not be more accessible than ever to make juices with the products, recipes, and organic foods that are available when you have the best Blender for Juicing. Get the best Blender for the juicer and tell us your experience.