Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter: {The Unseen 5}


EarStudio ES100-24bit Portable High-Resolution Bluetooth

If you love your wired headset so much that you do not want to lose it and you love your new device (which has no earphone jack) so much that you want to use it, consider buying a Bluetooth adapter.

A few months ago, Max, my friend, got Google Pixel 3 as a gift from his aunt.  He was pretty excited about it until it dawned on him that he would not be able to use his Bose QC 25 wired headphone, which he spent roughly 200 USD to buy, with his new phone because the Google Pixel 3 doesn’t come with an earphone jack and Bose QC 25 doesn’t use Bluetooth. I remembered the look on his face when he came to ask me, “what should I do?” This post will help you answer that question. We will be looking at the best 5 and the pros and cons of each.

Well, if you are facing the same dilemma as my friend, I recommend FiiO μBTR adapter (click to view on Amazon). This is the best adapter you can use to receive signals from your device and turn your wired headset to a wireless Bluetooth headset. Since he had got the FiiO μBTR adapter, Max has been enjoying using his phone and headset together. And I have since then been fascinated by Bluetooth adapters because phone manufacturers are now embracing the new trend of making phones without the 3.5mm audio jack.

For months and several weeks, I have been getting and testing the top new Bluetooth headphone adapters in the market. And we (my group of experts and review gurus) have unanimously agreed that the FiiO μBTR adapter is the best way to add Bluetooth to your best-wired headset. The adapter sounds good and it is easy to use, even on the move. There are so many of these adapters in the market and they are very cheap. These are the best of the best in the market right now:

The Bluetooth adapters listed in this post are portable, easy to use and are powered by batteries, which means you can use them with portable speakers, in your car, and in other situations where you need portable, battery-powered Bluetooth device.

The Best Top picks Bluetooth Headphone Adapter:

FiiO μBTR adapter: The Overall Best

fiio ubtr hifi

The FiiO μBTR Bluetooth adapter gives a seamless wireless connection to your favorite wired headphones, gives you excellent sounds almost the same as a wired connection, and can save the day when you don’t want to buy any new headphones because it lasts. (Click to see the price in Amazon)

If I want to buy an adapter, like Max, I am definitely going to buy the FiiO μBTR. it has everything you can ever feel like wanting in a Bluetooth device. However, there are some flaws and loopholes we found.

What we love Pros:

Sound Quality of FiiO μBTR adapter. The FiiO μBTR’s output is complete with all the sounds. I mean it produces as excellent sound as when your headset is wireless (at least there was only a little noticeable difference). The experts on the ream say that this is because the FiiO is equipped with all the latest codecs in Bluetooth technology. Talk about aptX, aptX Low Latency, aptX HD, AAC, SBC, LHDC, and LDAC. We tested with Bose QC headphones with and without the FiiO μBTR. The experts even say that the FiiO μBTR adapter is the first one in the world to have all of these at the same time. It is such an excellent device.

Designed with lovers of style in mind, the FiiO μBTR is made with metal and glass. This makes it sleek and shiny. It also has a clip that you can hold on to your cloth edges or your bag strap.

This adapter is very easy to pair and has a strong connection that even when you move away from your phone, it will still stay connected.

 It has a USB-C port that delivers fast charging. Check here Fitbit Charge 3 vs Versa (Buyer’s Guide)  

What we don’t love Cons:

The buttons and controls are a little misaligned. Other adapters we tested had different buttons for different purposes but the FiiO μBTR adapter has only three buttons. It has the volume buttons, which when long pressed works as next/forward and previous/backward.

Also, the mic is not that sharp with the voice. I mean when I tried to make a call with it, it picked up my voice pretty well but the other side said I sounded like a robot.

However, these are really not a big deal if you want something that delivers good sound on the go for so long at a competitive price.

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TaoTronics TT-BR009: Next Best

taotronic bluetooth aux adapterThe TT-BR009 sounds as good as our top pick and it even has a longer battery life of 15-hour battery life. But since it lacks a clip, it can be hard to use when you’re on the move. If you love to go all the way in, but this one. (Click to see the price in Amazon)

If I needed an adapter and the FiiO is not available, the TaoTronics TT-BR009 is an awesome alternative.

What we love Pros:

Talking about sound, the TaoTronics TT-BR009 is a good one compared to our overall best. Its sounds are well balanced even though it doesn’t have as many codecs as our overall best. It has aptX and AAC.

Better yet, the TaoTronics TT-BR009 offers a very wide range that allows you to walk about without disconnecting your phone.

The battery life of the TaoTronics TT-BR009 is better than our overall best at 15 hours straight.

The microphone is better and gives off a better sound. Though not as good as using your phone directly or the wires.

What we don’t like Cons:

However, charging it is not as easy as it charges over Micro-USB.

It also features only three buttons.

It doesn’t have a clip like our best pick and so it cannot be convenient to use on the move.

If you like a good sounding device that picks everything from your phone, or your car stereo, or even your home theatre your ears, buy this adapter now.

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FiiO PHF BTR 3: Next in lineFiiO BTR3 HiFi Bluetooth Receiver&USB DAC

The FiiO PHF BTR 3 is best for when you need more compatibility and great signal strength. You can use this on the move and it has tactile sensors that keep fingerprints. If you love an adapter that offers a wide range of connectivity and 11 hours of battery life, buy this. (Click to see on Amazon)

The FiiO PHF BTR 3 is also a good brand when it comes to Bluetooth adapters in the market.

What we like Pros:

The FiiO PHF BTR 3 is easy to connect and pair. It is also compatible with any device insofar it supports Bluetooth. It looks very much like our overall best and it has a status RGB Light indicator.

It supports fast charging over USB-C and it comes with a clip for easy portability.

The battery life is nice at 11 straight hours after charging for only 1 hour.

You can choose which codec you like to use that is compatible with your device. With so much (not as much as our overall best) codecs to choose from, you have the chance to choose from many types of devices.

What we don’t like Cons:

The FiiO PHF BTR 3 only works in a 32bit sample format in the Linux box. The maximum the BTR3 supports is 16bit/48khz.
You can only use the LDAC Bluetooth Codec on 32bit.

Also, the button layout is like our overall best.

The microphone also should be improved.

If you love to have your Bluetooth device on your shirt neck side delivering awesome vibes into your ears, get the FiiO BTR 3 now.

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Airmod Wireless BT Adapter: As Great

BTunes Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose Quiet Comfort

For Bose QC 25 users that love a sturdy design and stylish mechanism. If you want an adapter that can go working out with you to turn your wired Bose wireless, choose this. (Click here to view in Amazon)

If you have a Bose headphone that is wired and you like everything Bose, you should consider getting yourself one of Bose Airmod Wireless BT Adapters to give you the excellent Bose experience you love. This is for Bose QC 11

What we love Pros:

When we tested this exclusive Bose Airmod with Bose QC 25, we barely noticed we had anything on. I mean ditching the cord for something so light and portable that just blends in with the Bose QC 25 earcups looks very exclusively beautiful and stylish.

However, the sound of the QC 25 didn’t even have any significant difference. The sound quality is almost the same.

The battery is very powerful. It only went low after we used it (one after another) for 8 hours. People say that if not in use, the Airmod can stay on standby for 150 hours after a full charge. It is also equipped with fast charging technology. It charges in 1 hour 30 mins.

Having 4 buttons, the Airmod has its buttons placed finely around the arc.

We love that you can use the Bose Airmod Wireless BT Adapter even when you are working out or on the run.

It comes with a built-in microphone which works really well. The controls also work for picking calls so you can switch from listening to music to picking calls.

What we don’t Like Cons:

It is custom made for only Bose Quiet Comfort 25 wired headset.

We had to buy the charging cable separately as the Airmod doesn’t come with a charging cable.

These are not dealbreakers. If you have a wired Bose QC and you don’t want a worse sound than Bose, you should get this Bose Airmod Wireless BT Adapter now. Turn your Bose QC into a wireless Bluetooth device instead of buying a new wireless device. 

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Radsone Ear Studio ES 100: Also Great

EarStudio ES100-24bit Portable High-Resolution Bluetooth

The Radsone Ear Studio es 100 brings music to your headphones. In terms of sound, this one is by far the best sounding with calls as well as music. It can work and charge on the go. But it promises only 6 hours of battery life. If you love sounds that you can trust, pick this. (Click here to view on Amazon)

If I would recommend a great sounding adapter to compliment your pair of wired earbuds, it would be the Radsone EarStudio ES100 (click here to view on Amazon).

What we love Pros:

The Radsone Ear studio is a Hi-Res Bluetooth adapter that goes beyond that.

The Radsone Ear studio is light and easy to carry around with a good clip.

We found that pairing the Es 100 is very easy. Although we came to realize this by mistake, we can pair with two devices at the same time.

The Radsone Ear studio Es 100 is equipped with HQ Bluetooth codecs including aptX, aptX HD, AAC, and LDAC. You can choose your preferred codec using the app.

The microphone of the Radsone Ear studio is very sharp with a feature that filters out background noise while making calls.

The connection is very reliable and the battery life is tested about 14 hours which is the best among all the adapters we have.

What we don’t like Cons:

The buttons are not much and are placed on both sides of the adapter.

The clip does not clamp well and may fall off your cloth when you walk about with it.

If you care about portable or car streaming audio quality standards, you need to buy the Radsone Ear studio ES 100 now.

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How We Picked The Best

Trust me. All the adapters are of top quality and they passed some criteria. Look at the criteria we used, focusing quality and user-friendliness, to narrow down the list of the thousands available in the market:

  • Sound quality: A Bluetooth adapter should give sounds as good as using a wired connection. The sound quality of Bluetooth adapters depends on the built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and the audio codecs it supports. Before listing, we looked at adapters that support aptX and AAC codecs. These are what give seamless sounds in calls and music.
  • Buttons & Controls: Once you connect your headphone to an adapter, you wouldn’t be able to use the buttons on your wired headphone. You would have to control everything with the adapter. Therefore, it is only smart to look for models with buttons to control volume and play/pause/call. Not just that, we also made sure whether the controls are arranged on the receiver and functioned well.
  • Design & Style: You want to use your headphones on the go, it should be portable and lightweight. We liked models that have a clip to hold on your cloth or collar, some don’t have that are made for cars.
  • Battery life: We all love to use our devices for long periods. This is one thing we looked at. Everyone loved those that are easy to charge with a Micro-USB or USB-C cable.
  • Microphone quality: All the adapters on this list have good built-in microphones for making calls.


Take our word for it. These are the best you can ever find in today’s market. Go over to Amazon and get any of these. We want to hear about your experience. It will be nicer if you tell us what you enjoyed with them. We expect to read your comments.