Best Dirt Bike Helmet – What You Must Know

Since I started to ride dirt bikes, I can count how many dirt bikes I have bought, but I have lost count of how many helmets I have brought and rebought. Honestly, a helmet is one of the essential gears that you may ever need. Click here to see other essential gear you need to get before you start dirt biking as a hobby or as a sport. If you are a Pro dirt-bike rider and you are considering buying a new helmet, I am sure you already know the significance of a good helmet. Your skull is one of the most important bones in your body. You must make its protection a priority.

Merely from sight, you know that an off-road helmet is different in many ways from a highway helmet. However, there is way more to meets the eye when it comes to choosing or finding a cool working helmet that complements your ride and your lifestyle. Of all of the road helmets, though, you would be riding a dirt bike, and so you should be looking for a motocross helmet. They offer many excellent features that will help protect you out there, such as, peak visors for protection against sunlight and many more. Additionally, motocross helmets come with a viewport so that you can wear an off-road goggle for shielding your eyes from debris and dust. With a unique venting system and an elongated chin bar, you have quite enough space for ventilation and comfort throughout the ride.

Here is a free giveaway on what to look for before you consider buying a dirt bike helmet, a free buyer’s guide, and the top best dirt bike helmets for men, women, and kids — the most elegant options for your next gear.

Why You Need a Helmet

We all feel that great sense of freedom that comes with riding or driving on the trail. But I would say it over and over again that you can never get the level of freedom in or on any other off-road vehicle than you would on a death bike especially if you are zooming across an unusually inconsistent terrain. You have no enclosure over your head, and you have no cares in the world. The adrenalin rush as you sit atop the roar of a thousand horses. Haha. But the grim side always comes when we crash. At times like that, the most vulnerable part of your body is your head. It needs the maximum protection you can ever offer. No matter how expert you are at dirt biking, you would always need a good helmet.

Recent research carried out to look into the road, and trail accidents show that motorcycle crashes cause 60% of all road crash deaths. What do you think can cause a person to die from an accident? That is if the person has severe damage to the head. Almost every accident would throw you headfirst into a hill, the floor, or into another vehicle. The study reveals that helmets (as well as other essential protective gear) have prevented more than most deaths in case of bike crashes — the reason why is that many dirt bike riders rely on just any helmet they can find. You must be quite fussy when it comes to what you are entrusting the safety of your head to.

If you are riding dirt bikes as a sport, you must understand that you are in for the toughest sport in the world racing. Motocross has the highest degree of life-threatening, highly unpredictable accidents. That is why a helmet is a much-needed gear. But not just any headgear, you must get a very efficient helmet that can help you to reduce any impact from rotational forces.

What Are The Best Motocross Helmets For Men?

Guys, I am with you on this. In my experience with dirt bike helmets (and probably in yours too), I have observed that many dirt bike helmets have compromised beauty and graphics with ergonomics and comfort. You may feel that your helmet makes it difficult for you to yawn. Yes, it happens. Well, less talk. Let’s look at the best masks that fit well in the best helmets category.

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#1 – Fox Racing V3 Helmet Motif

Fox Racing V3 Motif Men's Off-Road Motorcycle...
  • Dual-density with softer layer near riders head
  • Lightweight multiple-composite shell construction

If you are still looking for a helmet that combines beauty with efficient and outstanding technology and features that keep both your skull and your brains safe? You have not used the newest model of Fox Racing V3 helmets. Talk about perfect balance. The Fox Racing company boasts of over 40 years of experience, and that is something they wouldn’t play with.

Oh my, if you wear this helmet on your royal head, the very first feeling you would have is that of someone who gets a premium quality headgear. The V3 helmet comes loaded with amazing new and innovative features. That is why we got it, and I was allowed to try it out. Now I will tell you what makes it amazing.

One of the real reasons why I fell in love with the Fox V3 motocross helmets is that they are equipped with a functional Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS).

Why is this an exciting thing? Okay, let me put it this way. Whenever there is a crash, a rider falls headfirst to the ground. The helmet (if it is cheap or of low quality) may cause a twist and the shock of the fall with vibrating directly into the brain. This may cause serious concussions or even worse, death! That is why Motocross helmets come with MIPS.

However, many manufacturers of cheaper or lower quality motocross helmets work the helmets to resist the impact of direct vertical force. This is to represent what would happen to a helmet or the head in it when the helmet falls straight to the ground vertically. Then when they see that the helmet stays, they mark it certified for MIPS. But there is a significant problem that buyers would not notice. The issue is that in case of a crash, nobody ever crashes and falls vertically to the ground. Except when you plan to do so on purpose, maybe. Who falls straight down headfirst from a dirt bike? So that makes the MIPS testing of those helmets useless.

In case of a real crash though, a rider will hit the ground at an angle. If the rider is now wearing one such low-quality helmet, this crash will result in the helmet twisting or rotating sideways suddenly. That causes bad injuries. So you see why I am so excited about the Fox Racing’s V3, the MIPS has been fitted in the helmet so well that it acts as an all-round shock absorber designed to resist any sideways force.

Experts explain that the V3 can absorb or soak up any vibrations. It incorporates all rotational energy coming from outside and stops it from going in. So that in case of a fall, movement of the head is significantly reduced. This means that the fluid surrounding the brain is not disrupted and that means no concussion.

Aside from the well improved MIPS, another innovative feature that the V3 offers is the magnetic visor release system. In most helmets, the visors are fitted. This means that if you crash and hit the ground or any surface with the screen, it would twist very rapidly. I have seen a friend of mine in that situation wound up in a fatal nasty whiplash injury. This experience makes me appreciate the feature from Fox Racing. The new visor system in the V3 causes it that you can detach and reattach the visor whenever you need it. It is effortless to disconnect since it is magnetic. Once separated, you would crash safely without your helmet grabbing the ground and hitting you back. Ouch!

If I were you, I will be checking Amazon to buy my own feature-loaded V3 motocross helmet now.


#2 – Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet (Pro...
  • FLEX - Three-layer impact liner to manage energy from a range of impacts
  • 3K CARBON SHELL - The look, performance, and feel of a true race helmet

Now, let’s talk about a more lightweight, and yet efficient and more comfortable Motocross helmet. One thing the Bell is famous for is quality. When I started dirt biking, I used a Bell Moto helmet. But the new Bell Moto 9 Flex is just perfect. It is the most lightweight helmet we tested among the adult men category. This is one perfect fit for all who love riding for long hours with the helmet on, and you would not even feel a thing.

Now, one thing everybody loves about the Bell Moto-9 is that it is built with very high-quality materials that are set to last a long time. The design is unique and beautiful, and yet it is very comfortable to wear.

Do you know the general belief that we must replace a motocross helmet every three to five years depending on the quality of the helmet, the Bell Moto-9 gives a different angle. How? This amazing dirt bike helmet comes with a highly technical interior lining system. This system is an antimicrobial technology that offers protection against odors and bacteria.

When tested for MIPS, we saw that although the technology is quite different from that of the V3, the Bell Moto-9 has a unique technology that controls sideways impact. They have a patent three-layer impact liner that uses materials of three different densities. These materials are placed in a way that quickly disperses any vibrations that could have any impact energy, thus reducing the transfer of rotational power through the helmet. The three progressive layering makes the Moto-9 Flex a very safe helmet to have on in case of a crash. The hi-tech liners are built to manage and distribute energy in case of high, mid, or low-speed impact situations so that no matter where the vibration is coming from, it has no impact.

One more thing to love is the Magna fusion magnetic chin pads that come in this helmet. I rarely see helmets that come with chin pads. These pads allow your jaw to sit comfortably in the helmet. They are removable and washable. I love this particular feature because sometimes after a crash it is hard to remove the helmet from the rider’s head. In this case, however, the magnetic chin pads are so easy to remove.

If you want to enjoy your time on your dirt bike, your helmet must be able to provide you with good airflow. Otherwise, you would have to stop for air. The Moto-9 Flex offers ventilation. There are very cleverly positioned air vents that allow natural air circulation from the front to the back so that you feel very comfortable.

If you sweat a lot and might get a “hot head” while riding for a long time, this is the best lightweight motocross that fits you. I recommend this helmet for ATV drivers also because of the features.


#3 – Shoei VFX-W Off-Road Helmet

Shoei VFX-W Off-Road Helmet (Matte Black, X-Large)
  • AIM+ shell incorporates high performance fibers and organic fibers for lightweight protection
  • Excellent ventilation provided by a flow-through system that utilizes negative air pressure to pull heated air through rear vents

Alright, another sweet helmet specially made for guys is Shoei VFX-W. Like the Bell Moto, Shoei VFX-W is also very lightweight and comfortable at 4.8 pounds. We are all amazed at the high quality of the materials used in designing this masterpiece. It also comes with new and innovative technologies such as the AIM. However, it is a bit on the pricey side, but it is worth every penny.

First, these helmets are equipped with a patent ‘shock absorber’ that the Shoei company calls Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell construction and this makes the helmets able to distribute any motion energy throughout the helmet in case of a crash.

The materials that make this technology possible is the innovative combination of fiberglass and other organic fibers. This is why the helmet is sturdy and almost unbreakable. Some say only a laser can cut through it. We don’t have a laser cutter, and so we can’t tell.

So the helmet is designed to absorb and distribute whatever force hits it in a very efficient way so that you don’t feel anything in case of a crash. We admire the combination of strength in the helmet that still retains its lightness.

Another thing that stands the Shoei Motocross helmets out is that they come with an Emergency Quick-Release System (EQRS). This feature makes the removal of helmets easy and without any force when it is engaged. Whenever a rider crashes, helmet removal is such a chore. You don’t want to inflict any more injury to the neck. However, with this system in place, the inner linings come out quickly from the sides with little or no head movements.

One more thing we love about this dirt bike helmets is that they have an excellent ventilation system. They have well-placed ports for airflow inside the helmets. These ports are part of a system that works with the dual-density EPS lining. It ultimately forms a complex network of air vents and tunnels (if I can call them that) that air flows through from outside. There is port at the back for the air to escape too. This system helps pull sweat away from your head, and all heat will decrease twice as fast. Instead of nylon that other helmets use for systems like these, the Shoei uses what they call 3D Max-Dry works. The large eye ports make your riding experience more fun, especially when you have to cruise through splattering mud.

If you are looking for a badass helmet and you don’t care how much it costs to protect your skull and your brains, this comfortable dirt bike helmet is for you. It is beautiful and soft so that it fits every guy (adult) that puts it on.


#4 – Scorpion EXO-R710

Scorpion EXO-R710 Focus Street Motorcycle Helmet...
  • TriMatrix Shell: A proprietary blend of interlaced fiberglass and Aramid fibers
  • Advanced Dual-Density EPS: A multi-layer EPS provides efficient energy displacement in key areas including EPS lining throughout the entire chin bar

Now let’s meet a new friend for you on a low budget. We go a few small-cost dirt bike helmets, but only one could make this list in the men’s category. Why? I guess it is because of its unique features that make the Scorpion EXO-R710 stand out. It has some features many high-end helmets are lacking.

First, from the materials, you know you are holding something of premium quality. The only issue we had was that some of the materials might look or feel blurry until you clean it, especially the visor. But aside that, Scorpion designs this helmet with innovative materials like their Thermodynamic Composite Technology (TCT) which gives the helmet light but a secure shell at 4 pounds. With this in place, the helmet also comes with a dual-density EPS system like the Shoei helmet. The EPS on the Scorpion helmet covers the chin bar to give your jaw a comfortable sit and protection no matter the impact of a crash.

This helmet, although the full face, allows you to use large-sized goggles or sunglasses with no problems at all because it comes with a large viewport so that the wearer might get a vast field of view.

You can also personalize how the helmets fit with the new Air Fit system. This innovation allows you to inflate the comfortable chin pads to give you a snug and comfortable fit.

There’s so much to love. You can never sweat or feel the heat even when you use this helmet for a long time unless there is generally hot weather. This is due to the breathable material inside the helmet. It also has three air vents at the brow area and four air vents at the back for a smooth flow of air in and heat out. There are additional five more ports at the chin bar for optimum circulation of air throughout the helmet.

One more thing its for people who sweat a lot and are afraid of bacteria. These helmets are equipped with another innovative feature, an antimicrobial KwikWick inner lining that helps to keep moisture under control. This material will keep you warm in cold weather and give you a cooling effect in hot and sweaty conditions. You can always remove and wash this lining and even interchange them at will.


What Are The Best Motocross Helmets For Women?

Ladies on dirt bikes are becoming commonplace. I always wish I could convince my girlfriend into riding with me, but she would not have it! So if you are a lady and you are riding a dirt bike, I commend you. If your girlfriend or wife is into dirt bike riding, man, you’re so damn lucky! There are only limited resources online as to what dirt bike helmets are built, especially for women, as they have different facial features than men. So after we have tested these on five volunteer ladies, we agreed that the following are the best dirt bike helmets for women. Check them out.

#1 – LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage

LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage Full Face Motorcycle...
  • Shell is made from LS2's proprietary ultra-light extra strong High Performance Fiberglass Composite
  • DOT approved quick-release chin strap is easy to open with a gloved hand

Lady, the freedom and joy of riding a dirt bike triples when you are sure that you are safe. That is why its always good to never compromise your safety for anything. However, you don’t have to spend as much as you would buy a dirt bike on purchasing a helmet.

The LS2 Citation is lightweight and so the best for ladies. Although light, it looks excellent with feminine aesthetics (winks). I’m sure you’ll love it. The LS2 helmet is a full-face dirt bike helmet made from ultra-light and super active fiberglass composite materials that results in a sturdy and durable helmet.

The LS2 helmet has an innovative Twin Shield System that gives your eyes an excellent shield from the sunlight. The guard is also fitted with a UV resistant coat to protect your face from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. The protection in the LS2 helmet is also fog-resistant so that even in the coldest of weather, you have a clear transparent vision.

It has a chin strap that can be quickly released and handled with a single hand. It is easy to put on and take off. Women love this feature of this beautiful helmet.

With enough vents and ports for airflow, the helmets ensure that your head is very well ventilated. The inner lining is very comfortable and is breathable. The coating can be removed entirely, and they are washable.

If you are on a low budget and are in love with more aesthetics, this is the most beautiful helmet you should consider.


#2 – Voss Helmets 303

Voss 303 Dual Lens Cruiser DOT Three Quarter/Open...
  • The Voss 303 Dual Lens Open Face Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens - Gloss White - Better visibility for the road
  • Fitment: Round/ Oval Headshape

Made especially for ladies, the Voss Helmets 303 are designed for the average lady. If you love to spend more time on a dirt bike or you love to accompany some guys on a trail, consider buying this beautiful helmet.

The Voss looks cute on ladies. The exterior is made to a metallic purple graphic design. The Voss helmet is very lightweight, and this is due to the materials used in building the helmet.

The helmet is fitted with a polycarbonate molded shell and a thermoplastic ABS material that offers optimum protection from crashes.

The helmet is also fitted with a double visor technology so that no matter what happens, no external force will stop your vision. The internal visor prevents the sun from blocking your view. This is more like goggles or sunglasses.

The helmets have efficient crash protection. They are also equipped with a quick-release system so that you don’t spend too much time to put the helmet on or to take the helmet on.


#3 – Yema YM-926

Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT Approved -...
  • Professional Grade Motorcycle Helmet: Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 standard. Exciting fashionable design with lots of advanced features. Exactly what you need for Street Bike, Racing, Cruiser, Scooter and much more. For both men and women. •Recommend to order one size larger•
  • Outstanding Materials: Aerodynamic ABS Shell, Multi-Density EPS, Reinforced Chin Strap, Quick Release Buckle.

When talking about proper protective gear, you need a helmet that can guarantee you protection when you hit the ground or any surface hard. It must be able to hold both itself and your head in position in resistance to the rotational motion that may cause internal injuries, which results in concussion or even death. Such a helmet is Yema. It is designed with such features as MIPS, and it is comfortable to wear so that it doesn’t stifle your voice when you are trying to tell someone something without taking off your helmet.

One of the lovely things is that this helmet can also be used on the street as it is DOT approved. This also means that it is very safe to use anywhere. Both on a dirt bike, or a street-legal motorcycle, whether you are going out street biking, racing, motocross, or just riding your ATV.

The Yema helmet is made from top quality materials and an aerodynamic ABS shell. This means that it is hard outside while offering comfort inside. It comes with a reinforced and rugged chin strap that is locked by a buckle so that you can put it on and off with great ease.

It comes with a very efficient ventilation system so that you don’t feel hot-headed while riding for long hours in this helmet. The air vents allow so much airflow that you would feel extra relaxed and comfortable throughout your ride. It comes with a dense inner lining that is removable so that you can air out any bad odors or bacteria from inside the helmet.

If you are a lady that spends or would love to spend more time on a dirt bike, this is the best protection that fits your head, and that would give you the best-preferred comfort throughout the session.


What Are The Best Motocross Helmets For Kids?

Honda CRF250X

Kids need more protection than adults. Even if you’re riding a UTV with your kids, you must get them protective gear. You must nonetheless get them fitting helmets to protect your young rider. Kids love helmets that have sweet graphics. The kids on our block particularly loved these helmets we picked (We gave them as gifts for helping us test them out). Your kids would love them too. And they have more great features that would keep your young champ fresh and well aired while on the run. You know this is the best way to instill the safety first rule. If you buy y6kid a cheap, uncomfortable helmet, he would hate it and may grow a hatred for all masks in the future. So check out these awesome helmets and get your kids the best.

#1 – TMS Kids Red Flame

A good kid helmet should not necessarily be forced on them, and instead, they should love it at first sight because of the design. Then you too as the guardian of such a kid should be satisfied with the protection that such a helmet has to offer. The kid must feel ventilation, and the helmet must come with other things like ear intercom, face shields, padding, and enough space for goggles.

Although kid dirt bike helmets are generally low cost, I would advise you against going after the cheapest ones. We tried some (and believe me, we laughed at the way the kids took them off in a matter of seconds!)

This TMS kid helmet, for one thing, is extremely lightweight. Your kid might not feel anything dragging them down or back on their ride. We also found that the materials used in the design of this helmet are durable materials that are built to last.

With a soft and snug inside, the helmet, with enough comfy pads, would sit on your kid’s head making them look like a superhero rider, and you know that feeling? The best part is that they are removable and washable.

The helmet comes in different sizes so that you find one that fits your child. If your kid is starting and you want him to appreciate the importance of safety, you must get him the TMS kid’s helmet.

#2 – Fox Racing 2018 Youth V1

Fox Racing is masters at making perfect, safe and reliable helmets. This version of V1 for younger riders is phenomenal and is an excellent way to allow your kids on a more rugged trail with rest of mind.

It comes with thirteen (13) air vents. Nine in front and four at the back so that air flows in and heat flows out smoothly. This makes room for extreme comfort on the bike. The design is so apt that kids love it. Even parents could not help but comment on the anti-scratch finish on the outer shell. The shell is made with really premium injection molded polycarbonate material. The material is durable and robust.

It comes in three different sizes so that you can get one quickly for your kid. The helmet is also DOT approved and is certified by ECE as a safe dirt bike helmet. If you follow the link to Amazon, you will find offers on matching gear that you can also buy for your kid.

These helmets offer a wide field of view and is made with original quality materials.

If your kid is more passionate about dirt biking and is riding a bigger dirt bike or is riding on a more significant trail, you need to get him this helmet so that you may have rest of mind that he is safe wherever he rides. If he has a permit, he could even ride on the street with this helmet on.

#3 – Airoh Aviator Junior

Airoh Aviator is one of the best helmets out there (even for adults). One of the most outstanding features of the Airoh is the patented Airoh Multi-Action Safety System that Airoh company came up with. This provides more excellent absorption of energy no matter the angle of the hit.

It is also effortless to remove with the Emergency Fast Remover feature patented to the Airoh company.   I love the helmet so much because of the way it looks and because of its extremely lightweight. The graphics are just excellent. I would even order a big size for myself soon.

Talking about the shell, it is made of carbon and Kevlar, and it has a Multi-Axial structure. I guess this is the reason for its lightweight because, at about 2 pounds, it is far the lightest we have tested so far. By the way, this Airoh helmet has two sizes, from XS (extra small) to M (medium) for kids, and the other from L (large) to XL (extra large) for adults.

The Airoh Aviator has a lot of air vents, and it is excellent for people who sweat a lot.

The insides are designed with materials that wick sweat. They are made with a MicroSense microfiber which allows for excellent airflow while avoiding the entry of dust and wicks moisture.

Attaching and removing the interiors are easy because they are fitted with magnets. So in case of emergencies, you can easily take the helmet off and on. There is also a filter, and I guess that is to ward off stones and to fly sand from entering the helmet.

It gives a super-wide field of view. And it also comes with a removable nose guard. The only downside if this amazing helmet is that it is not yet DOT approved. I believe it will get this certification soon because it is by far a superb helmet.

If you or your kids love to dirt bike a lot and you want something that is not just stylish but also effective in protecting your skull and brain, consider buying the Airoh Aviator

Dirt Bike Helmet Buyer’s Guide

This guide will help you see where and what you have to know when choosing a dirt bike helmet for yourself or as a gift. There are some essential factors to consider when selecting a helmet to protect your head while offering you comfort.

After testing more than twenty different helmets, we have compiled this list, and you have seen only the ones we could recommend because of their features. The rest could not make this list. The most important lesson we have learned from this test is that price is not the determining factor when buying a dirt bike helmet. However, we have seen that most of the (adult) helmets that we brushed aside for not being good were those whose prices were below $100. So we thought maybe many cheap helmets use inferior materials and sell for the money.

What You Must Look for In a Dirt Bike Helmet

First, safety standards. By that I mean the helmets must meet the most common safety standards such as DOT, or any other useful ones in your area. However, here are some more factors to consider:

#1 – Accessible Parts

Sometimes, you might have problems if you buy a helmet from a manufacturer that no one knows. What if the pads or the visors need replacement? You must buy from a famous company that you can easily order parts.

#2 – Comfort

Before you buy any helmet, make sure it is comfortable for you. If you are buying from a store, test it on your head and walk around or even jump on the spot to see how it feels. Don’t take it off till after 10 minutes and talk while it is on your head. If it gives you a headache or discomfort, don’t buy it because of positive reviews.

#3 – Weight

Some helmets are heavy. Heavy helmets will make you feel exhausted after a long time of riding. Worse on kids, it might pull them backward with the air.

#4 – Ventilation or Airflow

Wearing a helmet on your head means covering it with something thick. If you have a big shag of hair, it would be very uncomfortable with the heat. The helmet must have air vents for ventilation.

#5 – Graphics

If you don’t like the graphics of your helmet, you might feel like you are someone else when you wear it. Lol, the graphics would not be protecting you or doing any work, but you should love the look of yourself in it. Wouldn’t you like to take a pic one day?

#6 – Condition

Don’t buy a second hand or fairly used dirt bike helmet. It is irritating enough that you would be pressing your head into another person’s sweat and bacteria, you would also be at the mercy of a weakened helmet!

#6 – Fitting

Before you choose any dirt bike helmet as part of your gear, or as a gift, you must make sure that the helmet fits you or the person who is going to wear it. Never wear an oversized or undersized helmet out on a dirt bike. Also, it must feel comfortable. That is why the helmets for men is different from that of women and kids. This is because of the differences in our facial attributes like craniums. To know your size, try to firmly fasten the helmet to your head and rotate the helmet on your head. It must move with your face skin. Then try to push the helmet away from your head from the rear as though you want to roll it off your head in a forward direction. If it fits, the helmet will not move at all.

You would not have any problem whatsoever buying a new dirt bike helmet from now on. Do you need any more information or you have more questions regarding your new dirt bike? Why not check out more of our post s in this category. Please remember to share with all your friends if you find this post worth reading.

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