5 Best Gaming Keyboard – {Top Ranked Ever}

Best gaming keyboard

The best gaming keyboard ever is the one that feels right when you’re playing. You have to choose carefully among thousands of keyboards available.  The best gaming keyboard uses mechanical switches, which feel obsolete.

These switches are often used on laptops but can be found on a select number of dedicated keyboards too. For gaming purposes, however, you need a mechanical keyboard to get the best experience. The downside with mechanical keyboards is the price tag as they can get pretty expensive compared to other types of keyboards.

Just thousands of keyboards are tested, pick your choice of all these keyboards. There are a lot of keyboards that are awesome and affordable. Check it out!

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1. EagleTec Mechanical keyboard

EagleTec K005-BA gaming keyboardNot all awesome gaming keyboard is expensive EagleTec is affordable as a gaming keyboard. EagleTec is a Technology company that spent a lot of time developing a unique keyboard that perfectly blends to two different usage scenarios.

Being a typist the keyboard is perfectly working as a superb typing tool for office work and it is suitable for gaming. The EagleTec mechanical gaming keyboard becomes a natural extension of you during the most intense gaming sessions. The 104 white mechanical gaming keyboards keys are conflict-free for ultimate Gaming performance.

Think of this, having a durable gaming keyboard will be okay. This is one of the great features of the keyboard. It has a fast mechanical key, precise actuation, and a good click sound. The best gaming keyboard has a 104 key mechanical gaming keyboard, an RGB LED rainbow backlit. This keyboard comes with a double shot crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering which does not scratch off.

Taking about the RGB color it comprises Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple for all 104 keys or you create your own custom setting. You can adjust the backlight brightness, breathing speed, backlighting direction, and other lighting effects. The Gaming keyboard is constructed of ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches.

The gaming keyboard has a Non-Slip Ergonomic Design and splash-proof keys. This also comes with Full numeric keypads with a gold plated USB connector for a good connection. The keyboard is compatible with window 10, Window 8, Window 7, Window Vista, or Window XP and many more.

  • Great keyboard sound
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to type
  • Comfortable to use
  • No wrist rest

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2. Redragon Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRedragon is one of our top 5 best gaming affordable keyboards that might meet your taste. Redragon is a technology based company which produce a K552-R Kumara RGB backlit Mechanical gaming keyboard which has a compact 87 keys space-saving design.

The Redragon K552 Rainbow Mechanical Gaming keyboard comes with a Non-Slip adjustable rear feet for the perfect gaming angle and a gold-plated USB connector for a reliable connection. This can be trusted for both office work and gaming. You will enjoy the keystroke accuracy, which leads to fewer errors and typos.

Guess what? The Gaming keyboard does not occupy a lot of space and it is not too heavy had it being it is heavy you might not be comfortable during your marathon gaming session. When water splits on the keyboard is that the end? No, because it can withstand the average liquid spill. Also, the keycaps can be removed if it is necessary for cleaning the keyboard after long-term use or you want to change the keycaps.

Someone who has once use this said “Oh Redragon, I keep coming back to you. Redragon makes some great tech for the price. No, it’s not comparable to high-end gear, but it works, and it works well. If you’re looking to get into a mechanical keyboard, this is a great starting point. This keyboard uses outemu blue switches. These are not Cherry MX Green equivalents as listed, but Cherry MX Blue equivalents. About the switches, they accept standard keycaps make for Cherry MX stems. These are blues, which are great for typists (that don’t share a room with anyone else). These are loud switches, as all blues are. Great tactile feedback and great press.”

The PC gaming keyboard is a product of a branded company with high-class quality which is affordable, durable and many more and it is highly recommendable. This is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP and many more.

  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • Multi-purpose Keyboard
  • Not too big
  • Skips action sometimes

Buy Redragon Keyboard Here

3. Razer DeathStalker Essential Keyboard

RazerAre you looking for the best gaming keyboards? Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard might be the best option for you. Corsair is a well-known company for technology. This gaming keyboard is your first step towards enjoying a great game.

You would have noticed that most gadgets and peripherals specially built for games are overpriced which makes people who have the passion for games lose interest in purchasing them. Razer gaming keyboard is an option for everyone. It is not expensive and can easily be included in your budget. Does the price of this keyboard really affect its functions and durability? Let’s check it out below.

The Convenience is right at your fingertips with Razer Synapse 2.0, the state-of-the-art software that syncs your gaming keyboard. Enjoy every game session you have with the Equipped programmable low-keycap chiclet keys requiring the only 2mm to actuate, the Razer gaming keyboard enables you to react faster to in-game situation and enemies.

Not all quality gaming keyboards are expensive, With the Razer DeathStalker’s anti-ghosting capabilities, you can deliver overwhelming destruction to your opponents, and ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly.

Guess What? Actuate keys with all ten fingers simultaneously and have all of them register with the extreme anti-ghosting capabilities on the Razer DeathStalker Essential, that’s Razer’s best keyboard.

  • Low-profile chiclet keys
  • Extreme anti-ghosting capability for up to 10 simultaneous key presses
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • Fully programmable keys
  • On-the-fly macro recording
  • Dedicated Gaming Mode for deactivation of the Windows key Multi-media controls
  • Fixed wrist rest
  • 2m rubber sheathed cable
  • Quite quiet!
  • Multi-purpose Keyboard
  • Comfortable button shape
  • Fixed Wrist Rest
  • The volume keys could be easier to hit with one hand.

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4. HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Havit Gaming KeyboardYou don’t need to go bankrupt just because you need a Gaming keyboard, Havit meets up as one of our best  keyboards. Havit Rainbow Gaming Keyboard has an outstanding feature the word “Rainbow” means the keyboard is colorful and suitable for a long session of playing Games.

The statement many people make is that the lower the price the lower the feature. Does that really affect the features? Let’s answer that question

Talking about the Rainbow it can be controlled by pressing Fn and Esc simultaneously to switch among medium light, high and many more. Continuous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict, Interesting! And has 5 multimedia keys. You can change the “WASD” keys and WIN keys when gaming.

Ask yourself: Did I really need a Mouse? Gaming gadget isn’t complete without a Mouse. Here are a few features of Havit Mouse, 4 colors breathing the light of mouse Red, Blue, Purple, Pink; light-off mode: forward/back button+DPI.

The havit mouse has a Super laser engine technology, match advanced laser led shading technology, move freely and smoothly. Tamper-proof magnet ring, noise-proof magnet ring shield the electromagnetism disturb from the surrounding, assure the accuracy and steady of the optical orientation. Heavy concrete design in the afterbody, remove more steady, orientate more accurate.

Finally, I answered the question above but it remains the compatibility of the keyboard, the keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista,  Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OS and others.

  • Easy to adjust 4 light mode
  • No driver needed
  • 5 multimedia key
  • Gold plated connector
  • The lettering on the keys wasn’t transparent

Buy Havit Keyboard Here

5. CORSAIR K55 RGB Keyboard – Quiet and Onboard macro Recording

Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboardThe K55 RGB keyboard is your first step towards enhanced performance. Stay one step ahead with 6 dedicated on-the-fly programmable macro keys

Gaming is essential to everyone, think of having gaming gadgets without a keyboard and imagine having a keyboard that has a quiet key sound and it is controllable. That is Corsair gaming keyboard for you and beats the best gaming keyboard.

The keyboard is Quiet and responsive keys give a satisfying feel. Interesting! This also has a three-zone dynamic RGB black lighting which is 10+ accurate RGB lighting modes which allow you to choose between multicolor static black lighting or an immersive lighting effect. Outstanding!

Furthermore, the multi-key anti-ghosting allows your commands and simultaneous keystrokes to register the way you intended. Also, talking about the quietness and responsive keys it is the minimum noise and satisfying feel without sacrificing performance.

Therefore, The K55 RGB gaming keyboard comes with a detachable soft rubber wrist rest to ensure additional comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Very light as it’s a fully plastic build. Very little keyboard flex, almost 0 while typing.

Just imagine, the keyboard has a Dedicated Volume and multimedia controls for direct Audio control without interrupting your game. 6 programmable macro keys enable powerful actions, key remaps and combos; Adjustable Height: Yes

A friend of mine also talks about the keyboard he said “This is the first keyboard I truly love. It’s responsive, not-too-loud and just a joy to type on. The built-in RGB settings are also very convenient.”

You might be thinking about the Compatibility and System Requirements of the best gaming keyboard: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports that’s all you need and the keyboard does not need any driver to work.

  • Quiet high profile keys
  • Wrist rest
  • No software needed for RBG lighting
  • Media button to control the key sound
  • Media button spoils after some period of time

Buy Corsair Keyboard Here


Exactly! Did you really find your choice of gaming keyboard? If you’re on a really limited budget, it is adviseable you save up to keeping 50% of your budgets to buy the best gaming keyboards above.

Let’s know the kind of gaming keyboards you love by commenting below!