5 Best Headphones For Sleeping {Top Rated + Buyers Guide}

Most people find sleeping in noisy environments difficult. Headphones are a popular remedy because many of today’s models are designed to block disruptive noises coming from outside. By listening to sweet and calm music, white noise, and other soothing sounds one’s heart rate can be lowered, and one can relax before falling asleep.

We have reviewed our favorite 5 best headphones and earbuds for sleeping in this article. A wide range of headphones designed to fit into the sleeper’s ear (also known as earbuds), as well as over-ear and on-ear (or headband),  are available in styles and varieties.

Below are 5 best picks for the best headphones designed for sleeping sold today. Our choices are based on owner experiences, customers and well as intensive product research analysis.

The Rundown Of Best Headphones For Sleeping Are:

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

cozyphones sleep headphones

The CozyPhones have enough packages to make them one of our top overall picks while several manufacturers produce well-priced, headband-style headphones for sleeping. These phones are made of lycra, more breathable and comfortable in warm rooms than fleece-based alternatives. These brands of phones adjust easily to a wider range of head sizes in style, comfort, and affordability.


The braided 5-foot cable is long enough to keep on a bedside table while you are asleep without getting it tangled. The added advantage of a travel bag in its box is a nice one especially given its low cost.

The speaker drivers are just 1/8″ thick and flat. This makes the phones significantly more comfy than any in-ear headphone even while you sleep on one side. The sound quality does not come at the cost of its comfort.

Its other side attractions include:

  • Complete relaxation: The CozyPhones come with ultra-thin 1/8″ cushioned, removable speakers with a durable 52-inch cable. The sleep headband is light in weight, comfortable and washable with contour shape that dips down over your ears to provide an excellent fit. The cool mesh lining help speakers to stay in place even while you toss and turn on the bed. CozyPhones sleep earphones are a very good aid for insomnia or to cool and calm your mind while listening to your chosen music, podcast or eBook.
  • It is a perfect gift for all seasons: CozyPhones make good fun gifts for friends and family, men, women, dads, moms, teens, kids, and just about anyone for Easter, Christmas and any whatsoever. There is no worry about earbuds sticking in the ear or bulky headphones that don’t really fit. The CozyPhones also be pulled down to cover the eyes to make a sleep mask for worry-free naps. CozyPhones are also splendid for special needs and sensory issues. So, you can surprise your loved ones any day with these breathable, lightweight and super comfortable headphones.
  • Cool mesh lining: This keeps you cool at night and helps your CozyPhones sleep band stay in place while you toss and turn, or even move about in bed. SPEAKERS won’t SHIFT – as the unique contour shape helps the speakers to stay secure within the headband and below the ears while providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
  • Made to last: With the flexible and durable 52-inch braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug that is provided, the cord will not twist, kink or break under normal use. The CozyPhones sleep earphones are usable with all your favorite devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, MP3, MP4, and other audio devices.

CozyPhones sleep earphones -in-headband design is by no means original, more affordable than what’s offered by industry pioneers, and are far more popular with children due to their fun attractiveness and styles. Moreover, it is aesthetically presented.

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Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

bose noise masking sleepbuds

If you live in a bustling city, noise-canceling headphones are a worthy investment. Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds pair of wireless smart sleep earbuds are designed to help improve your sleep. Just a few products can compete favorably with the Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. These wireless earbuds come with pre-loaded ten soothing soundtracks to tune out the distractions that may keep you awake, even, your next snoring loved one, Just select your ideal sleep settings with the sleep buds mobile app for Android and iOS: choose a sleep-track, control volume, and even set the alarm to wake you up. With this smart alarm function, you can use it to wake up without waking up or disturbing your partner.

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Bose noise-masking sleepbuds are uniquely designed for sleep. It is a sleeping aid. These tiny, wireless earbuds use pre-loaded, soothing sounds to cover up unwanted noises, so you can get to sleep — and stay asleep. They don’t play any other audio or music from external devices. So forget about streaming and the use of audiobooks, or podcasts. The sleepbuds do not utilize the noise-cancellation technique as in products like the popular QuietComfort headphones. Bose Sleepbud package does not only mask over tinnitus, but they also mask over other sounds like noisy neighbors or a snoring husband/ wife. The Bose Sleepbuds also have a sleep timer that will shut the sleepbuds off after a certain period of time.

Each Bose Sleepbud is packaged with three sizes (S/M/L) to fit ears of all shapes, while the noise-isolating tips provide maximum comfort, even for side-sleepers. The Bose Sleepbuds have a rechargeable zinc-iron micro-battery, 16-hour battery life, while its charging is as simple as setting them in the travel case/charger provided. The sleepbuds chargeable while in the case. It takes up to eight hours to fully charge the sleepbuds. The Sleepbud case also holds one additional battery when unplugged, which is a good companion for traveling.

Pre-loaded sounds are made specifically to optimize sleepbuds’ noise-blocking design. Each sound covers a range of unwanted noises. You will love the all-night ambient sound selections, so you don’t have to reset anything once you go to bed. Eartips and sounds are well done to cover noises that keep you up, Eartips are well packaged to conform to your ear to passively block noise. Then, soothing sounds take over to block out and mask unwanted noise

Cleaning is done by removing the tips from the sleepbuds and washed with a mild detergent and water. You then thoroughly rinse and dry the tips before reattaching them to the sleepbuds. Clean the Sleepbud nozzles with only dry, soft cotton swab or equivalent.

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MAXROCK Sleeping Headphones

maxrock wireless sleeping headphones

Like all other sleeping headphones, the MAXROCK headphones will help you fall asleep, while the built-in microphone lets you make or take calls on most smartphones. The earbuds stay fit in place even during vigorous exercises. The multi-purpose button therein makes it easier to play and skip tracks, answer calls and, more importantly, to pause, without having to flail around for your phone in the dark.

The headphones are presented in a limited range of colors and are surprisingly durable. It has strong silicone earbuds that can handle plenty of abuse. Its price is pocket-friendly. They do a perfect job of blocking noise coming from outside   ​and barely protrude outside the ear canal when inserted, making them comfortable to lie on than most other comparable earphones.

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With this type of headphone, as usual, the 1/4” drivers are better for ambient sounds or spoken word than for music with thumping bass.

The beauty of this package could be summarized as follows:

  • Lightweight and Comfortability – a super light, soft design that you can’t feel them in the ear even sleeping on the side. The total squishy silicone enables the user to enjoy incredible comfort for 24hours wear. The headphones work well on sleep apps to help to improve the speed of falling asleep and increase deep sleep too;
  • Ergonomic Double Layer Design to suit most ear size. The phones are made of two size ear tips to fit entirely in the ear for most size ear canals. Plug it accordingly in your ear, and the soft and flexible silicone ear house enable it to stay and fit in-ear perfectly and avoid falling out;
  • Flexible Earplugs Noise Isolating Designed. In-ear earplug is designed to effectively drown/block out background noise, the snoring, living-room TV sound, office noise, and roommate moves, and protect your listening in any loud, noisy environment;
  • Patented 5mm Speaker Clear & Crisp Audio. Supermini speaker to offer the best experience in-ear snug, while still have good performance for mids and treble without distortion, a little lack of bass consideration for the silicone house and 5mm speaker, main attraction to make sure the soft comfy last for long time wear;
  • Built-in Microphone & Bonus Zipper Carry Case. The in-line microphone makes it easier to take calls and control/ adjust the songs; and
  • Matched durable zipper case to safe keeps the earplugs.

The MAXROCK earbuds showcase a unique two-layer design, that provides an extra layer outside the earbud to improve the snugness of the fit, while also blocking out the sounds of the outside world. They are lightweight, so you’re not likely to feel them while you’re asleep. The earbuds are quite soft, so you won’t feel poking or discomfort like you would with other brands that aren’t so well designed.

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Koss The Plug In-Ear Headphones

koss the plug in ear headphones

These earbuds come with all the features of traditional headphones in a smaller and more convenient size. They are perfect for anyone who needs portable gear or those who like listening to songs while exercising. The Plug model weighs less and takes up less space too. The angled shape of each bud comfortably fits in your ears. There is a soft foam cushioning that mimics memory foam. The design lets you listen for hours comfortably. The foam is flexible to fit the exact size and shape of your ear. This closes off each ear to any unwanted background noise and lets you focus more closely on your music. You can share one bud with a loved one for listening together as it has a 4-foot cable. The in-ear pair also has some isolation capabilities advantage. With the plugs in both ears, you can sustain your focus entirely on your MP3 player or game, instead of the happenings around you. This feature makes these earphones awesome for wearing at the library or on the bus.

In order to get the best isolation gains from them, you have to squeeze them tight and quickly put them into your ear. The smaller size of these headphones makes storing in your pocket or bag easily. A standard 0.125-inch jack is packaged with the plug earphones. This jack can work with more other electronic devices including phones. Koss also includes an adapter with 0.25-inch jacks. You can plug the jack into a tablet, phone, music player or a gaming console.

You can get the bass, treble, and amazing sound quality anywhere you go with these Koss earbuds that are good for use with both video and audio accessories.

The Koss Plug in-ear headphones is a first of its kind in noise isolating in-ear headphones and stereo, that deliver the kind of accurate acoustical reproduction typically found in high-end, closed-style high fidelity headphones. There is a dynamic element positioned just outside the ear that connects to a tubular port structure that inserts into an expandable soft cushion. This soft, foam cushion expands for a custom comfort fit with every listening experience. It also improves isolation, plugging out ambient sounds, and enhances deep bass and treble clarity.

Koss Plug in-ear headphones are available in a wide range of colors.

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AcousticSheep Bluetooth SleepPhones

accousticsheep sleepphones wireless

Many new smartphones are shipped without a headphone jack. You are consequently forced to either using annoying Bluetooth-enabled headphones or an adapter instead. For several years, AcousticSheep has been making its Headband-style SleepPhones and Bluetooth models in a range of fabrics, colors, and sizes.

The wireless headphones have the disadvantage of needing charging regularly. The manufacturing company promises enough battery life that could last you through the night while charging via the highest-end model, which is an induction charger similar to an electric toothbrush, a micro-USB or a smartwatch.

The flat speakers are cozy to lie on for an extended period of time. Being able to choose your size (large, medium and small) and fabric (lighter or fleece, more-breathable) makes them appropriate for a wider range of wearers. You can also choose between models with or without a mic option.

As found with all headband-style earphones like these, the SleepPhones do a double-duty: as an eye mask, so that bright lights and sunrise won’t disturb your slumber.

The benefits of SleepPhones includes but not limited to:

  • It helps people with insomnia. Everyone from shift workers, tinnitus sufferers, athletes, people who share a bed with a snorer, and many more have gained from getting a better night’s sleep by using these superb sleep headphones that are the original and most comfortable bed-friendly headphones in the market;
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery. The headband phone has Bluetooth technology that wirelessly connects with compatible devices, so you do not have to worry about getting tangled up in cords. The wireless range of 15-30 feet (5-10 meters) is for easy connectivity. The rechargeable battery could last up to 10 hours and it easily pairs/syncs with computers, smartphones, and most other Bluetooth compatible devices. Battery charging time is 3 hours with its original USB charger included in the box;
  • Natural sleep aid created by a doctor. This product was invented by a family physician in order to help patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer naturally and without medication. SleepPhones come with a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Engineered & designed for comfort. The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers are comfortable to wear while sleeping on your side or lying down. They block out unwanted noise from the environment without using earplugs that are unpleasant and could fall out. Built-in volume and play/pause controls. Ultra-low power, safe RF emissions. And
  • Choose your size & color. You have choices to make in size and color that suits your taste and fashion.

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones are the best in wireless sleep phones.

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Headphones and earbuds for sleeping have become the most popular sought-after accessory for daily use. We have reviewed a wide range of sleep phones available in the market. The varieties in the market include those that are designed to fit into the sleeper’s ear (also known as earbuds), as well as over-ear and on-ear (or headband) styles. The best five are presented here. Apart from the sound quality, aesthetics, wire or wireless, earbuds or headband, ruggedness and price of this accessory are variables to determine a buyer’s final choice of the best pick.

Best headphones for sleeping.

best headphones for sleeping.