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Numb fingers can only feel one thing correctly, and that is heat. You wouldn’t be carrying a stove or a heater around with you to warm your hands in the snow, so you need a good pair of gloves to keep your hands warm this winter. There are many gloves as there are many words to call them, but if you are ever going to be spending your money on gloves, you should get the good ones (or more precisely) the best winter gloves for cold weather. Of all outdoor gear, gloves are paid the least attention to, and that is why we have rallied around to test the gloves that are hyped the highest online and offline.

So what is the best glove to keep you warm in the coldest day? Here are our recommendations for this winter, in this article, we will look at the best gloves in the market in these laser specific categories:

The Best Winter Gloves For Cold Weather

Winter gloves are many, and one can get lost trying to find the best that would fit his or her hand. We want you to get gloves that would sit comfortably on your skin.

So let’s dive in already:

Best Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold for Women

The best winter gloves for women are:

#1 – North Face Pseudio Insulated Gloves

The North Face Women's Pseudio Insulated Gloves

Fashion, style, and comfort are combined with other fantastic features in this fabulous pair of gloves. It comes in three different sizes, and we had to test the Small size. The lady who wore it almost swore that she doesn’t want to take them off anymore and wouldn’t mind sleeping with the gloves on.

What makes the North Face Pseudio Insulated Gloves so cool? They are just the opposite of cool. She (she made us agree not to mention her name) said that the gloves kept her hands “toasty warm” (her words, not mine) and they are comfortable. We could see how stylish they looked on her hands up to her wrists.

The North Face Pseudio Insulated Gloves are water repellent, and so you can roll a snowball with these gloves on, and they also can work with your touchscreen phone. (At least we tried it with a tablet, iPad and an android phone) And it worked. But it was a little bit awkward to use. Since you cannot replace the tips of your fingers with the tips of the synthetic suede gloves, you have to manage. However, the North Face Pseudio Insulated Gloves is beautifully insulated and yet very breathable so that you don’t feel all sweaty on your palm. It is comfortable and brilliant.

#2 – Outdoor Research Arete Women’s Gloves

Outdoor Research Women's Arete Gloves

With their weird name, I wasn’t expecting much from Outdoor Research, but they seem to be making a lot of waves with their gloves for men and women. Now, I’m not trying to advertise or anything, but you need to check out these Arete gloves if you like fancy and style.

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Let’s get down straight to the main reasons why we believe that this Arete Women’s Gloves are fantastic. First off, each glove has gore-tex inside, and it is removable, so that’s a plus. For your information, Gore-tex is the best waterproof enhancement that any fabric can get. It is also very lightweight with ripstop. Another cool thing is: they have a wraparound for a good grip on ski poles or ice axes, and they have a softshell stretch fabric on the back of the gloves, and that will give you so much freedom. Lucia loves it, and she mushes all day about how warm it feels even though she was complaining about the cold before she put them on.

So if you want a pair of gloves that would sit comfortably on your skin without any itch, wet palms or too much heat, choose the Arete Women’s Gloves for beauty and lush.

#3 – Nappa Novum Leather Gloves Lambskin Gloves

NappaNovum Women's Nappa Leather Gloves Lambskin Gloves Winter Warm Gloves

You want to go to that outdoor party with some classy people this winter, and you don’t want to look odd outside wearing gloves or to freak out because of numb fingers. You need a pair of gloves that blend with not just your clothing but also the atmosphere. That pair you should be looking at is the Nappa Novum Leather Lambskin Gloves.

In five different sizes and many colors, you have several options to choose from, and you can never go wrong with these gloves. Looking very premium and expensive, it makes you look like a rich, classy chic lady that needs five gentlemen escorts. The leather material is of high quality, and it is made with very soft lambskin.

Our tester could snap and move her fingers as she would typically do with comfort. Almost as though she is not wearing gloves. The lining of lambskin is very refreshing to touch (not my words). If you want the top-best pair of gloves that wouldn’t need you to hide your hands in public, go for the Nappa Novum Leather Lambskin Gloves.

#4 – Gordini GTX Storm Trooper III Glove

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper III Glove - Women's

If you ski a lot and you plan to go skiing with some suitable gloves, this is the best one for you. Waterproofing, gore-tex, windproof, soft and lightweight, Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3 is the best you could ever think of. You are going to love the fantastic features.

First, let’s talk about the insulation that locks in the heat and keeps the cold out. It is so awesome that it feels like you have your hands over an open flame, warming them inside these cute lightweight pockets.

They are designed for skiing and gripping the ski poles, you know. That action needs a perfect hold. That is what the extra leather strap on the inside of the Gordini Gore-Tex Storm gives. With a pre-curved construction, you can do anything you want, including taking a selfie-and answering calls even with your gloves on. It comes with a buckle for you to give it a good hold on your wrist when you are on the go.

Waterproofing for not getting snow-wet, comfortability for when you love to wear your gloves for many hours, excellent quality leather for locking out heat and soft inner gore-tex with insulation lining to complete the arsenal, I’d pick the Gordini GTx Storm Trooper 3 for my favorite lady anytime.

Best Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold for Men

Now guys, let’s come to answering your question. Of course, there are gloves made specially to fit men’s strong masculine hands. Of all the gloves made specifically for men, the best ones we could vouch for are:

#1 – SealSkinz Dragon Eye

SealSkinz Dragon Eye

This is one of the oldest gloves in the market today, and for a good reason, they still live up to their big name in the waterproof and windproof gloves category. When we tested them, they were very tight fitting and not as bulky as many winter gloves. They are 100% waterproof just precisely as it is advertised.

You would not believe that Eric even used it to wipe our window! They are straightforward to move, and we love them because even though they stick on your skin, they are perfect and they don’t pull off virtually. The gripping ability is top-notch on the palm side. We also enjoy that you can use your touchscreen phones with SealSkinz Dragon Eye gloves on.

Now, Eric is a very sweaty guy, and he said he feels wet on his palm. However, when he pulled off the gloves, his hands were not wet. Even then, he agrees that the SealSkinz Dragon gloves are very comfortable to wear even for a very long time.

If you need flexible gloves that don’t compromise fashionability for comfort, choose the SealSkinz Dragon Eye. Also, they make a female version which you can find by clicking here for your significant other (wink).

#2 – Seirus Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Waterproof Gloves

Seirus Innovation Men's Xtreme All Weather Waterproof Glove

Well built, rugged, flexible, waterproof gloves are hard to find. So you should be happy to have the Seirus SoundTouch Xtreme Gloves. They are designed to last and for people like you who love enjoying high-intensity activities in subzero temperatures. Plus, I would expect something with so many excellent features to be very pricey, but when you click on this link, you would be amazed at the price.

We tested these gloves in the rain and snow windy conditions, and our tester said he could not feel anything cold or wetness. His hands are dry. Plus he confessed that these Seirus SoundTouch Xtreme Gloves kept his hands very warm in those freezing temperatures. It is not surprising, though. These gloves are built with a soft fleece lining and from inside an elastic cuff that covers your wrists to give you the comfort and warmth you could ever get.

Waterproof and breathable to keep your hands comfortable and less sweaty. Even Eric loves these gloves. The tips are also well designed that you can use them to operate your phone. The gloves are also very flexible to give your hands’ so much freedom of movement.

Best Unisex Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold

You are looking for some perfect gloves for your kids or only something you can share with your wife. I know that feeling. Let’s dive in to look at the very best of the gloves we found fitting for both men and women and yet comfortable on both sides:

#1 – Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves

Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves

Lightweight, breathable, and flexible gloves are perfect for the cold outside or indoors. Looking at gloves that fit both ladies and gents, we can recommend the Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves.

The Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves features a wind-resistant and water repellent shell-like fabric at hand to keep you from getting frostbite. It also keeps moisture out. The gloves have the quick-dry ability and also a soft cuff that sits snugly around your wrists. There is a silicone grip on the insides for holding. Get this fabulous pair of gloves and get touchscreen compatibility on the fingertips.

The unisex sizing might not be suitable for you if you have large masculine hands though because they are not bulky. They sit tight on the skin. However, if you have long slender hands like mine, go for it. Pick your size and pay. It’s so simple. Click here to see how to buy the Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves.

#2 – Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women

These outstanding touchscreen gloves are made for the cold. They are very warm and made to size both men and women with excellent thermal properties that provide warmth and lock in heat.

The Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves are breathable yet with excellent windproof features that lock out moisture. Because it is elastic and flexible, it is a good fit for both masculine and feminine hands. It also makes working on the phone secure. It is not suitable for temperatures below 30 degrees. It gets a little chili. (you get it?).

The Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves comes with a side zipper to keep it from flying off when you are throwing a snowball or doing some great winter sport. It also has quick-dry abilities, and they feel very comfortable to wear.

Another thing that I found worthy of letting you know about the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves is that they have an amazing anti-bacterial treatment to eliminate any bad odor that sweat might have caused. I find this feature very cool although Elena thinks this treatment will wear out with time. I believe that by that time, it would only be ideal for getting a new pair.

Best All-Round Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold

Here is a rundown of the best winter gloves that you need to wear to protect your hands from the extreme cold:

  1. North Face Pseudio Insulated Gloves
  2. Arete Women’s Gloves
  3. Nappa Novum Leather Lambskin Gloves.
  4. Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3
  5. SealSkinz Dragon Eye
  6. Seirus Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Waterproof Gloves
  7. Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves
  8. Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

We hope you have no problem getting all the fun this winter! One thing though, never let anyone push you to do what you don’t want. Give them the cold shoulder this winter and get all the fun you can get. You deserve the best, get it!