Camo Pants | Camo Trousers For Men & Women (Top Choice)

You want to shine and turn heads with prints of camo. Stylishness just got a sharp edge this season. Catch the rave with the world’s favorite camo pants. There are multiple types of brands out there that offer you many brands. In the many stores out there, what you see is not what you get. Whether you are planning to hunt in camouflage or you want to embrace the new trends of fashion, what is the best quality camo trouser for your toddler, for hunting, for work, for the gym or just the best for you? I am a big fan of camo (oh you’ve not seen my pictures), I love prints and scattered patterns. I also don’t like long queues and procedures at malls. So my friends and I have gone up to 12 different stores to test their camo pants brands.

What is the best Camo pants for Women?

There are many brands out there. And oh my! There are a lot of fake and uncomfortable camo pants and camo trousers in the market. As a lady, the last thing you want is to look oddly awkward and ugly. Here are the top choices you can buy to bring out the sexiness and beauty:

#1- Sanctuary Women’s Pull-On Trooper Pants

Sanctuary Women's Pull-On Trooper Pants

You need to look sharp at work, and you want to look stylish in casual wear while feeling very comfortable, get yourself the Sanctuary Pull-On Trooper Pants.

Made out of spandex and cotton, comfort is guaranteed. The Sanctuary Pull-On Trooper Pants is made of a soft and delightfully stretchy fabric made. Sanctuary claims to have printed with ecologically-safe Ultra-Color technology.

The combination of Spandex and cotton as observed by Regina (our tester, who is a fit lady) offers maximum comfort. It is stretchy and sits well on the skin.

The Sanctuary Trooper Camo Pants come with an elastic lace around the waist to help you get a comfortable tightness. It also has military standard belt holes for when you feel like wearing a fashion lady belt around your waist.

Perfect for camping or the workplace. Just choose the best size, and you’re good to go. It is effortless to wash with a washing machine and tumble drier. The label says it requires cold machine wash and low tumble dry.

The Trooper Camo trousers for women has two standard hand pockets as regular pants and back flap pockets as military trousers. On the sides, there are flap pockets that are big enough to hold your phone or whatever you want to keep in at the side legs.

If you get the size right, you have no problems. When we followed the size chart that was on the Sanctuary site, we bought the wrong size. We planned to make Angie wear it, but we had to call Regina from next door.

Overall, the Sanctuary Women Camo trouser is safe, budget-friendly, easy to clean, comfortable to wear anytime, any day, and it is worth the price.


#2- Pete & Greta Johnny Was Women’s Poplin Camo Pants

Johnny Was Women's Poplin Cargo Pant with Belt

If you want to make a bold statement with your dress style to work, kill the move with a straight-legged camo pant, which looks awesomely fit when worn as casual business outfits. The favorite straight legs camo trousers for women out there is the Pete & Greta Johnny Was Women’s Camo Pants.

While a straight-legged camo trouser such as the Pete & Greta Johnny Was Women’s Camo Pants may not be appropriate for every office environment, straight-legged camo trouser look more mature and professional than other styles especially when you know how to style well (Don’t fret, we will get to this in the next section)

The Pete & Greta Johnny Was Women’s Camo Pants is also made out of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. This makes it comfortable to wear. You know that kind of feeling when you wear a sweet comfy pair of pants, and you don’t want to take them off? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. These camo trouser make you look both chic and casual at the same time.

I don’t know maybe this would be a pro or a con or whatever those review guys call it. This caused a big argument in our hall as we test and take notes about this piece of clothing. It has no Lace to tie at the waist like the Sanctuary Trooper, but it does have big military standard belt holes in two places. Only inches apart. You can choose to put your belt below or above the waist. It’s up to you to like it or not.

If you are particular about having things exactly your size, you can downsize your order because they seem to make them a little bit oversize. These pants are comfortable that you can wear them all summer.

I love quality clothing that I can use for years without worrying about changes in color, that’s why I advocate for the Pete & Greta Johnny Was Women’s Camo Pants. If you love quality pants that you can wear to work, camp or anywhere looking chic with heels, buy this now.


#3- Burton Women’s Ivy UnderBoot Snowboard Pant

Burton Women's Ivy Under-Boot Snowboard Pant

“Hey, sexy gorgeous lady, you’re hot!” If you like that remark, you may like tailor-fit or skinny leg camo trouser like Burton Women’s Ivy Camo pants.

Who doesn’t love to look good? If you want to look casual and preen to that party, choose the Burton Ivy UnderBoot Camo Skinny Jeans. They are comfortable and sweet to wear. Made specifically for the fit lady in mind, this under-boot camo trouser is one of the best in our wardrobe now.

Designed to be worn inside your snowboarding or Timberland boots, Burton’s Ivy is a beautiful pick.

The women’s Burton Ivy Pant is made in a super slim fit that is cool to stay next to your skin without any irritation. That’s what you’d expect from quality triple layered stretch fabric. The material is waterproof so that water washes off it. Easy to wash and clean. The material is also very stretchy and adaptive to whatever move you make.

The Women’s Ivy is super lightweight and sleek, and It is made with a fleece lining that helps to keep you warm and dry even in the rain. It has two pockets in the front that are zipped for you to keep your phone, money, lip balm, and keys.

You want quality tailor legged camo trouser? Choose Burton Women’s Ivy Camo pants.


#4- Under Armour Women’s Super Fleece Mid Season Camo Pants

Under Armour Women's Super Fleece Mid Season Pants

If you want to get the best camouflage trousers best an authentic and protective style, choose the Under Armour SFMD Camo Trousers.

These military-grade camo pants are the sweetest for making a deep impression of the macho, stable, fit, or professional lady in camo pants.

The Under Armour Camo wear is made from very thick material and designed so well that its insulated inner linings lock out moisture and locks in your scent. Angie, who always battles her thighs in cologne (please don’t tell her I said this) wore these pants. We couldn’t smell anything from her legs. Expert Eric says, “For hunters to do their work fine, they must not let out any smell so they can sneak up on the animals without notice. If the animals can smell you, you’re dead meat.”

Overall, if you like your leg scent to “heard aloud” like Angie, don’t wear these pants.

The Under Armour Camo Pants two zipped side pockets on both legs, no back pockets. I guess it’s made that way to flaunt your backside. Well, whatever. These camo wear are great to wear in the winter because their thick material protects you from the cold, they are made of thick fleece, and so they are warm and comfortable. Eric says, “One thing about fleece fabric is that seeds follow you whenever you cross a bush path.” That may be the only negative issue about this fantastic fit camo trousers for ladies.

The Under Armour Camo Pants has zips on both sides of the pants so that you can choose to wear your pants over or in your boots. It comes in brown camo prints and green — both military-grade.


#5- Mares Camo Blue Rash Guard Pants

Mares Camo Blue Rash Guard Pants

What if your hunting is for fish? Or maybe you love the feel of leggings and skinny jeans that you can style with a plain colored jumper and heels or sneakers, consider buying Mares Camo Blue Rash Pants.

For the love of blue and underwater, these unique camo pants are designed with divers in mind. However, it is fit for any lady who loves to style tailor legged camo trouser as casual wear for any occasion.

The material is soft and stretchy. It is elastic and would suit any body size. Look super chic in these comfortable pants.

Why are these pants this hyped? They are designed with a thin elastic material and can be hooked unto the heel so that it stays on your body no matter what. There is a technology the company used in the design (a technology that Max promised to research, but he hasn’t finished at the time of this writing, so we don’t know how they did it) but the camo pants are comfortable to wear in the sun.

They are healthy because they provide insulation from light and heat and protection against UV rays and possible scratches. The color patterns are the best camouflage for sea divers. If you want to call attention at that party or the blue light night club, buy this Mares Camo Blue Rash Pants today.


What are the best Camo Pants for Men?

Now that we have seen the best camo pants for women, what is the best camo trousers for men? As a guy, camo pants are not necessarily the best to add to your wardrobe, but this doesn’t mean that it is wrong for guys to sport camo trouser. The point, however, is that as a modern person, wearing a looser fit will make it look like you’ve just got out of a rave of the ’90s. To keep it smooth for you, here is a list of our favorite world-class camo pants for men to make you look your best.

#1- Spyder Men’s Glissade Insulated Camo Pants

Spyder Men’s Glissade Insulated Pant

Let’s talk man to man. If you are looking for the best camo wear that will command from you a bold statement both in the street and at work, consider buying Spyder Glissade Insulated Camo Pants.

Made out of high-quality nylon material, this insulated camo wear is very comfortable to wear and use anywhere. Creatively designed in two different materials for the front and the backside. The exterior is patterned in sweet sectioned camo prints while the back is made of open mesh elastic material. The front is water-resistant as well as the back. The material is not absorbent and so can give a level of warmth and comfort.

First stop, Spyder is a big name in making comfortable clothing. The top of the line Spyder Glissade Camo Pants is warm enough to use in hot or cold weather. It has no back pockets, only side pockets. Angie agrees that the several pockets on most camo trouser are overkill and make the trousers look stupid. More, the Spyder Glissade Insulated Camo Pants have no string for the waist, only military-grade belt holes. The material is water repellent so you can feel comfortable even in the rain. The knees have some unique stretchy material that makes you feel no irritation when you squat or walk very briskly.

If you want to go around looking fly in prints, get yourself something that would boost your confidence and gait.


#2- Oakley 10K Sun King Biozone Camo Pants

Oakley Sunking 10K Bzs Pants

If you want to command respect with camo pants at the gym or work, consider buying yourself a pair of Oakley Sun King BZ Camo Pants.

The breathable material is super comfortable and lightweight unlike all other camo pants I have tested in my lifetime (Except of course if my parents bought me camo trouser as a toddler). The waist tabs are elastic, and they are adjustable with buttons.

One more thing I observed wearing these pants is that it felt warm. We believe that the material is designed to lock in heat and keep you warm. However, as I walked, I felt the air cool me via my thighs. That was like literally the coolest thing ever. The pants can, by itself, regulate heat. We agree that this is cool.

Another cool thing you would get is that the material is waterproof. Even with this, it is very lightweight. I almost forgot that I was wearing pants. I love the position of the pockets at the front and the back. The straight regular fit is perfect for a casual look to work, and even to hike, to go on a snowboard or just anywhere you want.

If you like to use quality comfortable durable and beautiful pants, buy these Oakley Sun King BZ Camo Pants now.


#3- Survival Tactical Gear Men’s AirSoft Camo Pants

Survival Tactical Gear Men's Airsoft Wargame

We go camo for different reasons. But believe me, what you wear is how you would be addressed. While testing, Eric was wearing these camo wear, and for a moment, I feared him. Lol. He looked like a macho man who could wrestle the world champion. Best styled with boots like Timberland, these Survival Tactical Gear Airsoft Camo trousers are the top choice.

The first thing that you would notice when you touch the pants is the quality of the fabric. The fabric is made out of expensive ripstop material that is used in military uniforms. This material is scratch or tear-proof. This makes it perfect for hiking or hunting. It has double belt holes, and the waistband is elastic, making the use of a belt optional.

I was going to count the pockets, and amid counting, I just went off laughing at myself. The pants have a whopping sixteen pockets on different strategic sides. Haha. It’s cool. The pants look to rugged not to have so many pockets.

One more thing you must expect when you buy this gear is that like Oakley Sun King, and it also has an air regulation system. The knee sides are fitted with meshes that keep you fresh inside.

These Survival Tactical Gear Camo Pants also come knee pads to keep your knees safe. This makes them perfect for dirt bike riding (see my post here on How to Ride A Dirt Bike)


#4- FASKUNOIE Men’s Camo Pants

FASKUNOIE Men's Joggers Slim Fit Cotton Running Pants

If you like your sweatpants breathable, comfortable and able to command a stern statement, consider buying a pair of the Faskunoie Camo Pants.

New in the business, this brand is making a big rave all because of the quality and affordability of their cloth line.  Perfect for gym rats and even couch potatoes, these camo sweatpants can make you confident and comfortable at the same time. A point in the case, anybody can wear them.

The Faskunoie Camo trousers are made out of stretchy and durable material. This is perfect for an indoor and outdoor workout. This jogger styled camo pants are perfect for when you feel like going casual.

The side pockets come with zips that can hold your stuff while you run and not make them fallout and bade you. Bye-bye. The Faskunoie Camo Pants offer top-notch comfort. The material is soft and smooth. It is also designed so well that the fabric has an air regulation system that ensures that you are not all heated in them. It makes you feel relaxed. They are also very comfortable to wear for a long time without feeling irritated.

If you want camo pants that you can style any time you feel like getting in shape, choose the Faskunoie Camo Pants.


#5- Sitca Men’s Timberline Camo Pants

SITKA Men's Timberline Pant

If you want to set out flashy in prints to work or for hunting, this is the trouser made for you. Buy the Sitca Timberline Camo Wear

Available in four different bold colors and sizes, the Sitca is made for hunters in mind. Perfect for hunting in any terrain, the Sitca camo pants are equipped with the best clothing technology any hunter can only dream of. You can rock this beautiful quality pants to make a bold impression any time you feel like.

Many companies that made camo trouser for hunters focus mainly on locking in scents and flattering patterns, Sitca went beyond all of those in the design of this Sitca Timberline Camo Pants. They made pads for the butt cheeks and the knee caps for extra comfort when sitting or kneeling. This is comfortable gear for hunters. Also, the butt side and the knees on the pants are made with a waterproof nylon ripstop fabric, so that when you wiggle in a pond while going after your game, or when you are sitting on a hill or in the snow in ambush, you won’t be cold and wet.


How to wear Camo Pants

Because you hear that camo prints are so in right now does not mean that it is the time for you to fill your wardrobe with everything camo. You must know how to best go out in prints that would not make you look like an old veteran jerk or a Rip Van Winkle.

So how can you best style camo pants? It comes down to you. However, there are specific fashion rules you should note. Never wear camo pants on camo shoes or a camo t-shirt. (Please don’t do that unless you are a soldier in the battlefield or a hunter in the wilderness)

Make a style statement and comfort with the Camo wear

How can you make an excellent impressive look with your quality camo pants? Follow this guide:

#1- Buy a different color of camo pants aside from the traditional green.

#2- Never wear any more camo dress on your camo trouser

#3- Wear a solid colored top over your camo pants. For example, if you have pink and black patterned camo pants, wear a pink top.

#4- Never wear patterned tops with camo pants except if you are going to wear a jacket over it.

#5- Denim jackets and blazers go well with camo pants

#6- Use appropriate footwear. For example, classic sneakers and flat shoes go well with slim fit camo pants while tapered camo pants might need heels.

We hope that you have a beautiful, glamorous outing while you show them in your camo pants! Go! Comment what you think about camo fashion. We would love to hear from you.