Clothes To Wear In Summer Season -Light Coloured Cotton?

The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about summer is “HOT.” And yeah The what to wear in summer, The sun is high up, burning through and through. My granny might not like this, but she wouldn’t be reading this anyway. My granny always stays in the attic naked every summer. Creepy, right? She hates the heat. But you, you’re different. You want to go outside, hang out with friends, and be calm. How can you look fresh and feel cool at the same time in Summer?

So what type of clothes should we wear in the summer season? Cotton, linen, and light-colored clothes. Since we tend to sweat a lot in the summer season, we need clothes that can absorb sweat and yet keep us fresh — not clinging to our skin like an annoying leech. Also, we need protection from the sun’s hot rays. Bright colors are useful because they are bad at absorbing heat.

Many people think that wearing light clothes is the way to go cool in summer. But seriously, there’s more to keeping fresh in the summer season than wearing light clothes. You need to weigh out some key perks.

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What Makes Cotton, Linen and Bright Clothes Good For Summer?

Cotton materials are not only comfortable to wear, but they are also really comfy and cool. They are the number one breathable material in the world. And cotton comes in different weights, poplin, voile, eyelet, Swiss-dotted, Madras. It absorbs moisture very well and dries quickly. Cotton is the easiest to wash. You can wash by hand or with a washing machine.

Linen materials are in the same way very breathable. Linen is what many people love to wear in the summer season. The reason is not far fetched, linen materials are light, comfortable, breathable, and with the texture is so cool to the touch. It also dries very fast when wet or damp.

Choose The Right Cloth Material

You would not like to the left in hot water (what I call sweat) just because you had to walk the dog down the street. Here is how to choose the best cloth to wear this summer:

If you want to check whether the material is right for you to rock in the summer season, hold the content in your hands and feel its weight and texture. Buy a fabric that is light and airy. That’s what you need.

Aside from the texture and the weight of the fabric, you cannot survive the heat wearing something that is not breathable. Usually, natural fibers that are designed into loose weaves and fine threads are lovely breathable fabric.

The reason why you should pick clothes with bright colors is that lighter colors reflect heat better than darker ones.

Now let’s analyze this together.

What Should You Look For?

  1. Fabric construction and weight

It is common knowledge that fabrics with tight knits or tight weaves create less breathable materials, while fabrics that have free designs will be more breathable than tight ones. This means that when you wear it, air will come in through the cloth into your body if it is breathable. You can wait at the store and test the fabric before you pay, do a quick test. Hold the material up to your face and look through it. The clearer you see through it, the more breathable it is.

  1. Sweat management

If you sweat a lot like me, don’t wear heavy clothing. Some cloth materials have quick-drying features that when air goes through, takes away sweat from your body. Soaks the sweat away, and dries it quickly.

  1. Fit

You should not wear tight clothing in the heat. Wear loose baggy clothes that leave more room for air. However, if you cannot wear baggy clothes, perhaps because of your work or something, choose something close to your skin.

Can I Wear Synthetic Clothes in Summer?

No. Unless you are planning to make a sweat pool around you. Why? Unlike cotton or even mulberry silk, synthetic clothing absorbs heat. This will make you get double the room temperature. Imagine sitting in a hot room, having heat in one’s body, and wearing clothing that allows more heat to enter and stay on one’s body. In the heat, synthetic materials will cause you to sweat so much and stick to your skin. This will also give room to the growth of smelly bacteria. And yes, you know. Heat stinks.

How Many Times Should I Bathe Daily in Summer?

Not too many. Your body is like a big oil-producing factory. These essential oils help keep essential bacterial that keep things well on your skin. That said, there is no rule to the number of times you take a shower in a day or even in a week. It all depends on your body, your environment, and your metabolism. Sweating too much may need you to shower more. But don’t over bathe. Bathing more than twice in a single day can mean bathing 14 times a week! That is unhealthy. Take warm showers and pat dry with your towel.

Is It Good To Eat Hot Foods In Summer?

Eating foods that have a high temperature may be bad for you. However, “hot” spicy foods are beneficial to eat in the summer on a hot day. When you eat delicious soup, you sweat so much (I recommend that you wear little or no clothing for the sweat). Now your body cools off spicy foods more rapidly, and the temperature of your body quickly matches the heat and the sweat evaporates fast because of the increased heat. After the evaporation, the moisture will give a very cooling sensation that makes you feel uber cool afterward.


Remember, to be relaxed and still look cool on hot days this summer, you must wear lightweight, breathable, and loose clothing. Avoid synthetic clothes like Ebola. Well, you can buy them and keep them till January or December. Would you instead give me your email so that I can give you these cool tips and buying guides personally? Use the form below. Love you!