Dirt Biking Dangers: Is It A Safe Family Sport?

I believe that life is sweet when you’re doing what you love especially with the support of your family. I am very strict when it comes to safety, but in the same vein, I like to have some fun. I have heard of people who got severe injuries from dirt biking, so I made to find out for sure if dirt biking is dangerous as a sport before I even started.
In this post, we will look at most of the potential benefits of dirt biking, and we will assess whether these benefits outweigh the risks or dangers that come with dirt bike riding.

Dirt biking can be very dangerous. For many years, my dad and his friend hated the idea of riding bikes, and they think that dirt biking is the worst and most dangerous sport in the whole world. Till today, my dad’s friend always says that I am going to kill myself one-day dirt biking. Even until now, I live every day proving to him that my choice of dirt biking as a hobby is not a death sentence. Like a dirt bike is not a death bike. He feared that I might get my eleven-year-old brothers killed if I introduced them to dirt biking. You can imagine what he did when he saw my dad on a dirt bike! The question is “is dirt biking dangerous?”

As I mentioned, dirt biking can be a dangerous sport. However, there are many benefits of dirt biking for everyone, young and old. Dirt biking is critical, and so is swimming, motorcycling, and even driving.

Well, I understand that you want to be safe. According to research made by health experts and sports enthusiasts, there are many things you can do on and with your dirt bike that would benefit you rather than put you in danger whether you are an eight-year-old or you are a healthy eighty-year-old. What are the risks? How dangerous can dirt bike riding ever be?

Dangers of Dirt Biking

dirt biking bone broking

What are the risks according to statistics? I mean these are the risks that come with dirt biking.

Breaking of Bones
Many riders have been reported to have injuries to the bones. Falling off a dirt bike is one thing that is very common especially if you’re riding on the official track, and this shows that official racing that usually involves jumping is far more dangerous than trail riding, this is due to fatal falls that result in breaking or dislocation of bones. However, if you ride your dirt bike on a dirt trail, you are less likely going to get involved in a fatal fall. Also, not all falls result in severe injuries when you use complete safety gear.
General cuts and bruises.
Well, every biker ever will be exposed to expect accidents, accidents cause bruises and cuts as frequently and they rarely have long term effects.
What is my point? My point is that everything in life has risks, including sitting on a couch all day or making faces. The question is not about the dangers of dirt biking, and the real problem is how can you bring yourself to control those risks. For the many years I have been riding dirt bikes, I have found that dirt bike riding is like climbing a mountain, or any other healthy family sport. They are as dangerous as you want them. For instance, If you slip and roll over a cliff, well, That is pretty much your fault. Or if you run at high speed and hit a tree, then you have hit a tree. The bike doesn’t affect that.

So what Benefits do Dirt Biking riders get?

It gives Strength to the Muscle

Every bike rider has an innate strength and stamina. It is inherent to dirt bike riding. One of the essential health benefits associated with dirt bike riding is increased muscle strength, as well as endurance.  
Muscle strength grows through use. As you get to gripping onto the bike’s handlebars with a need to exert greater control over your body and the bike at the same time, your strength and muscles will naturally grow.  
Balance is a core aspect of fitness training. Imagine going over uneven terrain or around a bend on your dirt bike, and this will engage your core strengths to keep you balanced and on the trail.

You Learn Endurance.

One more thing that every dirt biker learns or gains are increased stamina and endurance — these highly essential qualities every human needs to succeed in life.
When you use your muscles every time as though your life depends on it because you realize that it does, your muscles, as well as your mind, grow more resilient. You get this when you spend a long time riding a dirt bike.  
Because you expend and use a whole lot of energy while riding a dirt bike, you get more used to it every second. You need a lot of endurance to ride a dirt bike, and you get more of this at every ride.

It Enhances Your Mood.

If you have ever ridden a dirt bike, you would agree that no one ever remains sad or bored on a dirt bike. Dirt bike riding is always thrilling, and as an exciting activity, it gets your adrenaline pumping very healthily. You get the sweet feeling of dopamine and a release of endorphins throughout your veins. Every human needs these hormones to be more productive every day.

It enhances your brains and their reaction to certain stimuli. This makes you a better and purposeful person.

Stimulates Your Brain

People who are all about the dangers of dirt biking often overlook this great benefit of dirt biking that it can help your brain.

Riding a dirt bike, you will be forced to use your hand and sight coordination along with general ability as you journey through different obstacles and terrains. This requires a lot of focus and brain activity.
Most situations would require you to make decisions in a blink or a snap. Arrangements may be about the direction that you must veer to avoid an obstacle or the best movement you must prepare to maneuver or ride through individual bumps, valleys, and obstacles.  
As you would have guessed, this kind of activity is not for dumb heads. When you are in there, you generally stimulate your brain in a healthy way which you would be grateful for in the future.

Have you noticed how some video games can affect brain coordination? Dirt biking can even be more impressive.

Weighing the Risks Of Dirt Biking

What we discussed here are only some of the essential health benefits associated with riding dirt bikes. We have also mentioned the risks of dirt biking.

Are you still asking if dirt biking is a dangerous family sport? For us to think about whether or not there is more benefit to riding dirt bikes than risks or dangers, let us see what you can do to keep yourself and your dirt bike very safe and in the barest minimum chance of getting seriously injured.

When you are riding on a trail, you are unlikely to meet with any other vehicles, so whatever comes or occurs is in your own hands and legs, literally.

I don’t remember ever really hurting myself so badly to warrant a hospital stay. Once through, I had a burn on my leg when I stooped on my bike, and it fell on top of me. It was a matter of seconds to free my leg from the exhaust pipe. That is one, and I’ve also got bruises and cuts riding in bushes and hedges. But no serious injury.

Now let us come to you. If you want to start a new hobby with dirt biking, there are a few safety tips you must know. These tips would help keep you safe on a dirt bike.

The risks and dangers that people face when they go on dirt bike riding trips are not guaranteed or mandatory, and they rarely occur to the safety-conscious rider.  In contrast, the health benefits that come with dirt biking are guaranteed.
Therefore, it is only okay to conclude that riding dirt bikes is a beneficial family sport to one’s health in spite of all of the potential consequences associated with the activity and it is safe to participate in.

How To Stay Safe On A Dirt Bike

No matter how old or young you are, the dangers associated with dirt biking are not subjected to any age. Therefore, if you want to be safe, you must always remember these essential tips:

  1. Learn To Ride A Dirt Bike From A Professional: You must make sure that you have a mentor, a professional dirt bike rider whom you look up to. This person will help you to get the joys as well as all the benefits that everyone gets from dirt biking. Before I bought my first dirt bike, I was well tutored. Before then, I had heard experiences from many people who said that dirt biking was no fun. I proved them wrong every minute I spend on my dirt bike.
  2. Choose Your Dirt Bike Wisely: The benefits and joy you get from dirt biking depend solely on the bike you use. My mentor told me that the first few weeks he had on a dirt bike: Yamaha 400 cc, he felt weary and was about to give up. He realized that as a newbie, that dirt bike was too powerful for him. So the best advice he gave me was: “Never buy any dirt bike only because you like the way it looks or its hype on the internet. Buy a dirt bike that makes you feel comfortable, and it must be easy to control by you”. So my first bike, a Yamaha, was good for my feet to sit flat on the ground when I stopped, and I could reach all controls comfortably, most of which are at my fingertips.
  3. Don’t Dress for the Ride, Be Ready for A Crash: You get all the right safety gear makes all the difference in case of a crash. By everything, I mean all everything you can get. Cover your head with a helmet that fits well. Some helmets don’t come with a visor. If you have this kind of helmet, you will need eye protection like goggles to help you to keep any dirt, dust, or kicked-up debris away from your eyes. You must wear long sleeves and long trousers to protect your hands and legs. Wearing short-length clothes on hot days may be tempting. When buying riding clothes, look for lightweight, breathable material that will help you to stay covered and comfortable while you ride your dirt bike. You must also use riding boots and riding gloves. The boots will help you hold yourself with friction and will also provide a good cover for your feet. The gloves will help guard against the problem that sweaty or cold hands may cause, making it difficult to manipulate the controls.
  4. Always Know Your Limits: When you’re riding a dirt bike, the phrase “push your boundaries” is a little bit of bad news. In simple terms, never try it. Going beyond your limits riding off-road motorcycles is dangerous. Never try to ride a bike that is bigger than you or that has powers that are way beyond what you can handle. Imagine struggling to control and steer a running dirt bike!
  5. Never Leave The Designated Trails: Those trails are designated for a reason. If you have a designated trail, you should know that the trails have already been certified as safe to ride a dirt bike. Other areas outside these limits could be filled with bumps or drops that are hard to notice. This is the cause of 75% of all the accidents on a dirt bike. When you are on the run, you won’t have enough time to react and change when you come across these things.
  6. Always Stay Sharp: You must always be focused on yourself and the road at all times. You must be able to make fast decisions and adjustments. There are several situations you can face out there, you can meet a wandering wild animal in the woods, or you can hear another rider approaching you at a dangerously fast speed. Staying fit and sharp can help you on the trail.
  7. Never Get Dehydrated: Dehydration can cause brain fog and would make you lose focus. To avoid this, you must make sure to go on every biking trip with enough bottles of water or better still, a hands-free hydration pack. You must know that you get more dehydration on hot days, so you have to drink even more water.
  8. As Much as Possible, Avoid Paved Roads: Reports show that more than 50% of dirt bike injuries that end in admission to a hospital are from dirt bike racing at an official track or a paved track (Source). If you want to be safe, limit your riding on paved roads. Dirt bikes are not designed for paved roads, and they usually don’t have the right lighting or safety features for running on a paved road.
  9. Never Go Solo: Always go on your bike ride with at least one other partner. Accidents can happen that could put you in a terrible situation. You can never be too cautious. You can crash and lose consciousness or worse, and you could get too injured to drive out in search of help. A partner can be a lifeguard that is available to assist you or get help as needed. Two heads are better than one. Two is a company, and This makes riding more fun!

Please, if your son has chosen this life course as a hobby, do not restrain him from getting the thrill of his life. Dirt biking is not all dangerous if you take precautionary measures and if you have all the know-how and safety gear available. Dirt bike riding has more advantages like any other family sport.

Reach out, enjoy life; this is the only one you get. Make sure you have the right bike and the right equipment before setting out on your dirt bike family sport.

I promise you it is going to be the best time of your life. Please stay with us for more information you may need for how to choose the best dirt bike, the best equipment to use, etc.

So, have fun!  Stay safe on your new dirt biking hobby and reap the rewards and benefits that come with ripping up those trails!

Tell us what bike you intend to get yourself so that we can look at you and everyone might see how much you fit for each other. We want to see your hands on the handlebars!