Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Review: (So Cheap)

Early 2008 the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender was launched and available for sales to everyone, it’s not a new thing to almost everyone, but I believe you are on this page to know 1or2 stuff about the product before you were made-up your mind to buy it.
I will do the same too, I can’t just buy anyhow product without knowing it’s benefits, and that’s the primary purpose of this post, I will explain in details everything you need to know about the charming Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender
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We have set it by categories, and we will cover them individually:


The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Lid lets you blend and run. Since the jar is also a travel mug with lid, no need to find the right cup or spend much time cleaning up the blender before leaving the house. Instead, you only have to remove the jar from the base, and boom you’re ready to go.
The blender is in multiple colors like Black, White, Red, Blue, and Raspberry, And much more.

Out of the box, few things came with the product, such as the lid, the manual, two little pieces of tape stuck, two non-removable blades in the cup.

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Design and Build

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender buttonOne-Touch Blending
No need to spend extra dollars on larger blenders with added features, when one simple push-button touch will do the work. With an On/Pulse button, the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve allows you to make smooth.

Up to 12 – 14 ounces, which means it’s not heavy to carry or put in your traveling bags, You can Take It Wherever You Go. Fast and easy one-touch blending, Cord wrap for convenient storage.
You can also get the 2 Jar version own that also has the 400ML cup, and a good blade sees here.


I don’t want to be biased because we at gadnets care about what our customer is using and we want the best for you all.

So here is it, The product is ok based on our test, but it is for a healthy treat in delicious drinks, not for big nuts and more, in case that’s what you need it for you can get the cheapest blenders here.

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