How to Heat A Tent Safely Without Electricity & Also With A Candle In Winter

You need to make your tent warm in the wintertime, I get that, and that’s what you will get in full details in this post. My team and I have done the hard work to pull this together, we will explain in details how you can heat your tent without electricity, and also, in addition, we will show you the perfect way to use a candle to heat your tents, so let’s start with the necessary tips you need.

In other to heat a tent safely: You will need to invest a bit on some necessity such as a perfect sleeping bags, you see a friend of mine once says “Anyone who buys a cheap sleeping bag deserves to freeze,” that’s funny but its a bit true, you need one, Get 4-season sleeping bags I recommend this.

Also, put on warm clothes this will help a lot, wear an original base layer clothes or materials, this will help in making your body temp stable like a normal day.

Getting a glove and a right boot is also necessary, so better be prepared than freezing.

Hey, Never burn wood in your tent.

Okay, let’s start with the guides, we have different ways to hear a tent, below are all the methods we will teach with all tools linked to it:

How to heat a tent without electricity in Winter?


You will need a Camping stove | Insulated pad, liner, and carpet | Clothing accessories.

Now let me explain in detail how to make this work well.

The camping stove

You will cook one way or the other, so you will need one, in that way it generates heat to your tent even the temperature alone is okay to make your whole tent warm.

Anytime you are feeling cold fire-up the stove, and you can use the light to heat a cup of tea to your flaxes. With just this, you should be okay.

These stoves are wisely designed to fit intent uses, you may be wondering how the fire, smoke, toxins will be, well they are directly going out of the tent, so you can’t feel them at all, the only thing you feel is the heat of the cooking stove, they are designed to spread across the tent, and also cook for you.

I got my first two from Amazon you can check both out with the link below, but the number 1 is my favorite.

Camp Chef Ranger II Blind Stove

GAS ONE GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove

Insulated pad, liner, and carpet

Let’s imagine you decide to stay at home and sleep comfortably, and you will still need a good bed and good cotton cover cloth. But on outside home winter you will need a sleeping pad/bag and much more, here is how it works.

The pad is a plus to the sleeping bag, and they are powerful than each other; they support the pad to deal with extreme temperatures.

Consider packing an additional cover to secure the isolated pad in one place. If your tent is located on uneven grounds, the pad might slip away during your sleep. Insulated pads don’t use electricity to work, so get one of them if you don’t like electronic tools.

Besides the pad, a bag liner can significantly enhance bag effectiveness. The temperature within the bag will be hyperbolic by ten degrees if you use a bag liner. It’s additionally abundant easier to scrub compared to the bag itself thus use it as again and again as you would like. For the carpet, you may go for any kind you wish. However, to preserve the warmth, a thermal carpet is marvelous. Laying the bag blanket right higher than the carpet is an excellent technique to retain heat in winter encampment.

Remember to always dry and warm them in other to keep yourself warm in everyday use.

Check some of them I found at Amazon here:

The Marmot Sawtooth 15F Down Sleeping Bag

Therm-a-Rest Neo Air Sleeping Pad

Drymate TCMC88100 Camping Tent Carpet Mat, 7’4″ x 8’4″

Clothing accessories

Have I explained in the early part of this post, good clothes, gloves, booths, and essential and useful? If you put them in the right way, they will allow you to stay warm as long as you have them on you. Always remember not to use them if they are wet.

We did research and conclude on the type of clothes to wear here in the Winter season.

But for this post sake you can use the link below to see my best ones:

All Clothing needed for winter

Using Electric Tent Heaters

Using Electric Tent Heaters
pics credit home depot

This requires some setup process, and you can’t just take an extension cable from your home and plug in a large electric radiator, no way. If you’re off the grid and you’re camping, you probably have to have a generator.

Here is a little guide Powering up your tent, with Outwell Mensa Mains Roller which is a well-rated electric tent.

  1. Make sure everything is unplugged and turned off.
  2. Unroll ALL the cable (Important!).
  3. Put the cable through your tent cable exit.
  4. Plug into the electric Hook-up for your pitch.
  5. Turn the power on at the EHU.
  6. Switch on the power on the mains Roller’s built-in Circuit Breaker.
  7. Plug-in and use.
  8. Unplug when not in use.

You will be surprised if I tell you how much I strive to get this, but in the end, I got it from this link on Amazon, check it up and see yourself.

Oil Filled Radiators

When going on camping, you can go with your radiator but  HEY, Be careful about how many amps it draws.

Taking a radiator on bivouacking (camping) not be as mad because it 1st sounds in hear…but affirmative, it means that you’re absolutely glamping and taking loads of substances with you.

Certainly, oil-filled radiators area unit loads less annoying than the sound of fan heaters turning on and off all night.

Their heat may not reach all the through into the bedrooms however might keep the chilliness off the most tent space, creating it additional pleasant once you stand up within the morning or when changing up before bed.

A radiator’s heat isn’t instant, in contrast to an acquaintance heater, however, you’ll get some with constitutional fan heaters for the simplest of each world….you just got to check that they keep inside your EHU amp limit. You will realize that you need to disconnect the heater if you’ve got an electric camping kettle as the example Here.

How to heat a tent with only a candle

how to heat a tent with candle
Picture credit Pinterest

Before I start the full explanation, this method is not recommended.
And here is why: they generate a few hot open flames. Also, the candle can drift away from its position without you noticing, even what if you are sleeping and the candle runs out, and it might lead to massive burning flames.
But if you insist on doing it or you want to confirm if this can surely heat your tent, well I am happy to let you know its an effective method, it will surely increase the heat in your tent.
However in other to be on a safer side, I recommend you make sure that the candles are off the ground safely, also, to secure the floor not to get overheat and catch fire, also make sure you placed them where safe.

Why not try the above methods in replacement of the candle method, or you can just try and Do The Water Bottle Trick, You might not know that I promise to share with you this method only if you comment your thoughts about this post below, and hey, don’t forget to share