How To DJ A Wedding – 6 Essential Secrets To Be A Great DJ

I’m not trying to make you feel scared, but being a wedding DJ means a whole lot more than just spinning or scratching and jogging tracks. Man, you are the man of the ceremony. I mean the life of someone’s most fabulous party! If you screw this, you might ruin something more than just your reputation, and you might ruin your entire career and someone’s life! So quickly learn these secrets on How to DJ a Wedding. They will surely make you a great DJ and help you secure great gigs for the future. You in?

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As I was saying, because this is a serious event, you have to make an excellent first impression of someone who can handle great responsibility.

#Tip 1 – Be Ready

I will assume that you are already into DJing, and this is probably not your first gig. However, if this is your first gig, you are in big business because this will automatically boost both your ego and career opportunities.

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Now, let’s say you have all your equipment prepared and you’re all set up and ready as a DJ, what do you need to be ready for a wedding gig?

#1 – Prepare a New Playlist

Fine, you are a club DJ, and you have an understanding or flare for some music genre. However, you must know that at a wedding, you are entertaining more than club goers. You will be entertaining pastors, choristers, professors, high officials, and ghetto thugs as well. You should know that all of these people would have different tastes in music, and you are ultimately paid to keep them entertained. That’s a big deal.

So listen, here is what you’re going to do. As a DJ, you should never try to satisfy the crowd. Because trying to do that, will make you end up looking unprofessional and stupid in the DJ booth. This is what will happen: Imagine that you have seen the older man coming up the aisle hand in hand with his daughter and you already started to play Four Seasons by Vivaldi, very classic for weddings. Then you hear a “boo” from one side of the party. On impulse, you might want to change the song up to something from Nicki Minaj. I swear, that will make you sound like a baby who is playing songs from a cell phone!

So what do you do?

Schedule a meeting with your clients (Bride and Groom or anyone in charge of the party) beforehand. Some days before the wedding. Talk about what songs they love you to play. You could list out all the songs you have and make them cross out ones they would not like to be aired. On many occasions, the clients might have individual songs to use for the different sections of the party. Make sure to have all of these dumbed down.

#Tip 2 – Map Out The Wedding Outline/Program

Wedding receptions are beautiful when they are well organized, and that organization is on your shoulders as the wedding DJ. You would need help so, here’s a good tip: watch or shadow other weddings. There are videos on YouTube that feature excellent wedding receptions that you can model. If not, ask your clients about this again.

There might be a cocktail hour, entrance procession for the guests and the new couple, as well as dinner and dances. You call the shots, and you also move them. Overall, a great DJ can visualize the whole party from the get-go and take everything on!

You must create a timeline for yourself like the one below:


5:00pm – Reception Begins

– Photo Booth Opens

Introducing The Bridal Train – ♫ “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

Introducing Newlyweds – “First Dance”– ♫ “Kiss Me” by The Fray

5:15 pm (or around) – Champagne Toasts

Blessing Songs

5:40pm (or around) – Dinner

6:40 pm – Father/Daughter Dance – ♫ “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor

Mother/Son Dance – ♫ “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Open Floor Songs

7:30 pm – Cake Cutting – ♫ “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi

Bouquet + Garter Fun followed by Open Dancing

9:30 pm – Last Dance ♫ “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

– Amber Uplighting

– Custom Monogram

– White Photo Booth

#Tip 3 – Prepare For Song Requests

Many DJs destroy their chances of getting new clients by the way they respond to music requests. As a DJ, many people will come over to you and request that you paly them a song. Most of them might be demanding. Some might even hand over the CD or a flash drive containing the song to you. How you respond would tell them so much.

First, know whether the song is similar to any of the songs that the clients add in the Don’t Playlist. If it isn’t, you have to make an announcement. Something like “Yo, all the way from New Orleans, I’ve got this song from the heart of a gentleman, especially for our new couple, enjoy, y’all!”

What if the song is a no-go? You tell the person who brought it, “Sorry, I can’t play this because it is not part of the playlist.” or “Sorry, this song is part of the songs that the happy couple specifically warned me against playing here today.”

#Tip 4 – MC Like A Pro

You are the master of ceremony. Everything that happens depends on you. You announce everything and every particular person. You must make everything lively but not too exciting because it’s not about you. Never take the attention of the crowd away from the couple.

If you have never talked in public or addressed a crowd before, this might be a challenging task. This is something that will help. In your studio, create a simulation with the sound of a cheering crowd and pretend to be at an open space. If you are very nervous, you might try to jot some remarks that you might need to say on the D-day. If you are well prepared, nothing should ever go wrong.

Another thing is that as the MC, you must be able to read the crowd. You should never say things that you think might offend a set of people that are present. If you think it’s going to be offensive, don’t say it!

#Tip 5 – Be Adaptable

As a DJ, you must be very flexible. Regardless that you have carefully planned out how the entire event would go, you still have to change a few things a few times to improvise. Because there are so many decisions you have to make on the run, you are not going to be too rigid. You have to stick to your timeline and plan. Before you move on to an essential segment in the party, like the first dance, you should announce to get the crowd’s attention. Something like “Yo! Heads up, the newest couple in the city are about to bust some moves as they have their first dance on a cloud together!”

Always work with the wedding coordinator to make sure that all the people are ready to take on their roles. For instance, if the mom is not available yet and you announce that it’s time for the Mother-Son dance, everyone will look stu[id, and that will not be good. Remember that you are the life of the party, give that life!

#Tip 6 – Never Forget Tips 1 Through 5

If you want to DJ like a pro and survive your first wedding gig, you must always put all these tips in mind. If for one thing you sidestep one of these steps and things go wrong, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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You are looking forward to reading your beautiful testimonies. See ya!