How to Turn on a Ninja Blender [All Issues Solved]

If you get a Ninja Blender, be ready, because if you don’t do things the right way, it won’t turn on. Yes am for real ninja blender are like a security box, you have to do the settings right or else forget about that fast food you want to make.

In this Ninja article, I will take you through different issues that might stop your ninja blender from been on.

Firstly I recommend you check your instruction manual that comes with the product, the guide to assemble it correctly is there, but they only miss some part is the blade alignment, they don’t explain it well in the manual.

ninja pro blender

How to Turn on Ninja Blender

  • Assemble It following the giving manual.
  • Plug it in an excellent wall plug (easy unplug)
  • Press the top ‘Release’ button to open the lid
  • Add your ingredients correctly (Don’t Overfull the cup so that the blade can spin)
  • Cover it up.
  • Choose a set of speeds.
  • You can also lower the speed.

Above are the standard settings to on the Ninja Blender, but there are some most important things you need to beware of, all this is listed in the manual, but I will repeat it here.

!Important Notice

  • Don’t abuse the power cord by using it to carry the blender, and it may lead to cord disconnection.
  • If your cord is damaged Don’t operate it without fixing the cable, it might lead to malfunctioning, There is some vital info on the plug that only a pro can fix, so if your plug as an issue they recommend you contact shark ninja.
  • Never use any hot ingredients in the blender.
  • Also never put anything that will dull the blades in it, such as ice cream or fruits.
  • Do Not remove the container when the blender is at work.

Ok now you got the whole idea, the instructions are many, I will advise you to find a time to go through it and understand it.

Fixing a Blinking Red Light

If you’ve assembled your blender and you see flashing power light on the motor base check and make sure the lids are firmly attached to the pitcher and the pitcher is fully locked to the motor base. The pitcher handle should be aligned with either the front right or front left corner the motor base. Once assembled correctly the power light will be solid if the pitcher and lid are not assembled correctly The blender will not operate.

A friend on youtube will love to share her experience:

Oh, my good guys, this is Rosselys here so… I was trying to make a shake, and you are not going to believe. now I know why they call these Ninja Blenders, “Ninja Blenders!” OMG! I am like, “Yea, and we are just going to have a quick dinner…” I did not feel like you know cooking anything.

Let’s have a shake and a sandwich, whatever… something quick and easy. Forty minutes later, I am still trying to figure out how to work the blender! Let me tell you something, the instructions… I read the instructions, and I don’t know if you can see it. It all looks very plain, effortless.

Step one, place the pitcher on the base, so it forms a diamond, twists to the left to form a square. Step 2 put the blades in. Step 3 put the cover and make sure that the little triangles are aligned. Let me tell you something… 40 minutes later, I am still trying to make a shake! My family is like starving. I put it in the wrong way.

Guys, if you ever get a ninja blender. Listen, the handle has to be, on the front to the right or the left. The small arrow on the lid and the indicator on the actual handle, have to be aligned with each other. To release the lid, press the release button and pull the handle. The lid will come off. Ninja Blender is just like a security deposit box for a shake or whatever you are making (if you don’t know what you are doing). You don’t want anybody to steal your shake, get a Ninja Blender, lol.

Pretty much guys, the blender won’t turn on… if you get this wrong if you don’t get it, it won’t turn on. As I said, I did read the instructions. The picture does show you that the handle is here (front right), but they don’t mention that. For a new user, you are just coming home from outside, and you want to make a sandwich, you want to make something quick.

You look at the instructions because this does look a little complicated. But then, what I did was I took the handle, and I put it over Here (back left). So the things were not aligning. So the blender would not turn on. Then my husband had to come and help me take the mixer out cause it was so stuck I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it by myself. Oh my God guys, anyway. I hope that if you get a Ninja Blender, you know You better know what you are getting into.

The good thing is that you can put a lot of stuff in it and it’s not going to gag or do Anything weird, which is excellent. If you get a Ninja Blender, be ready, because if you don’t do things the right way, it won’t turn on. I hope this helps someone having trouble because their Ninja Blender won’t turn on.

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How to clean the Ninja Blender.

  1. Prepare hot water.
  2. Rinse blade and the lids with the hot water.
  3. Use your hand to locate and clean the pitcher.
  4. Use your dishwater to clean the cup or the blender base and surface.

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