How To Turn On Vitamix Blender [All Issues Solved]

The Vitamix is a commercial quality blender used in restaurant kitchens all over the world, and it’s built to last long and designed to do many of the jobs that we do every day in our kitchen.

Its help in processing concentrated or frozen ingredients like when you’re making homemade peanut butter which is made literally with peanuts and nothing else once. All I need to do is to load all my ingredients then secure the lid select level 1 and turn the machine on slowly increasing the speed to high, and I use the tamper to push-in the ingredients down, with this, it will process faster.

vitamix 5200
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How do you reset a Vitamix blender?

1. Hit hidden switch under Vitamix logo in the middle – it will say mode.
2. Press 1 and immediately press 6.
3. Then hit the Vitamix logo two more times.
4.1 Push 4 to overwrite parent program.
4.2 Press and hold for 4sec to restore to factory settings.

Can I leave my Vitamix plugged in?

Generally speaking, appliances can remain plugged in, But its vary there are some blenders with no OFF/On button such blender cant be plugged in down, so be sure to off your mixer if you aren’t using it and its plug.

In other to make your Vitamix blender last longer in overwork or heavy usage, you will need to use your tamper to keep spreading the ingredient in the cup, so it wouldn’t make the motor hot and blend smoothly.

I want you to remember that if you overworked it, it would shut itself down to cool and the motor life is decreasing that way, so use wisely.

I believe this little tip of Vitamix will surely help you to on and use your Vitamix blender in a better way, we wrote some other comparison on other mixers you will really love to see, and please don’t forget to share this post and using the comment section to share your opinion is a banger to us.

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