How to Use a Vitamix Blender & Ninja Blender

Every year there are new functions on different blenders and has you know the Vitamix and Ninja Blender as theirs, and that is what we will be teaching in this post,  we will let you know how to use your Vitamix and Ninja Blender.

Early last week we did a head to head review of these two brands here you can read it for better understanding to know which is the best. Since we will be talking about two just brands, we will take them one by one. Firstly let’s go for the Vitamix Blender then we will later discuss the Ninja.

How to use a Vitamix blender properly:

To properly use and enjoy your Vitamix you need to pay attention to many things, such as were you plugged it, what to blend with it, setting the ingredients in the cup correctly, and also how to use the tamper the better way.

Plug and Power

In case you forgot, the last Vitamix we reviewed was the Vitamix Ascent A2500 blender which has 1380W 2.2 HP Motor, this is ok, and you don’t have to worry much about the engine power can work with almost any plug.

What to blend

This is just a blender, so I recommend you be careful of what to mix, often people ask if the included 64-ounce wet container can perform the same task as the dry container the answer is a soft yes, but it’s not efficient, and the results won’t be as high as the 48 ounces dry container its operation pushes the ingredients upwards away from the blades creating a powdery effect for dry ingredients.

Ingredients setup for cups

The Vitamix blender comes with the Blending Cup Starter Kit, and this includes 8-12 cups you can switch to based on what you want to blend.

You need to be careful and put what you want to blend so it wouldn’t spoil the blade or stress the motor that might lead to burning.

How to use the Vitamix Blender Tamper

vitamix blender tamper

Using the tamper the right way might be tricky but not hard, you might be doing it right unknowingly.

After you start blender simply placing the tamper inside the container and tamping ingredients, and so they reach the blades effectively here’s the common mistake tamping the ingredients then leaving the tamper inside during blending this is improper do not do this guy. Don’t leave it inside

Leaving the tamper inside can stop the vortex so ingredients won’t properly reach the blades; it also puts forth stress on the motor, causing the engine the heat up.

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This little points will surely help you in saving extra money on buying blenders all around, Now let’s talk on the Ninja Blender

How to use a Ninja blender properly:

No matter what the brand is, or how old they are, we need to use them properly to meet up the hype people are giving about them, what to blend in them, using the tamper the right way, and many more will help you use your ninja blender in last longing way.

We don’t have to stress ourselves on writing more ways to use it right follow the same methods we recommend for Vitamix blender, believe me, it works.

But we will mention little things the Ninja blender cant do.

  1. Doesn’t have an auto-clean system like vitamin which it’s a follow come features of the Vitamix
  2. This model doesn’t have a grating blade.
  3. One year warranty +paid return shipping
  4. Comes with just 8cups

 Vitamix Ascent A2500Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770A 30
Warranty:10-Year Warranty1-Year Warranty
HP / Watts:1380W 2.2 HP Motor1500W 2 HP Motor
Blades:4 laser cut, stainless steel blades4 Laser blade - This model does not have a grating blade.
Container Size:64 oz.72 oz.
Cups:Blending Cup Starter Kit8 Cups.
Unique Feature:Can turn cold ingredients to hot in minutesUltimate ice crushing action
Auto Clean System:

I know this will help you all, I have a bonus cleaning tip for you it’s unique to the 64-ounce tall container normally you would fill the container about halfway with water now with this container it cleans better with less water.

Let me show you I’m gonna put in one cup of hot water two drops of dish soap I’m cleaning at the highest speed notice the soapy water dancing from top to bottom okay I’m going to remove the lid so you can see with a little struggle there okay now the soapy water clean the cover easily using less water causes the washing machine effect giving a more thorough cleaning.

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