How to Install Or Change Handlebar Grips On A Dirt Bike / Motocross Bike

One of the most straightforward maintenance tasks on a dirt bike is installing the dirt bike grips. Like my next-door neighbor though, you may be scared of breaking something, or doing something wrong and so you may believe that you can’t. There is a wide range of different suggestions on how best to go about it. That means you may get confused looking for how to install dirt bike Bar Grips. Honestly, we ride differently. I will share a step-by-step guide with you in this article. This method is the way I install my dirt bike grips. I know a few other tricks that work. I will show you all the alternative ways also. We will also see answers to some more questions that may be bugging your mind about your dirt bike grips.

Dirt bike grips are the reason why we enjoy riding dirt bikes so much. If your dirt bike grip is not grip-friendly, you may find riding very annoying and lose your excitement. That is why many people have favorites when it comes to dirt bike grips. My favorites are Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite grips that you can buy cheap on Amazon. They ensure a good hold on the handlebars. I also like the way they are designed to prevent quick wear and tear.

So how do you install dirt bike bar grips? As I said before, there are a few different ways to go about it. I will discuss them thoroughly — first, a step by step guide on how you can do it my favorite style.

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What Do You Need?

  • A small razor cutter, flat blade, or a Phillips screwdriver
  • If you are installing handguards, you need a sharp box cutter or a Stanley knife.
  • Wire cutters and safety wires
  • Acetone, or contact cleaner
  • File or sandpaper
  • Glue or any adhesive
  • Gloves and cleaners

Step By Step Guide to Changing Grips on a Dirt Bike

Now let us look into the step by step guide one after the other. I have simplified this process so that if you read this article in the hearing of a newborn, he will be able to install dirt bike grips by himself. Yea, you’re welcome. That’s Gadnets for you!

Step 1| Remove the Bad/Old Grips

There are several ways to do this. If you intend to keep the old bar grips, fine. If not, just cutting them off with the box cutter or Stanley knife is the easiest way. However, if you don’t want any harm to your beautiful old grips, you will have to do the job more meticulously. You will take the small screwdriver. You will put the screwdriver inside the space between the handlebars and grips and pry or pull the grips up from inside. Make a rotation around the bar to break the seal of the old glue. You can find that like some, spraying some WD40 or contact cleaner in between the handlebars and the bar grips will quickly break down the former glue and make a smooth removal. Another alternative you may find helpful is to use a compressor. If you have a compressor, you can use compressed air for popping the grips off. You know how that works, right?

Step 2| Clean the Handlebars

To get your handlebars ready for new grips, you must make them clean. They have been covered for too long with the old grips, and the new grips will not share their sweat. So take your acetone or contact cleaner, dab in the clean rag and use it to remove all the old grime and glue. Sometimes, the former grips’ sweat may be too ingrained in the handlebars that only a rag will not scour them away. You may find it compulsory to use a scouring pad or a wire brush to clean the excess glue and all the grime or rust in the bar surface.

After this, you should take the file or sandpaper and file the end of the handlebars. This way, you will ensure a blunt or less jagged edge to the metal. If you don’t blunt the edges of your handlebars, the grips will tear when you fall or when you lean your bike against a wall.

Step 3| Installing The New Grips

After you have the bars cleaned up and filed the handlebars, it’s time to install your new grips. Now, I heat my grips to make them soft so that they slide easily into the handlebars. However, some people alternatively don’t. They spray or lay down grip glue.

I promised to show my own and others I know, right? So here is where you get it. I use a hairdryer to heat up the handlebar. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use any other form of heat application if you don’t have a hairdryer (thanks to my girlfriend). Whatever heat application you use, don’t place it too close or for too long. If you melt your grips, you’re on your own. Lol. Gadnets takes no responsibility for burnt dirt bike grips. Okay, the point is warming your new grips give it some elasticity that makes it easier to manipulate or the handlebars and thus create a better handle.

However, if you are using glossy and slimy glue-like Pro Taper Glue (also very cheap on Amazon), all you may have to do is lay in the glue on the handlebar and the edges of the grips and slide on. It is only tricky without the heat because the glue becomes tacky and makes it hard, especially if you don’t get the direction right at the first push.

However method you plan to do, (whether to apply heat or go all the way in), you still have to put a small amount of grip glue on the ends of the handlebars and also on the inside of the grips one after another. You must finish fixing one grip before you begin working the other. Again, Gadnets will take no responsibility for glue tacked grips. After this, slide the grip onto the bar with the tread facing up. You get two bar grips. One is always larger than the other. Note this, that the larger grip is for the throttle bar. Gadnet.s will take no responsibility for unfit grips.

Take this one advice from me and my Gad.nets team: make a hole at the end of the grip. This will allow air to escape as you push it on. Thank me in the comments section. That is if you do not also fit handguards. If you are, you would have to cut the ends off.

If you will often be riding and maybe on high speed frequently, plugging the ends of your handlebars is an excellent thing to do. You should place a coin or a full washer on the end of the bars before installing the grips. It will help save you in case your bike falls on you or a wall. Plus, they can add some bling to your dirt bike.

If you are installing half waffle grips (some people’s fav), make sure that the waffle is facing down. The waffle at the downside will give your fingers a good hold.

Make sure you wipe off any excess glue after installing the grips. It takes at least 8 hours for the grips to stick so wait that long before your ride with your new grips.

Step 4| Wiring on the Bar Grips

If you like to have a more secure grip, I mean something that can assure you of not slipping off. This point is where you use the safety wire. Cut out a length of the safety wire and wrap it tightly around the base of the grip. After you are sure of the wrap, twist the edges of the wire to lock it in place. If you are fortunate, your grip will come with a special channel designed especially for safety wires. All you will do is follow the pattern. When you have twisted the wires, make sure you bend the mouth of the wires away and inside by pressing it firmly to the rubber. If you don’t, Gadnets will not be held responsible for any rip in your motocross gloves as a result of wires. Adding wires is not a compulsory thing. Many riders skip this step.

motocross bike grips

What You Must Not Do

We have seen what you must do with your dirt bike grips and your handlebars. What are the things you must not do? Should I take this as the Mosaic commandments? Here you go:

  • Thou shalt not ride with loose grips. If you don’t use handguards, this will spell doom for you if you are riding on heat or in snow. The grips will slip off, and your hand will go off your bike, and Gadnets will not be responsible for any broken bones.
  • Thou shalt not allow wire ends to protrude. If you don’t want to tear your hands while you ride, make sure to press the wire ends in very tightly.

When Should You Replace Your Grips?

Although the durability of dirt bike grips varies from brand to brand and depends on many factors such as how often you ride, and how you ride, grips need changing from time to time. The grips that come with bikes (when you buy them newly) don’t last long. At least not as durable as those made by bike grip companies. These companies put in much effort and use very durable materials. If you newly bought your dirt bike, it may not take long before you begin to notice signs that your grips need replacement. Don’t wait till it shreds! Always inspect the tread on the grips for any sign of wear. When you find any indication that your grips may be tired, it’s time to change them. More still, grips should not bend, sag, or move without the bar. If you notice that your bar grips are doing these, replace them as that can create an unnatural grip for you, which might lead to slipping and falling.

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Related Questions

Now let’s answer a few questions you might have.

How do I keep my dirt bike grips from slipping?

First, you must add glue both on the handlebar and on the edge of the grips. Then you must string the edges with a safety wire. This way, you are safe from slipping.

What are grip donuts used for?

If you are wary of junk food, this might sound like a calorie stunt. Lol. Use these grip donuts, and your hands will be glad you did. They are not for your mouth. In fact, it tastes like madness! Grip donuts are made of durable materials to protect your fingers, especially if you are always riding without motocross gloves. They protect your hands and help reduce the pressure, heat, and vibration between your hand and the flange of your dirt bike grips.

I hope you are satisfied enough not to go elsewhere for any more info. If you need to know something more, tell me in the comments. I’d really love to see you around. There are so many more to look out for in this category