Magic Bullet Blender Review – Is it the Best As Claimed?

Last month, I was in this same situation that you are in right now. Thinking about whether to buy the popular magic blender or another brand or maybe someone has told you about Nutri Bullet, and you have asked, “Is Magic Bullet Blender/Mixer a good buy?” I bought the Magic Bullet blender eventually, and now I am making this post to show you those things that you are looking for in a blender and an honest Magic Bullet Review.

So, we got this 17 piece Magic Bullet blender/mixer for specialized solo testing, and we invited some outsiders.

Now in this review, it is not about Gadnets or me; it is about Magic Bullet. So, I’m grouping this post in two. One part says what the Magic Bullet Blender cannot do, and the other part says what the Magic Bullet can do. Which should go first?

Okay fam, I’ve got good news and bad news. You want the Bad news first?

All right. The bad news is your opinion doesn’t count because I can’t hear you. The good news is we start with what the Magic Bullet can do!

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What The Magic Bullet CAN DO!

The cups, lids, and straws with the recipe book that comes with the Magic Bullet blender are telling the tale about what they designed this small but efficient blender for. So what is Magic Bullet blender good for? Let’s see what we went well as we tested this Magic wand.

#1 – Magic Bullet Put The Smooth in Smoothies

The first thing we tried on the Magic Blender we bought was Cocoa-Almond Protein Smoothie. We got the exact smoothness and sweetness the recipe promised. We do not doubt that the Magic Bullet blender can make any smoothies you or your family may ever need. The Magic Bullet’s jar is not significant, and so it is a single-serve blender, but it comes with containers that are easy to use, each with a lid and straw.

You can drink your smoothie right from the blender jar conveniently.

#2 – Bring In Your Coffee Beans to The Blend

So many small blenders in this category would not be able to grind coffee beans, and you might have to buy another coffee blender, and that’s why the next task we had for our Magic Bullet blender was coffee beans. Guess what? Lol. You know it. It can grind coffee beans well.

#3 – Spread for Bread and Crackers

In the recipe book, there are some sweet suggestions for charming spreads. We tried this Flax Seed Sweet Veggie Cream Cheese Spread, and we blended smoothly. It was delicious and entirely new. I love the Magic Bullet.

#4 – Blender for Juicer? Look no further!

Even though we are sure that the Magic Bullet blender is not a juicer, we still wanted to be sure if it can be used as an improvisation. Yes, it was lovely. However, we were not expecting the same kind of results that a juicer would give. If you want to check out some perfect blender for juicing, click here to view. What we realized was that the Magic Blender could juice soft fruits and veggies and make them into a beautiful blend of liquid ecstasy.

#5 – Chop Chop, who’s there? Magic Bullet!

What we need a blender for in a kitchen are at different levels. Sometimes, all we want are just small chops of our ingredients like onions, ginger, and other ingredients. We want them to come out with about the same thickness level and come on, and this Magic Bullet would whip up the magic to hook you up with some sweet chops.

magic bullet blender review
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What Magic Bullet Blender Can’t Do:

All right, the show’s over. Where I come from, they say what you pay for is what you get. The Magic Bullet’s magic is not exceptional and cannot exude its size and power. It is a small machine with only 250-watt power. This limits what the Magic Bullet can do for you. Let’s look at some of those things in a bit.

#1 – It Can Make Smooth Smoothies, or Can it?

Although the Magic Bullet blender is an efficient smoothie maker, the number of ingredients it can blend is limited due to its lack of power and size. More so, it would be an overkill if you load the Magic Bullet with hard ingredients like carrots or broccoli, the best it would give you are chunks. Also, it would not be able to smoothen highly fibrous veggies. It would only give you gross fibers in your drink, and that can be very spooky. I’m talking from experience. The Magic Bullet Blender is not powerful enough to blend hard ingredients

#2 – If You Bring Beans to the Grind Daily, I’m Not Your Guy.

The Magic Bullet blender is not a heavy-duty blender, so forcing this little man to do the work of a more expensive Blendtec or Vitamix is wicked. The Magic Bullet is not powerful enough to grind beans every day, and this can wear it out and cause a fast break down.

#3- Recipes for Spread? Way Over My Head!

The Magic Bullet comes along with a recipe book, beautiful. It is like having apps on a phone that it cannot open. Some of the recipes cannot be blended by the Magic Bullet (laugh). This is due to the lack of high motor power. Please choose the ingredients you want to blend carefully. Otherwise, you would have to do double work of scooping the mash into a stronger blender or use the chunky spread.

#4 – Chop Me Carrots, No!

Don’t expect your Magic Bullet to dice something as thick as carrots or coconuts unless you are ready to get a new blender.

Magic Bullet Honest Review

Magic Bullet Blender can be used as a mini food processor because of it as efficient as a small kitchen blender. The beautifully bullet-shaped blender jar is BPA free and dishwasher safe so that you can dump the whole thing in your dishwasher (without the machine of course) for easy washing.

The Magic Bullet is very popular because it is designed to be convenient and easy to use for whoever owns it (or whomever they share it with).

If you are one of these people that are looking for small kitchen blenders that will give them with smoothies, flours, and other delicious, healthy foods daily, the Magic Bullet is not for you.

Now, you and we have seen all that the Magic Bullet blender can and cannot do, and you must be able to decide whether you want this kitchen magician in your kitchen. Overall, the Magic Bullet blender is a very reliable blender that can perform all the tasks expected from an appliance of this size and power.

Let’s face the facts; the only significant downside of this blender is the low power level. It comes with only a 250-watt motor that makes the Magic Bullet incapable of liquefying ingredients thicker or stronger than soft fruits and veggies. Aside from that, the blender overheats when you overuse it or use it for a long duration in a stretch, the Magic Bullet has no big deal-breakers. So it is a good buy, and it is worth the price.

So if you are not a smoothie addict like me, and you are not the kind of person that wants to use a blender on a daily basis, but you only need a blender that will serve you well for just when you need it, consider getting the Magic Bullet and you will see that it is a great choice. For one, the Magic Bullet blender is affordable, stylish, and compact. No matter how mini (small) your kitchen space is, or how much space you have for storage, this blender will fit into any kitchen, and it will take up very little space. Depending on the model you buy, the cups that come with the mixer can be used in a microwave, washed in a dishwasher, and can be kept in a freezer.

All in all, the Magic Bullet is made convenient and is very easy to use. Provided that you don’t give more work than a 250-watt motor can handle, you would not regret buying the Magic Bullet blender. I love the blender. Take my word for it.

I dare you, and you have no complaints about the Magic Bullet blender. If you are so confident, comment below and let us read your complaints, you might be able to prove us wrong.

See you!