Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphone | The Only Unbiased Review

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Review

When I got my pair of Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones, I was not thinking of buying it. I love to make a research about whatever I want to buy before I get it. Although sometimes, you take it with a grain of salt. You know, I mean not all online reviews are reliable. So I am going to be putting this into two sections. What I saw before buying my pair of Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones and how I felt after.

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Before I bought the Mpow product.

As I told you from the onset, I wasn’t really keen on getting the 059 over the new H1 even though Mpow 059 is rated among the best selling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon. From online reviews and all that, the overhype of affiliate sellers, I began to think that the xmpow product is the worst product made in China. One thing from these reviews though is that they described the Mpow 059 well. The soft protein muffs, the adjustable plastic hold, and the buttons. The sound quality was underestimated as well as the Bluetooth connectivity. Someone said that the Mpow H1 has a sturdier design. (I guess I might have to buy it next for a tryout, which I will review a lot later for you guys).

After I have a copy of it.

I bought the Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Here, I have categorized all I love about it and I would not be so partial as not to tell you guys what I hate about it. So stay with me.

Mpow 059 came before the Mpow H1, and when I looked at both headphones, I realized that Mpow did a good job with the headphones. Giving so much value for so little money. The xmpow product has up to 20 hours of battery life which is fantastic and can be tweaked if you use the audio cable instead of Bluetooth. Also, the sound quality is a banger. I am a fan of RED but there’s a whole lot of amazing 6 other colors you can choose from. The inline controls work fine and you can adjust the height of the speakers. Charging with the micro USB works as every other would.


This is where I begin to wonder why so much hate on the xmpow product. To be honest, the only thing that the H1 has over the Mpow is the button controls. The buttons on the Mpow are in a circle and that poses a problem. Sometimes I have to take the headphone completely off my head to pair. If I try to do while it’s on my head, I might press the side to pair and it would activate the button to call. That’s funny, right. Yeah. On the H1 however, the buttons are far apart and more tactile.

Who doesn’t love connecting and listening to music while keeping the phone under a shade more than 10 meters away? Yes. That fair enough or what do you think, share your thoughts in the comment section.

Another thing I really enjoy is the 20-hour battery life. I read in a review that it is only 10-15 hours but that is not true. I purposely used the Mpow 059 without the audio cable (so as to see how long the battery can go at a full stretch); I took count of the hours I used it. I made sure to write down the time I spent on each usage and after two days, it sang me the “battery low” chant. It went 20 hours straight! I always enjoy using the audio cable now and so it even lasts longer than a week.

Again I saw a review that said that the Mpow has bad plastic quality and bad foams. First, I am not an expert on plastics and so I cannot say that my evaluation of the plastic is 100% accurate but I love the material. Even so, you should not expect too much from a $35 headphone. Despite that, I still think that there has been an upgrade to the Mpow 059 recently. Perhaps the manufacturers read user’s reviews and comments. I love plastic. Its design is more beautiful than the H1’s and it has the steel to support the plastic. More still, the foam is sturdy and comfortable and the leather is confirmed the original. Only that it got my left ear feeling hurt after I had it on for 2 hours straight but it feels pretty good if I rest my ears between use. The headphones weigh only 11 oz and so it always feels like I have nothing on when I use it unless I’ve used it for too long (which is normal with all over-ear headphones).

Another selling point of the xmpow product is audio quality. Even though it cannot be compared to big brands like Bose or Oraimo, Mpow 059 is the viable over-ear headset and the bass is top-notch. I mean that if you like it loud and banging, the xmpow product gives you more than $35.

The product has some features that are seen only in very expensive headphones like the foldable design or CSR chip, and so they are definitely worth buying. They even come in 7 different colors and that means it’s good for everyone!

Do you love to listen to muffled noises while hearing music?, Do you want to buy a big headphone with a big price tag?, Are you in search of something that screams cheap and useless?

No, right? Then get this product

My point is, if you have a low budget, you love being stylish and trendy, you want some noise-canceling headset, you want a good Bluetooth connecting the headset, or you just needed something to enjoy your movies and music, you would not be wasting your $35 if you buy Mpow 059. The brand offers banging sound with a sweet design and quality with comfortability.

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 What is in The Box?

The biggest thing you’ll have to pick out first is the Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones in whatever color you have picked. Inside the rubber package, you get the USB to the micro USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, and a portable packing bag for you to carry the headphone and the cables. You also get a user manual and extra ear-gels and extra ear stabilizers for when you might feel hurt. The product comes with a 45-day return warranty along with the 18-month regular warranty for you just in case.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones- Manual (How to Use)

On their official website, Mpow said that their product is a Swift Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphone and truth be told (I am not a workout enthusiast) it’s perfect for athletes and people who love to use music during workout sessions.

Mpow® Swift has three different equalizer levels that can be toggled. The middle level gives a closer feeling to the wired headset with good layering and low sound density. You get a chance to listen to your music like a true professional athlete without sacrificing your style and flair.

It is equipped with CVC6.0 Digital noise reduction technology and intelligent filter ambient noise that makes it more clear in calling and music.

The product is created with real Technical Ergonomics Design and medical earmuffs which makes you feel more comfortable and stable.

It has convenient in-line volume and microphone control allow you to adjust the sound to your jogging, running or workout preference.

It is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, or any that uses Bluetooth.

Mpow 059 Amazing Functions

The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones are lightweight. They are made from glossy and shiny plastic. There is a silicone rubber band that holds the two earbuds together.

Once your headphones you have to charge it. You just have to connect the micro USB cable to the micro USB port on the side of the left earmuff. After that, you will connect the other end of the cable to an available USB adapter on your computer or a charger.

It is advisable to charge this first time for about 6 hours, subsequent charging takes only 2 hours for a full charge. While charging, the headphone has a LED indicator on the headphones that turns red to show that the headphones are charging. When the battery has been fully charged the LED indicator turns blue.
You turn on your headset when you press and hold the power button for about five seconds. The LED indicator will flash blue and red when it comes to it. After it flashes, you can pair. The headphone can pair two devices at the same time. This means that you can keep a Bluetooth enabled iPod Nano in your bag and your phone connecting both at the same time. The magic in it is that you can listen to music on your iPod and make calls with your phone without needing to reconnect.

To turn the headphone off, you just have to press and hold the power button for a few seconds before you hear the familiar “power off” signal.

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones come with various sizes of ear gels and extensions to help you get the headsets properly fitted for your ears and not fall off when you are running or jogging. Once you use these ear gels and extensions, the headphones stay securely over your ear, even during strenuous activities.
When they are paired to your phone, you can answer phone calls with the headphones by a simple press of the power button. If you press the power button during a call, this will end the call. If you double click the button during an incoming call, the call will be rejected. You can dial the last number on your call log by double-clicking the power button.

To listen to your favorite music you can play or pause by pressing the power button for a short while. A long press of the volume up button acts as fast forward while a long press of the volume down acts as rewind. Short presses of the volume up or down will raise or lower the volume.

Where to buy Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Okay. The best answer is simple. One word: Amazon Or their official website here

If you love being stylish, and enjoy the richness of good quality headset but you are on a low budget, there is no better choice than the Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones. Go to Amazon now and see the stats. Join the thousands of buyers that reviewed it 4.5 out of 5. I am one of them, you should too.