Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Review {No One Say This}

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Perhaps you’re looking for wireless earbuds headphones to buy, Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones might be one for you to consider. The Mpow Flame has been on the number 1 position among headphones for much of 2018 which attests to their competitive price point and versatility. What is your take for this headphone? Let’s find out in this review.


When unboxing this pair of Mpow Flame, the first thing you’ll notice is that these headphones are smallish and lightweight. This makes these earbuds an excellent choice as a workout headphone. The earbuds fit snug inside the ears with soft rubber hooks to go over your ears keeping the Mpow Flame in stay in place no matter how strenuous the activity might be. The cable linking the two earbuds is short and fits behind the neck, so it is excellent for working out, exercising, or even traveling. Mpow supplies you with a cable clip so you can wrap up any slack behind your neck to get that perfect fit. This cable is flat and designed to be tangle resistant. It can also be thrown in your backpack or put in the provided carry case without having to spend time untangling every time you want to use them.

Design and Build

The Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones come in a pretty, attractive, minimal and minimalistic, sweet packaging. They look very modern, and in fact, a combination of only two colors brings out the simplicity, and also the sleek style. They are in a case that you can carry about even when not in use. There is also a micro USB cable to charge it, and you also get some extra ear-buds, in various sizes for comfort. All these lead to an excellent first impression.

Considering the build, the wire is of a kind and reasonable length, just enough to go around your neck. All its buttons are on the right. Its power button works as its Pause/ Play button and to pick up calls. With the volume buttons on top, you can switch to the next or previous songs with a long press. The package comes with rubber-silicone ear hooks that are made from soft yet durable material which helps in keeping the snuggly fit in your ears. The memory foam earbuds are quite pleasant and comfortable. The softness of the earbud ensures there’s no irritation or annoyance, thus allowing you put them in your ears for a reasonable time. These headphones are well made for working out, so there’s very less doubt about comfort.

These are IPX7 water-resistant, nanocoating, which will protect it from any damage that can be caused by water or sweat. It is usable even when there is a light raining. However, they might not work if still water is lodged in the earbuds. In this case, simple removal and cleaning out the water will make it up. This means these earbuds are both waterproof and sweatproof. Therefore, they can be used for running, in the gym, or any other activities without the need for worry. Generally, the wire and rubber-plastic mold configuration appear wholesomely durable. The ear hooks are elastic enough to bend without breaking. They come in two colors, where one is a combination of black and red, and the other, a pure grey color.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth earbuds feel very durable and comfortable in hand, but the best feeling you get is once you put them on and try them out. Mpow paid a lot of attention to the design style to accomplish a design that isn’t only comfortable but suitable for various activities.

Even though these in-ear buds are wireless and they connect through Bluetooth connection, we still recommend you to be aware of the cable that connects the earbuds. There’s nothing to worry about the cable since it’s made in such a way to stay out of your way, never feel uncomfortable, and always remain untangled. Mpow Flame weighs only about 2.80 ounces which means that you won’t even feel the weight of ear-buds themselves during hours of use.

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Sound Quality and Features

The Mpow Flame sounds good. It has a rich bass, with a crystally clear sound, and a rich mid. What’s great about the sound of these headphones is that they feature a CSR chip which improves all aspects of music. The sound experience might, however, vary depending on whether you’ve experienced and used flat or sharp sound headphones before. The result is close to as good as you’re going to get from a pair of earbuds. It’s not a very deep bass sound but has a decent amount of weight and punch. The highs are clear and crisp for music and speech like listening to the radio or podcasts. The built-in microphone is fair enough to make calls without worrying about the caller on the other end. While the voice is ever so slightly distant, the call quality is comparable to most hands-free car kits. If you’re purchasing the Mpow Flame as a headphone for playing audio while working out, you will not be disappointed with its audio quality. When it comes to controls, there isn’t a big button controller, and there aren’t many buttons at all. There are only two buttons which are + and – that can be directly used for volume.

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

With its IPX7 waterproof rating, there is no need to worry about sweat damage to the Mpow Flame. The earbuds are protected to a depth of 1m for up to 30 minutes. While the Mpow Flame wouldn’t be suitable for swim training, you could use them in the pool, hot tub or sauna without worrying about damaging the headphones. And if you sweat a lot, you can rinse the Mpow Flame off underwater after your workout without damaging the earbuds.

Mpow has been generous enough to provide two types of ear tips, the standard generic silicon buds in three different sizes and a single pair of memory foam ear tips. The silicon tips are in small, medium and large while the memory foam comes in one size that fits all. The earbuds feature a universal fit so you can use your preferred choice of ear tips. The silicon tips are best for exercising as they don’t absorb any sweat or moisture while the memory foam tips are better for traveling as they offer the best noise isolation.

Connectivity & Latency

These headphones are wireless, and they connect through Bluetooth connection, which makes them compatible with any device that features Bluetooth connectivity. You get to get them paired and working in just a few seconds, with the ability to get to your workout, run, ride, or anything else in just a few moments.

The connectivity with Bluetooth 4.1 is standard. It works very well up to a range of close to 10 meters-wireless range which is perfect for working out, traveling and general use. The connection is reliable and, if in range, you won’t experience any dropout. The Bluetooth pairs fast to your device and, after the first pair, the Mpow Flame will auto pair when booted up and the same device is in range, that is, in an open area. The Bluetooth signal works well for a radius of 10 meters, but the signal tends to fluctuate between rooms, even when within its range.

Considering its sound, there is no major issue. There is no noticeable sluggishness even during calls. The only noticeable lag appears when pausing or playing the media with the button on the headphone. And that takes an average of a second to respond to commands. The Mpow logo on the right earbud not only looks cool but also functions as a button for power, play/pause, and call management. You can answer, reject and end calls via the multifunction Mpow button which is also useful for taking calls on the go.

Battery Life and Charging

The in-built battery can last up to 7 hours of continuous use on the handset which is perfect for most applications. However, when connected to a laptop it doesn’t last as long. The battery charges up fairly quickly, in just about 1 and a half hours. And while looking for something wireless in headphones, and considering battery life, that’s a pretty good one. However, there is the need to be careful only to use a 5V charger as it is recommended.  Mpow strongly discourages the use of ‘fast charge’ USB socket chargers as this will cause permanent damage to the earbuds built-in battery. If you own an iOS device, the battery life will be displayed on your top navigation panel beside your signal strength.


Headphones – a must-have accessory for everyone. But the problem in choosing one is a great decision to make because there are so many to choose from. Consequently, a lot of things such as price, quality, and durability, among others must be considered. With these variables in mind, the MPOW Flame Bluetooth Headphones are there for a top pick any day.

If you must look for a pair of earbud headphones that is not only good for taking calls on the go but also working out and listening to music, then the Mpow Flame stands tall among its equals. The audio quality is excellent for working out, traveling and even making or receiving calls. With the IPX7 rating, you don’t have to worry about damaging the Mpow Flame from sweat and can be used in water as deep as 1m. The Mpow Flame comes with a compact carry pouch which is perfect for putting in your gym/work out tog bag or even popping in your pocket while traveling. Mpow Flame offers excellent value and good sound quality.

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