Oster Blender Review: Unbiased Guide to Know Your Perfect Fit

Ever since I could remember, Oster Blenders have always been around and are very popular. I remember that the blender my mom had when I was a kid was an Oster (which I broke later) in our kitchen, but I cannot quite remember the model. Recently, many more people are so in love with the Oster brand that they would not buy any blender if it is not Oster. The company still holds its own against its competition, and from our research, I can say that ‘there’s one Oster for everyone!’ Oster company designs all the significant types of blenders that meet specific needs. Talk about the countertop, personal, professional, immersion blenders, and food processors. This means no matter what your needs are, and there is always a blender for you in Oster. The top Oster models come with lots of speed settings, including pulse and purée features with several glass cups for serving and many other features that other very blenders offer at triple the price of the Oster.

Because people are starting to ask questions about whether or not the Oster blender is a viable blender to use, we have come together to do this review after careful testing and research of the Oster blenders we bought and borrowed. In this article, however, we will not be writing the review in categories of the best countertop Oster, the best blah blah blah. We will be looking at Oster from the needs of the kitchen person (I am the Highest Kitchen Man (HKM) in my house) since our needs are different from cook to cook. So, we made all the 23 Oster blenders we got to do the same tasks to see which would give better results. Look in this table of contents to see the categories we will be writing on.

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Best Oster Blender| For Puree and Smoothies

Talking about purees and smoothies, we need a robust and powerful blender no matter the size that can bring all the elements together smoothly and consistently. They must be able to blend everything without much water while maintaining the right consistency throughout the blend. When we blended bananas, carrots, kale, and pumpkin, the following Oster blenders gave us the best results. Use the links whenever you are ready to buy at the best price.

#1 – Oster Versa Pro Blender


if anyone asked me, I’d say, “This Versa Pro blender from Oster is made just for purees.” This blender is so powerful that it would blend the hardest ingredients you throw in it. Our carrot-kale and strawberry shake came out so smoothly and sweetly that everyone took a sip, including Sam (who isn’t a lover of smoothies.)

The reason behind the Versa Pro making such beautifully consistent purees and smoothies is the powerful 1400 watt powered motor. Kale was hard for most of the others, but the versa Pro’s fast blades make it surrender in seconds. The blender has three pre-programmed settings for smoothies, soups, dips, and sauce. You get what you dream and even sweeter with this Versa Pro blender. Aside from making tasty smoothies and puree, trust this fantastic blender to give you the best in every blending needs you have as we would see.

#2 – Oster 6812-001 Core Blender


If you want your puree without having to work hard to get the blend, come and get this Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar. It is not too big, and you can keep it anywhere. This blender makes purees and smoothies consistently because of its 700-watt power motor.

It is so powerful that it crushes ice and crushes all the fruits we put in. It comes with a 4 point-design stainless steel blade that gives the ingredients a thorough blend.

This Oster comes with a 5-cup boro class glass jar. Experts say that this material is sturdy and robust. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Best of all, the speed settings on this blender make it versatile. You have to reach the highest speed to get the best of your purees and smoothies. You start from the lowest speeds to the highest.

#3- Oster Precise Blend 300


We borrowed the model of this blender we tested from a neighbor who had been using it (in her words, not mine) “before 2016”. That is about three years from now. When we asked if the glass jar had ever fallen, she said, “yes, over a couple of times, and it is still working fine.” And we agree with her.

The Oster PB 300 is a strong blender for making beautiful smoothies. It has the power to blend solid ice into snow in minutes, and it can blend any fresh fruits or vegetables into purees or smoothies without a sweat. The only thing you must take note of is that you would not be able to get the best results if you fill the blender up to its 6th cup compartment. If you want the perfect results, use the five cups or less.

We also used the Oster Precise Blend to make Potato-Leek cream/soup. It came out nice, smooth, and consistent. You would get the smooth puree done in minutes with this blender.

#4- Oster 14 Speed 6803 Core


Another mixer that goes well on purees is this 6803 Core blender from Oster. They have designed it with a good number of acceptable features, but there are some setbacks that you might overlook because of the low pricing of this blender.

Before we could get an excellent, consistent smoothie, we had to cut our carrots and celery, we then had to pour water into the blender jar first before the small cut ingredients. When we tried without cutting, it just watched us idly. LOL. Otherwise, the smoothie came out smooth and nice. And also you can only make purees of very soft ingredients with this blender. However, smoothies are its strong points.

So if you are a smoothie person, you would enjoy using this blender. One thing though, you would not like lifting it much because this blender is a little too heavy, but looking on the bright side, this heaviness keeps it on the countertop while working.

Best Oster Blender| For Nuts and Seeds

You like butter, cream, or even powder. If you want something that can grind seeds well. Whether into powder or cream or butter, these line up of Oster blenders are what you should consider:

#1 – Oster Versa Food Processor Blender

The Oster Versa Pro blender comes with a food processor attachment, a separate grinder blade, and extra serving cups. This food processor attachment has a powerful 1100 watts motor that gives the grinder blades more excellent momentum to grind any kinds of nuts to powder or butter. The only problem is trying to make a transition from the Pro Blender to the Pro Food Processor and fitting the blades.

But if you want smooth peanut butter, smooth grinding of flax seeds, use the Oster Versa and get the best results of any seeds you throw in.

#2 – Oster 6812-001 Core Blender

Yes, again, this Oster 6812 blender makes another list because of its outstanding power and the design of its blades that crush and grind with ease. With 16 speed settings, you have the best performance at your disposal.

There is practically nothing you want from a small blender that you would not get with this baby. Whether dried nuts or wet, you should rest assured with this Oster blender. It also comes at a meager price.

#3 – Oster Beehive


Among the blenders that grind nuts and made good smooth butter is the Beehive. If you want a blender that crumbles like a Vitamix for only $400 less, then get this Oster blender.

When we blended our dried melon seeds, we had the evenest blend. If you have smaller seeds or large ones, they will grind very fast. However, you might have to use the tamper to control some smaller seeds as they might “hang around” the body of the blender.

Overall, the Oster Beehive is a perfect blender for grinding seeds, making awesome smoothies that will crush ice.

Best Oster Blender| For Commercial Use

If you run a restaurant, are a professional cook, chef, bar staff, or you want professional blends at home or anywhere, there is an Oster for you. Commercial blenders have a few key features that make them different from other mixers, high-power output, multiple speed, and pre-programmed settings and can be used for all purposes. Here are the best Oster blenders that you can use for commercial purposes:

#1 – Oster Versa Pro Performance Blender

With a 64oz blender jar, this blender can serve commercial purposes well. The 1,400-watt motor makes it able to blend so many ingredients at a time. It has three-speed settings for different purposes. It sounds like a real commercial blender.

The Versa Pro Blender is a very versatile blender with so many beautiful features. With this blender, our milkshakes came out without chunks, and the nut butter is creamy and not watery as some others. We even made hot soups and fresh fruit juices with this powerful blender.

I would recommend this powerful blender for any kitchen because of its settings and ease of use. The pre-programmed settings allow for just pressing buttons and waiting for the mixers to work at present. The material used in making the jars and the eight cups that come with it are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

#2 – Oster Reverse Crush CF Blender


No matter your level, if you meet a good blender, you would love it. That should explain why I love this Oster so much. It is perfect for just about anything in so far you would be adding water.

This particular blender is a powerhouse much like the Versa Pro blender. It comes with a 1,100 watts powered motor that can run against almost anything. It comes with seven-speed settings. The blades are solid. Because the blender is powerful, it is a good one for any amount of continuous mixer you want.

The pre-programmed settings help you to take all the stress. When you have to attend to other needs, the blender can work in two directions. That is, it can blend in reverse motion. This makes the 6-point blade work to move even without jamming.

Get the Reverse Crush blender if you want something that can work as a big blender with less cost, get this Reverse Crush blender and get more blending. I don’t like the result of the purees from this blender though. But if you want smoothies, ice crushing, butter, and sweet cream, get this blender.

#3 – Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender


Another commercial blender that you may want to consider when you need a commercial blender is the Oster Pro 1200 because of its 1,200 watts powered motor, and it can crush anything you throw at it.

It also comes with seven-speed settings and three pre-programmed speed settings. With just a push of a button, you can get a lot of work done. The blender has a pulse feature that offers a one-touch blending of smoothies and juices. It ensures consistency and precision blending.

The Pro 1200 is the perfect blender for any purpose. It comes with serving cups. When we blended kale, spinach and Swiss chard in this blender, the smoothie function button work great. However, you must know that if you are using hard ingredients, you must blend on high or use the pulse button for about 15 seconds. You should first mix the hard ingredients before pressing the Smoothie button. Well, our smoothie came out nice and smooth from this blender.

The best Oster Blender Review

There you have it. Those are the best blenders for your kitchen. Whatever your needs are, there is an Oster for you. Just look at what you need a mixer for and get one that is specially designed for you. We, loyal, Oster customers, assemble! Comment below, what is your favorite Oster experience?

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