SleepPhones Wireless Headband Headphone {Owner’s Real Review}

Hey, everyone, it’s Winston and today I’m just gonna do a quick long-term review of the sleep phones wireless headsets so I bought this one last year August 31st, 2017 as I look back on the emailed invoice so I have this for a little over three-four months now, and so far my experience has been excellent, these work really well if you need to sleep with your headphones ON.

sleepphones wireless

On the Sides, We have the Speakers, actual Bluetooth unit slush battery unit, and this makes them lightweight. They go around your head, and you have to set in the speakers to your ears, I wish there were some anchor points because sometimes when I sleep and wake in the middle of the night, they have moved up or down a bit from where I set them.

The speaker sound is damn quiet and cranking the volume until you shift this and you realize it’s a blessing in your ears, and I would suggest maybe putting some gel lining on the inside to be more comfortable in your ears.

Let me start with the specification, benefits, And materials of the products until I express my final verdict.

Benefits of Having a SleepPhones Wireless Headband

  1. Wireless Connections (No Wired Dongles)
  2. Yes, SleepPhones block out snoring, traffic sounds, conversation, also reduce ambient noise.
  4. HELPS WITH RELAXATION, tinnitus, travel rest.
  5. Not painful in-ear like and earbuds or Headphones.
  6. Good range of (15-30ft) wireless.

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Amazing features that make sleep phones wireless stand out.

  • Fast & Easy connection, support all Bluetooth.
  • Minimum charge hrs of just (3)
  • Good USB charger came with the package.
  • The band is washable when you remove the speaker.
  • 1 year confirmed warranty
  • Built-in play/pause in the headband
  • Pre-shrunk and non-pilling
  • You also enjoy free shipping if you buy through our link with no extra charge.

SleepPhones Wireless headset headphones

I feel obligated to post a review for these given I nearly was swayed from buying them due to some reviews. Let’s preface this quickly: I absolutely love these things and as far as I’m concerned they were worth the money even though they were a bit of a steep expense.

Sleepphones wireless fabrics guide

Firstly, I saw people complaining about how the battery is difficult to access. I’m a bit confused by this. Only someone from an infomercial would struggle to extract the battery from these unless you really managed to jam it clear up into the band where it, frankly, should not be. The pack is right at the velcro opening. It is easy to insert and remove. It also charges quickly and is extraordinarily easy to pair with your Bluetooth headset. If you plug your phone into say your car sound system, when you remove it your SleepPhones will immediately reconnect if they are still on.

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Secondly, battery life. I turn these on in the morning before I leave for work and leave them on through my eight-hour workday, so they are on and running for about nine hours. I’ve yet had the battery die on me at that time. I imagine the volume you have them at judges how long your battery will last, my volume is typically at the half. I saw many people saying these will only last six hours but that is definitely not the case if you keep the volume at a moderate level.

Thirdly, sound quality. So much better than I expected. Before I purchased these I wore a set of Philips Fidelio on ears at my job which has outstanding sound and was pleasantly surprised by these SleepPhones; despite the speakers being so small the sound is excellent and clear. I saw complaints about them not being loud enough but I have never needed to have them at maximum volume… they do in fact get quite loud.

I use these both to sleep and to my job where we are not supposed to be wearing headphones at all. I work in a very noisy backroom and am one of the three people out of 30+ that actually has to use some amount of concentration to get my job done. If you need some comfy, undercover headphones, I highly recommend these. I have been wearing on-ear headphones for years that make my helix and conch piercings hurt from the constant pressure if you have lots of ear piercings and are looking for a comfy headset, I highly recommend these! And of course, they are surprisingly nice to sleep in. If you listen to ASMR videos these will change the way you enjoy ASMR videos forever. I travel internationally often and I imagine these will be excellent on an intl flight, much more comfortable than on-ear headphones or earbuds for 12 hours. The one and only downside to these is that they do move around if you are moving around, but they are easy to adjust regardless. Like I said before, 100$ is a fairly steep price but depending on what you need/want these for, they are worth the price. Thanks, AcousticSheep!


This sleepphones wireless is great, they are almost the best in that price range, no pain or any harm, you will definitely sleep comfortably, I believe that’s all you need unless you want to try other sleepphones product, also don’t forget to share your experience with us, Bellow.