Vitamix VS Ninja: A Pro Cook Blender Review

Has the time of writing this post, there are only two famous blender brands out there in the market that many people run to when in need a Pro-blender. The Vitamix Vs Ninja!

In this post am not here to choose which is the best, you will decide that for us with the comment box below if you don’t mind, but we will list all the goods and bad of both brands, every specification of it and also what people out there love and hate about each, so lets get straight to the head to head test.

These two brands are competitors from day1 which open the space for both of them to add advanced features in other to beat the other, well you may be asking which of them is now the best?

Which Is the Best Between Vitamix Blender & Ninja Blender?

I don’t want to say this straight initially but for reader’s sake I will say this: They are both great blenders, and they both have their goods, left to me I will go for Ninja because it’s so cheap than Vitamix, and the blades are sharp, when Vitamix is also rated high in turning hot food to cold which ninja didn’t have such features, so let’s read my full analysis to understand my points.

Vitamix VS Ninja Table Analysis

 Vitamix Ascent A2500Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770A 30
Warranty:10-Year Warranty1-Year Warranty
HP / Watts:1380W 2.2 HP Motor1500W 2 HP Motor
Blades:4 laser cut, stainless steel blades4 Laser blade - This model does not have a grating blade.
Container Size:64 oz.72 oz.
Cups:Blending Cup Starter Kit8 Cups.
Unique Feature:Can turn cold ingredients to hot in minutesUltimate ice crushing action
Auto Clean System:

Now you got the Analysis above, let us take them one by one and talk more on each I will go with Vitamix first, or what do you think? Nevermind it doesn’t matter.

Vitamix Blender Review

Vitamix A2500 Ascent

In other not to be biased, we choose just one Vitamix product to stand against the ninja, and that is the Vitamix Ascent A2500.

Speed is a super feature we can never put in the back it comes with 2.2 motor horsepower, this helps a lot in blending anything to the lowest soft, and the Vitamix Ascent A2500 blender is also capable of making smooth texture, maybe you are mixing a milkshake, soup, dessert, or a nut. This device is so great, and it’s embedded with the newest smart devices technology in the interface for better user experience and simple use.

No matter what you want you can surely get it in the Vitamix, you name it. Smooth blending, Advance settings, everything is right and ready to use in this Vitamix product. The settings can be used to set the blender to the specific types of stuff you want to blend, with the 10-speed level control then cush it all.

level 10spped vitamix a2500

64 oz jar, four lasers cut stainless blades, 1000+W 2.2HP Motor and many more is what you will benefit if you get the Vitamix, you can check on this link to see or buy directly from Amazon.

  • 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Ten variable speed controls.
  • The lid seals calmly with a click sound.
  • This blender works quietly. It’s the quietest blender from Vitamix.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Easy to operate pulse feature.
  • Stainless steel blade that can handle strong ingredients like nuts and seeds.
  • 10-year warranty, +free shipping.
  • Ascent A2500 suppose to be great only if it has small portions.
  • Very expensive (only a few can afford – Vitamin Ascent A3500 Is Better)

Ninja Mega Blender Review

ninja blender bl770

For this review & analysis to be unbiased we choose to get the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) to compete against the vitamin, you might have here a lot about this product too, and might be thinking if the hype is true, believe me, it is, you cant amount of user great review on Amazon this product alone as it has sold more than any blender because of its great work.

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The Ninja product is the best for any family use, and also it provides pro performance out of all pro blenders ever.
It comes with 8cups, also has 72 oz. For Crushing, 64 oz. For Food Processor Bowl, Inspiration Guide, Dough Blades, 1500 watt/2HP –  this and many more feature make this product the strongest out of all Ninja products.

  • Clean & Neat Design – Environment friendly
  • Space Saver
  • Can crush anything just like vitamin, with four blades
  • (2) Nutri Ninja To-Go Lids
  • 64 oz. Food Processor Bowl
  • 8 cups
  • It crushes ices and frozen fruits in a few seconds
  • Easy to get accessories
  • Cheaper than any other out there.
  • Doesn’t have an auto clean system like vitamin
  • This model does not have a grating blade.
  • One year warranty +paid return shipping

Conclusion On Vitamix VS Ninja

With either Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BJ770) or Vitamix Ascent, A2500 is what you later decided to go with they both have a great capacities, and also I recommend we look into the year they are released, Vitamix was on Amazon in 2016 while the Ninja was on sale in 2012, this gives the Vitamix enough year to beat the Ninja, But still it’s still standing against it, let me know your thoughts too below and please don’t forget to share this.

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