What is the Best Blender? {With Reason we Choose Them}

This was the question my mom asked me when I told her that we have been buying and testing blenders for over two years now. I knew that she isn’t asking just because she wanted me to talk about what we found out but because she loves blending stuff from smoothies to fruits, bread spread, and so on. No one can beat momma at what she does in the kitchen, but she is losing it with all the blenders she has got. So after the 23 blenders, we have tested and the feedback we’ve gotten from dozens of testers and experts, we have come to this conclusion of the best blender.

So what is the best blender? To us, the best blender is the one that has a premium look (looks very expensive), the mighty motor with up to 1800 watt power and durable fast speed blades that can go from zero to 190 mph in full speed while being very quiet. The only blender that fits these qualifications is the Breville Super Q Blender (Q is for Quiet).

You would not want to buy a blender just because you heard someone say it was cool. Usually, what people say about stuff is not always true for us unless those people are us. I mean, we only honestly believe what we have seen and tested ourselves to be right. We have tested, and we have seen that only a few other blenders can also be called best, aside from the Breville Super Q.

Our Top Picks| The Best Blender

First, let us look at the specs of the blenders we chose to be the best after our testing and research, and then we can show you the criteria. How we tested and what led to these choices. You in? Great!

#1 – Top Pick| Breville Super Q Blender

Breville the Q Commercial Grade 1800-Wat

The Breville Super Q blender is one of the most powerful blenders out there. Aside from that, when you get this blender, everything you may ever need to get the job done comes in the box. You get a 68 oz jug, a smaller 28 oz serving cup, a tamper, a scraper tool, and a recipe book. The Super Q blender looks polished in its stainless steel motor base. With five presets for what they call “Touch ‘n’ Go” blending and a programmable timer for self-cleaning. What more can I say that would not make it look like I’m only trying to excite? At least I’m not going to be as loud as the Breville blender. Yes, The Breville Super Q is very quiet as it is built with a noise suppression technology.

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Of all the blenders mom has used, the Breville Super Q has the least of complaints. We love the Breville Super Q for its construction. The double-wall on the jug can lock in the temperature of whatever you put in it for a long time.

Another cool feature is the Breville Vac pump. Although smaller than most, it is useful for fully taking the breath away from both you and your smoothies. Note that this vac pump is sold separately, but it is a good option if you love to take all the functions fully.

If you want something that stands out on the kitchen counter and under, you will not go wrong if you buy the Breville Super Q Blender.

#2 – Another Top Pick| Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, White

This blender gives you the best blending experience any top performance blender can offer. It performed well in all our series of tests in several situations and many expert chefs all over the world are saying good things about it. With a powerful motor, the Vitamix 5200 always gives consistent and smooth deliveries with its very wide jar and many serving cups.

There is no single way anyone can ever find fault in whatever the Vitamix 5200 blends because I am quite sure it would blend even failures flawlessly! It is perfect for making cream sauces out of any nuts, and can also be used to make soup.

It is also effortless to use like the Breville, but it requires more manual performance. I mean, you might have to push some of your ingredients down to the fast, sharp and sturdy blades to get the best texture consistency. It is also a bit pricey for some people.

Overall, the Vitamix 5200 is worth every penny you spend to get it. However, we recommend that you get this fantastic blender from Amazon. It will benefit you and us.

#3 – Oster Versa Performance Blender

If you need a blender that strikes a balance between top performance and affordability, let your search stop on the Oster Versa Blender. Although not as powerful and durable as the Vitamix 5200, it is still very comparable and it transcends all of its contemporaries in the same price range.

Many people looking for shorter blenders that can fit right under their kitchen cabinets have found that the Oster Versa Performance Blender is a very viable option. Aside from that, we love the power of the motor, promising 1,400 Watts of power. Although not as strong as the Breville which is 1800 watts and the Vitamix. The Oster Versa blender is perfect for making smoothies smooth without grits. It has a 6-point stainless-steel blade that spins very fast. You can also use the Oster Versa to make delicious hot soups, right in the blender.

The plastic 64 oz blender jar is BPA free. It comes with a tamper that is efficient to push down ingredients. The Oster Versa blender can do virtually everything from chopping ice chopper, grinding food, making smoothies, and even mixing.

The Oster Versa Performance blender has many preprogrammed settings that include automatic blending for different, and it shuts itself off automatically when it is running for too long. What more? The blender comes with a Variable Speed Control Dial which allows you to adjust the blender speed for just the exact amount of power for whatever ingredients you have in it. There is the Pulse button for quick manual blending or cleaning.

#4 – Vitamix Professional 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container

If you hadn’t noticed, Vitamix is a classic. This particular brand has beautiful features that can make you stop your search for perfect blenders (there are no ideal blenders, you futuristic foodie!)

The Vitamix 750 is another one of the most powerful blenders we tested and true to its family name, it destroys poor fruits and nuts, and it can be used to make anything with a motor that powerful at 1560 watts. It has five pre-programmed settings for different functions and automated settings for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees, and self-cleaning. If you hate to spoil peanut butter, I recommend that you blend it with the Vitamix 750.

The Vitamix 750 is the best performance blender we could recommend after a series of tests. If you want to get the best blender that will give you the exact value for what it’s worth, get the Vitamix 750 now and stop storytelling.

#5 – Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Another strong blender we found. This one however made this list because of its unmatched versatility. If you ever need to whisk a dough to make a pizza of some cookies, this Ninja is a mega handy machine. The only bone I have to pick is that unlike real ninjas, this Ninja Mega Blender is very loud. I guess that is the energy it takes to move a 1500 watts motor.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a durable kitchen blender that comes with a separate food processing bowl for when you need a machine to do hard-knock jobs like whisking pizza dough. The Ninja Mega smoothened and mixed two pounds of money in 30 seconds at our testing. It’s worth it.

There is more. The Ninja Mega won in large blender jug size. If you are also the type of person that blends for the family, the 72-ounce jug will make you happy. The Ninja Mega Blender has a Total Crushing Technology that allows it to pulverize ice, frozen fruit, or fibrous veggies.

How We Chose

For some time now, the internet has been bustling about blenders, and it seems everyone wants to be in control of what to eat and drink. And most people have started to ask us (either of us in the Gadnets team) for advice on the best blender they should buy and how they should. We usually don’t want to tell people what we feel just because we hear or read about it in the various forums that are online because we were sure that those people could have gone into those forums too. Besides, they ask us because they trusted us. So we began to buy, borrow, and lease some household blenders available. Even though our top picks are very powerful blenders, we looked at mixers ranging from 70 to 700 dollars, especially the top choice on Amazon.

These are the criteria we tested all the blenders we got by:

#1 – Jar size and motor strength

We believe that excellent mixers can process harsh ingredients like fibrous kale, frozen berries, and ice smoothly without burning out the motor. Most blenders just put out an advertised HP of the engines of their mixers and that will not even help you to determine the strength of the motor. A good blender with a strong motor can blend anything you throw at it and can go full speed in a very short while.

#2 – Jar and Base material

Plastic that is BPA free is not only durable but also safe to keep food hot or cold. Most of the blenders we tested are made with plastic jars, yet we made sure that they were BPA free. Also, the base material affects the usability of the mixer. If it is made of steel like the Breville, it looks better polished. Even if it is made of plastic, it should have right footholds that would give it a hold on the countertop so that it doesn’t slide off the counter while working.

#3 – Price

It is common knowledge that what you pay is what you get. You cannot expect a blender of $50 to work the same way and with comparable performance as a $500 blender. Our top picks are high-end blenders ($150 and up) and are often called high-performance blenders because they have more power, process much smoother results, and will last a lot longer than cheaper blenders.

#4 – Speed control

Each of us has preferences as to what they want in a blender, and that is the real reason why there is no single best blender anywhere. However, the case may be, everyone wants a powerful blender that has a simple interface with easy controls that allow them to quickly adjust the speed or turn off the machine if things get messy. We check for pre-programmed speeds settings for making smoothies, mixing soups, crushing ice, or self-cleaning. This is awesome if you don’t want to stay only with the blender in the kitchen.

#5 – Tamper

Now, tampers have become a thing that comes with blenders. It is that small plastic bat or plunger like a tool that pushes food down into the blades. This tool is useful, and when used well, it can be a perfect way to burst the air pockets that tend to form around the blade when the blender is doing its job. Blenders that don’t have tampers may need you to do this manually.

We hope that as our friends, we have been able to work together with you to choose the best blender to place on your beautiful kitchen top. We hope that this would end your insatiable shopping for blenders. Until there comes another cool blender, maybe next year, (who knows what these companies are up to these days)we still stand to recommend all the blenders in this list.

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