What is the Cheapest Dirt Bike? (New Or Used)

You are asking this question because as a beginner dirt biker, you might have been advised to get a cheap dirt bike for a start. I admire your wisdom because I am quite sure that your first impulse was to go to a nearby store, online or offline to get any $2000 dirt bike that catches your eye. That might turn out to be very disastrous for the love of dirt biking! Finding the cheapest dirt bike is not what is foremost to a good dirt biker, even as a newbie. What is paramount is what that cheap dirt bike has to offer. You cannot go out there to test all the cheap $2000 bikes available, so we have taken on that task for you.

So what is the cheapest dirt bike available? For a beginner, you would not want to go around on a new and expensive dirt bike because that would be like putting thousands of dollars to the fire. You would undoubtedly crash, fall, and crumble on your first few rides. However, if you want a new dirt bike to learn all the basics and become a pro quickly, we recommend the RPS 250cc Hawk.

Buying a cheap dirt bike is not just about the low cost; it is also about maintenance, comfortability, and durability or in a more specific term, ruggedness. I would not recommend a new dirt bike for any beginner. If you have the dream of having a first dirt bike that runs around the trail with the latest technologies and the sleekest body paints, you must know that you have to pay the price and with such a bike, you would not be able to learn fast. However, some professionals enjoy dirt biking on bikes that are decades old because they offer even better power and durability that modern ones.

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The Cheapest Dirt Bike Are:

When we got the Hawk 250cc from RPS (Ricky Power Sports), I was amazed at the build of this fantastic bike. The price is not even up to two grand, yet it holds up its own like any dirt bike twice its price range. It is a very comfortable dirt bike, very cruiser-friendly. If you are starting, all you may enjoy doing, for now, is getting on a bike and hanging out with some pro riders, and cruising around great trails.

It is not about being an expert, because we made Tony, a neighbor who rides a scooter and never a dirt bike, to ride the PBS Hawk on a trail and over some hills in the area. The dirt bike is perfect and easy to handle, especially for anybody that is just starting. The seat is made from a very sturdy and soft material. Plush and comfortable to sit on for long hours so that even if you are running around for long periods, you are not likely to feel discomfort.

If you are an expert motocross rider looking for a cheap dirt bike, pass this section and move over because you would not enjoy riding this bike on a motocross track because it’s got the mirrors and the lights. It is perfect. I love the automatic start, and it’s got a lot of low-end torque, so the bike does a lot of work for you. It’s not a hard bike to ride, and that is why we recommend it for any newbie rider.

Don’t Get a New Dirt Bike for a New Rider

What then should you get? Simple. There are many sweet bikes out there that would make you enjoy your first few rides on a dirt bike trail. Now, you must understand that dirt bikes are way different from street bikes. (Tony learned this the hard way, haha)

So basically, you should be thinking of getting a versatile dirt bike for your first few adventures on the trails that give you good clutch and throttle control with more than enough power to keep that adrenaline up.

Below is the list of some of those bikes you can buy (USED and extremely CHEAP).

Best Used Bikes To Buy at Cheap Prices

Now after we list them out, I don’t think you would mind if I share some great tips on how you can get these bikes at the cheapest rates anyone can ever get since they are used.

#1 – KTM 150 XCW

image credit: KTM

These bikes are great for starters who need something of the low-end torque. It is a beginner dirt bike. Although you can buy it newly from Amazon or any store, you would get an amazing rider experience. However, if you crash this bike, it won’t be a cheap fix. So it is very advisable to get a used but good one. Many riders used this bike when they are starting and who are willing to give it out since they now use something even more beast-like.

#2 – Yamaha YZ 125

Image credit: Ebensburg Yamaha

This one is like the biggest 125cc dirt bike from Japan. It is a two-stroke bike with suspension and gears that are designed fully for racing in wide and open spaces. You can never go wrong on the Yamaha YZ 125. It is also street legal, which means you can ride it on some streets without problems.

This bike is an excellent way to start. You can find one, even with scratches, that would give you the same ultimate experience as many new ones.

#3 – Honda CRF250X

Honda CRF250X
Image credit: Cycle Trader

Most of Honda bikes are built since ‘back in the day,’ and that is one of the reasons why it is a very reliable bike for anyone today. I mean, the CRF250X is a beautiful bike to grow into. It is just excellent. No extra hype.

If you like the aesthetics of sportbikes, with a broad top-end power, that is what the CRF250X offers. The parts are made of quality and rugged materials. I don’t think I need to say much about that.

#4 – Yamaha WR250r

Yamaha WR250r
Image credit: Ride Motorsports

I love to be frank, of all the bikes I have bought for people or recommended they buy, this Yamaha WR250r bike is an exception. It is very reliable, and you don’t need much maintenance. I mean, you don’t have to service it on and on. If you need help on what to do or know with your first rides on a dirt bike trail, see this article that outlines all the essential tips you need.

As I was saying, the Yamaha WR250r offers a beautiful combo of power and torque. Great suspension, impressive brakes, and many sweet features. I love that it has both a Kickstarter and an electric starter. This makes it a super comfortable bike to use.

All these bikes are great. But if you would not enjoy spending so much on a hobby (which would not be a wise thing to do), you should not buy a brand new dirt bike as your first ride. I laugh when people get new rides instead of old ones when they can get used bikes that perform like a brand new bike. Some guys would help you do a quick refix of the paints and plastics to give your old bike a new look!

Tips To Get The Cheapest Dirt Bike

Since the beginning of this year, I have bought at least three dirt bikes and recommended at least two for my friends who also bought, and I’ve found a way, as my friend, Eric would say, to ‘tweak’ things up and get myself amazing deals by using a few methods for finding the cheap dirt bikes and negotiating. I hope you can see how to get a fantastic dirt bike at the most affordable rate with the tips I’d share here.

Where to Find Good Used Dirt Bikes for Sale

If you cannot find a place to get cheap dirt bikes, there is no point in using these tips.

Fine, when you saw this subtopic, you thought, “crap, I’ve tried Facebook and Craigslist, where else is there?” You’re right. I’ll turn you back to Facebook and Craigslist. But this time, optimize your search. Imagine that you have the Yamaha TTR 500cc to sell. What will you post on your listing? Not “Cheap Dirt Bike for sale”! If you would not post that, why do you always search that when looking to buy a cheap dirt bike? Next time you are searching for a good deal, use the keywords like TTR, CRF, or RPS, you would find tons of Honda, Yamaha, or Hawk dirt bikes for sale. From experience, I would have become an agent if I wasn’t so busy. Lol. So look at the following places when you have like $2000 to buy your used dirt bike.

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#1 – Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is one feature of the Facebook App. This feature is not on the browser, though. Maybe Facebook is working on that for later. Who cares? One thing is that you are not likely to find scammers in Facebook Marketplace. Most people with beautiful dirt bikes to sell are listing on this platform, waiting impatiently for you to buy. So search for the Facebook app, and you can also put notifications on for any keywords you want.

For instance, if you want to get notified whenever someone posts anything with “TTR,” search for TTR and toggle the search notification. You can set up notifications for several dirt bike keywords like TTR, KTM, CRF, KZ, etc. If you set up all these notifications, you’ll be notified when something is put up. Because Facebook doesn’t charge to list, you would see the ridiculously low prices they would put on. Just try.

#2 – Craigslist

This one is obvious. I am pretty sure you use Craigslist well enough to know your way around it. One pro tip I’ll let you in on, however, is the iPhone app made especially for Craigslist. It’s called CPlus for Craigslist. With the app, you can also set up notifications so that you can be the first to get on a deal once it is posted without having to refresh the website all day.

#3 – CycleTrader

When I found this website, I liked it, though I never bought anything from there yet. It gives you the inventories of local bike sellers, and this can help you in your search if you already have a specific bike you want to buy.

So here are some helpful tips that can help you bag a crazy deal on your dirt bike that would make your mom go, “Wow, I must tell my friend to give you money to buy for her son too!”

Tips for Negotiating a Good Deal on a Dirt Bike

#1 – Find out the price of the Dirt Bike before you set out.

You can find out the price of the bike on Amazon or from your friends then use other seller apps to get a value for the used bike, which should be significantly lower than the going rate. That way, even when you decide to buy, negotiation would be easier if the seller knows that you already know the price

#2 – Have cash at the ready.

When you are going into a store to buy a bike, it is usually advisable to go with cash. There are two main reasons why you should do this:

  1. The bikes may cost more than you can withdraw from an ATM. Besides, the bank may not be open that day.
  2. It is excellent for negotiation. Sometimes, I call the seller or send a text stating how much I have in hand to pay for the bike (I am sure they want just to sell and take the money) So I would say “I have $2,000 cash (or maybe more or less, depending on the worth of the bike) that I’d like to spend buying my son (or myself) a dirt bike today. That’s somewhat lower than your demand, but that is all I have for now. So what do you say we I come over and we get this deal done today?”
  3. If you are buying from a store or shop, though, you could try a different approach. Make sure to have gone to many different shops and pick the bikes you like. You can then go into one shop and say, “I’m going to buy this KTM450 for $3,000 from so and so shop today, but I wanted to stop by here first to see if you can beat that price.” That way, you would have them think twice about giving you the best deal ever!

I hope you have the cue you need. Again, don’t waste too much money on your first dirt bike. You can get a used dirt bike that gives you the best experience that some brand new dirt bikes can’t even offer at best and lowest price that you would not have a heart attack riding. Imagine crashing a further $10,000 dirt bike! But rolling over a $1650 bike will only make you stronger.

There are many more tips and suggestions around our website. Just feel free and knock yourself out reading them. We love ya!