Best Wireless Gaming Mouse (Complete Buyers Guide)

wireless gaming mouse

Hello there, I am glad to welcome you to a whole new level. Press Start to continue! Ha-ha, I got you there. But seriously, are you a big-time gamer? Whether you are a great capitalist adventurer, or you are addicted to being a 3D shooter, you may seem to wonder whether or not you need a Special gaming keyboard and mouse to be a viable competitor in your game. Well, if you ever come to conclusion, I have here a complete buyer’s guide on the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse you can ever get in 2019.

Many big manufacturers have stepped up to the platform to give out models and brands of the best computer gaming peripherals in the world. You know them, right? The likes of Asus, Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and so on.

As is true of any electronics like wireless Bluetooth headsets, a good wireless gaming mouse may be really hard to find. But we all have seen as we continue our thorough research that giving reading reviews or buyers’ guide can actually help you find whatever you want to find wherever suits you the most. Be it cheap wireless gaming mouse, best mouse for mac, small gaming mouse, wireless mouse for laptop or just anything whatsoever. We are here for you.

You see, the best gaming mouse is really one that bridges the gap between the best performance and the best price. No rational human would ever buy a 500 USD worth of wired or wireless gaming mouse for a 700 USD gaming PC!

You don’t have to worry though, every gaming mouse on this list we present to you has bridged the gap. That is the balance of price and high-end features and quality. Trust me, I’ve reviewed or even tested (myself or by my friends) every mouse on this buyers’ guide for 2019. You have my word for all the 15 gaming mice featured in this article. You can rest assured that no matter the gaming mice you choose from this list, you would be satisfied with it.

You can now access the best part of this article. Please continue reading for the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for 2019. We will be checking out which gaming mouse is the best for you, the best budget mouse and so on.

You know as I’ve earlier said, the kind of mouse you pick should be depending on what kind of game you play, how many buttons you’d need and how you’ll love your mouse to feel in your hands and on the mouse pad.

First, here are a few more factors I keep in mind to grade all the best mice on my list. Follow along.

  • Custom Buttons. You must know with regard to the game you play, how many extra buttons you need or are looking for. I’m talking of extra customizable buttons, winks. The kind of games you play must be where to look to know this part, right? Good.
  • Battery Life. Imagine how it would be if you were in the middle of a game and the mouse died or run out of battery because it has a short battery life or because you didn’t remember to charge it after only one day. That’d be a total tragedy. So battery life is obviously something you must look at no matter what game you play when buying a wireless gaming mouse. The longer the battery life, the sweeter the game.
  • Extra Features. Cool gaming mice come with extra features that improve the ergonomics of the gaming mouse. Some mice are ambidextrous. This means that you can control and own your game with any of your hands without remapping the buttons. Some have higher responsiveness and some beautiful design and lighting. Some have a battery level indicator and many more amazing features. You must know what feels right for you.
  • Your budget will definitely determine what kind of wireless gaming mice you buy.

So now, the buyer’s guide.


We don’t know any of these brands personally, This list is only for references only.

This article is in 5 whopping levels. That means you get more than the crazy boring top 5 gaming mice thing that goes on like fire. Get ready for more. Did I hear you say that is the boss? Oh yeah. Let the games begin! Engage and Fight.

 What Are The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse I can Buy?

  1. Logitech G602 Logitech G602

    Ok. You see, there is something peculiar about Logitech that makes it quite different and its models quite remarkable. It is all summarized in their own About Us line: “it is easy to be passionate about winning, but at Logitech, our passion is in the science that makes winning possible.” I’m serious, that alone could get anyone to buy from them. The line catches my fancy that I may be passionate about winning but I may not have the knowledge or tools to make me win. How remarkable!

    Now about the Logitech G602. This Logitech G602 wireless mouse is one of the graded series of Logitech winner gaming mice. It is one of the very best Logitech gaming mice. Why am I so psyched about this one?

    Are you kidding?

    For one thing, it is wireless. And for another, it commands over 250 hours of battery life!

    That is obviously not something you can find in a mushroom. This really means nonstop gaming for 250 days. You do the math.

    • Extra Buttons. The Logitech G602 has a great button placement so that no matter what kind of gamer you are (amateur, normal, professional, or addicted), you can easily assess them. Awesomely placing you in control of 11 buttons overall. The Logitech gaming mouse sports one button on the left, one on the right, one clickable scroll wheel with two sensitive buttons. More, there are the remaining 6 buttons around the thumb area to make you really comfortable playing. All the buttons are really customizable and can be mapped to any function.
    • Battery Life. The Logitech G602 gaming mouse is one wireless gaming mouse that is 1st The battery is the selling point of any wireless gaming mice. Fortunately, this Logitech G602 doesn’t disappoint as it is powered by two AA batteries as is standard for big wireless gaming mice. This amounts to about 250 hours of gameplay.

    What’s more, Logitech G602 can really switch modes to use only the central buttons and the major features so as to save battery life. Seriously, you can actually switch from PERFORMANCE mode to ENDURANCE mode which will give you a big 1,440 plus hours of battery life. However, you should know that the endurance mode reduces the performance of the mouse including the accuracy. I mean it reduces your mouse to a normal mouse. Yea, you might want to use this mode when you are not gaming.

    • Extra Features. One thing about the Logitech G602 is the manifold features it sports. It has high sensitivity and accuracy due to the high DPI ranging between 250 and 2500. This ensures that the Logitech gaming mouse is fast and accurate.

    Although the Logitech G602 is a right-handed mouse, it is still quite comfortable for lefthanders too with a palm grip.

    The curvature in the mouse design improves grip and reduces fatigue.

    It weighs about 107g. The batteries are removable and it can be used with one of the two batteries to reduce the weight.

    Unlike many other wireless gaming mice, Logitech G602 comes with software that is not so good but it still cool and super easy to install. To install, you just have to plug the wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver which comes with the mouse. Once the receiver is plugged in, the driver will automatically install it. From there, you can map buttons to functions, and change profiles.

    Gamers who reviewed this gaming mouse have reported that it is really useful for games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and some shooting games. But with first-person shooters games, I don’t think the Logitech G602 is so good with games such as Call of Duty and so on accept of course if you are a casual gamer on those platforms.

    The Logitech G602 is really good for the price. You really can actually get Logitech G602 with the quality of the Logitech gaming mouse series for 46 pounds.      Buy Logitech G602 Here

  2. SteelSeries Rival 600 Steel Series Rival 60

    There every chance that you’ve heard of the Steel Series. Yes, the same. They came back with a bang on this gaming mouse niche.

    With really exciting features, this extra fast wireless gaming mouse has more than enough for the most exciting precision and accuracy game as it comes with a DPI of about 12000! With that and many other features, the Steel Series Rival 600 outshines all other gaming mice in its price range.

    See the stats that made me believe that the Steel Series Rival 600 one of the best wireless gaming mice you can ever buy this 2019.

    • Extra Buttons. There are at least two accessible side buttons, one at the rear end. Overall, there are only 7 extra programmable buttons on the Steel Series Rival 600 in addition to the traditional mouse clicks and scroll wheel.

    Most reviewers including me found that the buttons are placed at a slightly difficult to assess parts. For instance, the button at the rear cannot be clicked fast if you need to in a game as you might need to twist your thumb around to touch it.

    • Battery Life. The Steel Series Rival 600 uses an internal non-removable battery that charges fully ready for a 10 hour long battle in 15 minutes!

    Well, all these shouldn’t be a big deal. Who would ever game for 10 hours straight on a wireless mouse? The upside is that it reaches a full charge in only 15 minutes. That is really something for the money. In fact, upon my research and review views, I have not since found another wireless gaming mouse that is equipped with the fast charging technology.

    • Extra Features. The Steel Series Rival 600 has a really beautiful design and ergonomics. For instance, the mouse is designed with linings of soft pieces of rubber that ensures your comfort as you grip the mouse to play.

    One more exciting thing about this mouse is that the side plates are removable.

    Now to the interesting part, the lighting. Seriously, this mouse comes with RGB spectrum lighting in eight different parts to display a rainbow of several beautiful colors at the same time.

    Moreover, the features are just more than meets the eye. This mouse has the TrueMove 3 sensor and a secondary sensor for the cursor to stop it from drifting when you lift the mouse from the mouse pad or table.

    The DPI gives maximum accuracy so much that the mouse never misses a beat.

    Gamers have said that it is best suitable for games such as Rainbow Six: The Siege and others like that which require accuracy and precision.

    • The Steel Series Rival 600 is over packed with nice and awesome features and it is worth its price within the range of 75-100 USD depending on your location from the US to Australia.   Buy SteelSeries Rival 600 Here
  3. Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

    You see, among gamers, wireless gaming mice are not really popular among PC gamers who use more of wired gaming mouse or keyboards. They complain that wireless gaming mice don’t have the reliability and high-end performance that the wired gaming peripherals offer. But thanks to the Corsair Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse. This Corsair gaming mouse has changed many people’s views on wireless gaming mice.

    How come the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE so efficient?

    • Extra Buttons. The design of the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is not that really big when compared to the popular Logitech gaming mouse, but I’m sure it’s worth every cent.

    With 9 programmable buttons, the Corsair gaming mouse is also here to stay.

    • Battery Life. The battery is inbuilt and is not as fantastic as the Logitech gaming mouse because the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE can be used in the WarFront (game) for 24 hours without backlight, but when you put the lights on, it goes down in only 16 hours. That’s not something bad anyway. You can game all night and charge all day or otherwise.

    When it comes to charging this Corsair gaming mouse, you realize the best part is in the wireless charging. The Corsair Dark Core RGB SE works with either a wireless Qi charger or via USB to the computer.

    • Extra Features. This is where I get all psyched. The Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is equipped with many Bluetooth profiles that make it a topnotch wireless device that even beats some wired gaming mice at their own game.

    Let’s talk about connectivity first. The Corsair Dark Core RGB SE has ultra-fast Bluetooth connectivity of Bluetooth 4.2 + LE.

    It also has 3 different onboard profiles with fast sensors.

    Another reason why I am putting this viable device up here is that it can also be used as a power bank. I mean that you can charge your phone or smartwatch while playing games or working.

    The killing part is how fast the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is. With a maximum of 16000 DPI and a response rate of 1000 Hz, the Corsair gaming mouse is a banger in this industry. Even more responsive than some wired gaming mice.

    We were able to use it to win with flicking headshots while playing Overwatch and Prey.

    The mouse can also be personalized in grip and mapping of the buttons.

    • It is a good one at about 100 USD.
    Buy Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Here
  4. Razer Naga Trinity Razer Naga Trinity  

    All MMO gamers ATTENTION!!! This one is the perfect gaming mouse for you. See, this one is for both lefties as well as righties. No prejudice. Rapid sensors and fast connection with a lot of high-end features. What’s not to like? Well, the Razer Naga Trinity mouse is used for any kind of PC game whatsoever. I promise that you’ll love it.

    • Extra Buttons. The Razer Naga Trinity comes with a good number of extra buttons like its mates in the game. I’m about great buttons featured in the right positions. The Razer Naga Trinity is so good that you can change the button layout to get 12 buttons, 6 buttons and the standard 2 button layout all in one mouse which might be the reason for the name Trinity.

    With 2 DPI buttons behind the mouse, you can easily switch modes as well as sides. The sides of the mouse can be interchanged and customized. You’d never know till you really handle it.

    • Battery Life. The Razer Naga Trinity has an excellent battery life. It can last up to 20 hours of nonstop gaming. It is also awesome because while charging with a USB cable, you can continue using your mouse and you never have to worry about downtime.
    • Extra Features. Anyone would love the Razer Naga Trinity mouse because of its awesome ergonomics and aesthetics. I mean you would absolutely love the feel in your hands. This greatly has to do with the customizable side plates and buttons placements.

    Although unlike others, Razer Naga Trinity doesn’t have customizable LED lights, it does have beautiful RGB lights for lovers of flair.

    One more cool feature of the Razer gaming mouse is its DPI of 16000 and fast high-end performance.

    Another turn off is the weight. At around 120g, it is good for games that require a sound landing and firmness. You know it, man (or lady!)

    Now apart from the design, the Razer Naga Trinity is a fantastic mouse. The 5G optical sensor makes it a viable MMO mouse with ultra-fast and rapid sensitivity, what’s more?

    • The Razer Naga Trinity is priced at around 100 USD. I really think you’ll find that it’s worth the price especially if you’re the kind of gamer that likes things easy.   Buy Razer Naga Trinity Here
  5. E-Blue Mazer II E-Blue Mazer II 

    Well sometimes, a low budget wireless gaming mouse can be the right answer to all your troubles finding the best gaming mouse without cutting back performance and quality while cutting the cable on the best gaming mouse. And that is exactly what the E-Blue Mazer II is about. The makers just put out a gaming mouse with top-notch performance and features at a low price.

    This one is a newbie in the game. I don’t recommend him for the high-level professional gamers. You know if you’re the gamer that only plays one or more games some hours before bedtime or that you’re just trying to become a couch potato because you’ve had a hard day at work, then this low-cost wireless gaming mouse is for you.

    Now, what has E-Blue Mazer II got?

    • Extra Buttons. The E-Blue Mazer II has only 5 beautiful looking and customizable buttons.
Buy E-Blue Mazer II Here

Why does anybody need a gaming mouse? Why can normal mice not be alright for a high-level gamer?

Alright, you may think that a normal mouse can have its own inhibitions as regards gaming, but if you haven’t yet tried a gaming mouse, here is the lot of things that you are missing.

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Why Do You Need A Gaming Mouse?

Well, if you ask a real competitive gamer that same question, he might just laugh at you like an old car without an exhaust pipe! They might say “it’s a no-brainer. Why would anyone not prefer playing a PC game without a gaming mouse?”

Then you would be standing there looking at yourself like a sack of potatoes. Alright, if you ask a sincere person like me, here is a list of the reasons why you must get a real gaming mouse to level up your game. I remember the last time I tried to play ordinary Zuma Deluxe on my PC with my ordinary mouse, first it was slow, second, I was confused as to which button was to shoot or change the ball. I was just hanging.

#1. Precision Optics

Did you know that every mouse wireless or wired gaming mouse has different precision and accuracy rates? Well, you do now. This rate is usually called CPI (counts per inch). This CPI is a measure of how fast the mouse can read its position. This means that mice with lower CPI are slow because the mouse does not count or counts after many inches of movements. Therefore, a mouse with high CPI moves faster without sacrificing any precision or accuracy.

Because most PC games depend on mouse movements, high CPI of the mouse is very essential. It is important that the mouse is as accurate as possible. Hence, a gaming mouse has a high CPI. In fact, among gaming mice brands and models, CPI levels or rates vary. It is clear, however, that the level of CPI you want depends on the kind of game you play.

#2. Extra Buttons

Ordinary mice have only two—you know the right click, left click, roll screen. Ha-ha. That alone can make a game feel boring. But imagine being able to use a variety of extra buttons at your disposal. You can even change the feature or usage of each button. Isn’t that cool? Gaming mice often come with buttons from 3 to 12 extra buttons that can be mapped and remapped or assigned to various functions. I mean that you can map any button to weapons, spells, or so. Whatever comes to mind?

#3. Comfort and Ergonomics

My gaming friends usually spend several hours playing his favorite Vortex of Dota game. He said that “a good gaming mouse must be very comfortable with many features that can make the gamer really at ease while playing. Sometimes, I feel uneasy using someone else’s gaming mouse because their own comfort is different from mine.”

I find this to be true also. It is important that a gaming mouse fits the hand of the user well in three ways. The Palm, where you automatically rest your hand while your fingers extend along the full length of the mouse. The part where your fingers hold also as well as the finger hold.

Gaming mouse comes in various types of shapes and sizes.

#4. Weight

A gaming mouse must not only feel comfortable, but it must also be light and must drag across the mouse pad so well and sleek that you almost not feel it as you drag and play.

This part of the gaming mouse benefit is dependent on the weight of the mouse. Lightweight mice are very good for games that require frantic movement, while heavy mice are best for games that require precision aiming like shooting games.

Well, for the most part, most gaming mice come with removable weights. This can help you to determine what weight feels best in your hand and also for the game you play.


Alright. You have agreed that a gaming mouse or just a mouse that feels right on your hands as well as for your game is all you need to compete, No matter the cost is really going to help.

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